Friday, 14 May 2010

News: Win the only Gibson SG Relentless in the world

Launched in 1961, the SG Standard is the biggest selling Gibson guitar of all time, and, with is svelte physique and sharp horned cutaways, it looks as radical today as it ever has. Famous for having the “fastest neck in the world” and a rich, warm sustain, it’s been wielded by some of the most iconic guitarists in history, from Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix to Angus Young and Tony Lommi. Searing solos, chunky rhythms, sinewy leads — you name it, the SG can play it. Now, after hundreds of hours of meticulous work from Gibson designer Sam Walker, we are proud to present our very own model: the mighty ‘SG Relentless’.

“It’s the most heavily customised guitar I’ve done in ten years,” says Walker. “And it’s unique because as much attention has gone into the feel and playability of it as has gone into the aesthetics.”

Picture it. Based on the Gibson SG Special, the SG Relentless has a body composed of rich mahogany curves. The fingerboard has been replaced by a piece of AA Ebony with 22 stainless steel frets. It boasts hand-cut Mother of Pearl inlays, rich, multi-layered graphics finished in clear lacquer and buffed to a high gloss, a photo-etched stainless steel scratch plate, Gibson 496R and 500T pickups and a custom selector switch to flick between two settings — Grind and Sacrifice. enter

Seymour Duncan: Harmony Central seven video show

Seymour Duncan: Harmony Central seven video show

Seymour Duncan: Harmony Central Interview and tour

Jack Thammarat: practice makes perfect in the world of giant steps

Practicing improvisation over my favorite jazz tune from John Coltrane.

Gear - Squier Classic Vibe '60s Modified Guitar , Boss eBand JS-8 Multi-Effects.

Practicing Giant Steps

Eric Maldonado: and Monica Maldonado tribute to Steve Vai

Today I bring you something a little different than usual, a collab with my awesome bass playing sister! We playing the solo section of track 5, "Goin Crazy!", off of DLR's debut album 'Eat 'Em and Smile'. This is my yearly kick off video for my birthday, so it will be my last video of being 14(tomorrow is my birthday!). I would like to thank all the new friends I've made over the past year on this new channel. Such as: PDXGuitarfreak, Satchbooggy, Aman Khosla, Bryan Aspey, Monte Stevens, Craigman65 and many more. Thank you for all the support and inspiration you guys!

Well, I hope you enjoy this video and don't forget to rate, share, comment, and favorite!

Now fo the gear heads:
I used my EM-1 Custom Signature Guitar with DiMarzio PAF's through the AMT DT-1 DistStation & running Guitar Rig 4 for the delay and reverb in Pro Tools.

My sister used her Music Man Bass & went through a Pod X3 for the tone.

We used a backing track and I phased out the bass and rhythm guitars but left the keys in, so everything you hear was played by us except the drums and keys. And I mixed everything in Pro Tools. We are in no way claiming this song as our own, we are simply paying tribute to our heroes Billy Sheehan, Steve Vai & DLR. This song is property of Warner Bros.

- David Lee Roth - Goin' Crazy Solo - Eric & Monica - Steve Vai - Please watch in 720p or 480p! -

Carlos Lichman: 5 string arpeggio sequence

Carlos Lichman teaching some arpeggio sequence using legado, sweep picking and tapping.

Carlos Lichman web lesson - 5 string arpeggio sequence

Ruggero Robin: giant steps joke 2

giant steps joke 2

News: i-tab... sneaky way to learn guitar updated!

On Thursday May 20th at 9pm, the legendary Bobby Kimball of the iconic rock band TOTO jets into Mantra Garden Bar in Maynooth to launch the new upgraded i-tab, which is now in music stores throughout the UK, Ireland, USA and Australia.

The official i-tab launch party will be a spectacular event attended by over 500 guests from the music industry, hosted by Tom Dunne & Dave Fanning. The famous Bobby Kimball will perform with a super group of Irish session musicians including Anthony Drennan on Guitar and vocals, Tony Molloy on Bass, Conor McGouran on Guitar, Paul Lyttle and Gerry Forde on Keyboards. There will be surprise celebrity guests playing with the band and the evening will also include demos of i-tab on various guitars plus an acoustic set by Jimmy Coup of Thin Lizzy songs.

the i-tab

4GB Memory Storage
holds up to 2500 songs
PLUS 200 backing tracks
PLUS 100 cover videos.
Plays MP3 and MP4 format.
Comes Complete with
TV Out Cables
Wall Charger
Ear Buds
Soft Carry Pouch

TOTO have won 7 Grammy Awards, released 17 albums and sold over 30 million records to date. They are recognised for their technical skills and a musical style that combines elements of pop, rock, soul, funk, progressive rock, hard rock, R&B and jazz. Bobby sang on many of their most famous hits including Hold the Line, Rosanna, Africa and Stranger in Town. He has also sung with a range of bands including Aerosmith, Eric

Clapton, Robert Plant, Elton John, Rush, Alice Cooper, to name but a few.

i-tab are honored that Bobby Kimball tested the latest i-tab technology. When commenting on the i-tab he said: " The i-tab is one of the most innovative products I have come across in my long career in music. It will radically transform the way musicians store and play their music. As well as helping i-tab in promoting the product I am also delighted to be getting involved with product development and opening new markets for this exciting young Irish company that has taken the musical world by storm in just a few short months. Its a success story that I am proud to be involved with and I was delighted to get the chance to come and perform in Ireland, one of the spiritual homes of music. This is going to be a great opening night for a great company with an amazing product!"

i-tab is a revolutionary new pocket sized unit, that sits on the end of a guitar, allowing guitar players of all levels to scroll chords and lyrics in perfect time. The newly shipped itab models include the latest upgrades: choice of screen background colours, choice of text colour (yellow, green or red) and the most recent new feature an audible click track playable through headphones.

The i-tab comes with 30 free song tabs including U2 (Beautiful Day), Oasis (Wonderwall) and The Rolling Stones (Jumping Jack Flash). These can be added to from the vast online Tab Store which features 1000’s of tracks you can download onto its 4GB memory. i-tab is now available at EU€149 at all good music stores. See

News: USA players win a guitar tuner every week!

As part of its 25th anniversary celebration in 2010, Korg USA is giving away a free Korg tuner every Monday from May 3rd through December 27, 2010

Consumers in the U.S. can visit each day and enter their email address and zip code to register to win for the weekly drawing of one of Korg’s tuner offerings. No purchase is necessary.

Korg is a longtime leader in tuning technology, with over 20 million tuners sold to date worldwide. Their guitar, bass and multi-instrument tuner offerings range from small handheld guitar and chromatic tuners, to pedal tuners, to rackmount and clip-on tuners.

News: downloading killing guitar playing - limewire found in breech of copyright

LOS ANGELES, Calif. - File-sharing software company LimeWire has lost a long-running court battle to the major recording companies.
A judge with the U.S. District Court in New York ruled this week that the company and its chairman, Mark Gorton, were liable for inducing copyright infringement.
The decision in the case, which began in 2006, doesn't mean the site will shut down right away. The record labels and LimeWire are to meet with Judge Kimba Wood on June 1 to determine the next steps, such as a possible deal to work together going forward and a potential award for damages.
Recording Industry Association of America Chairman Mitch Bainwol said in a statement Wednesday that the ruling was "an extraordinary victory" against one of the largest remaining file-sharing services in the United States.
The RIAA said more than 200 million copies of LimeWire's file-sharing software have been downloaded so far, including 340,000 in the last week alone. full details