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Pablo Garcia: instructional dvd details

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From next June 7, finally available on DVD instructional Pablo García entitled "Riffs, Licks and Solos WarCry. Over 90 minutes of training materials we review Pablo García, first of techniques and basic knowledge to play the guitar and the other an analysis of part of their work within WarCry guitar.

Within the section "Basic Concepts" includes two sections, the first studies the fingerings of various scales (Pentatonic Minor, Pentatonic Major, Blues scale, scale scale Minor and Major) throughout the mast using the systems CAGED and three notes per string. The second section considers the different techniques of modern guitar (Spike Technique, Bends, Vibrato, Linked, Tapping, Slides, Sweep-picking) and music theory applied to the guitar (Harmonisation of the Major Scale, Triads, quad, Investments).

In the other three sections that give name to this DVD will go to study to a total of 10 riffs of songs like "Abyss", "Absurd False" or "Son of Wrath", 30 licks drawn from the WarCry discography and 3 alone Full studied note for note (Alejandro, Redemption, and Wake).

Contains 40 pages booklet with transcriptions of the DVD.

As a DVD release of Pablo Garcia will be the next day June 5 at Booth Sevares Alberto (Al's Music Factory) into Guitar Day to be held in Madrid, in addition to demos and Bogner Custom Shop Pedals Xotica the DVD will be introduced and will be available for attendees.

The DVD will be distributed via the Internet beginning with a price of 20 euros plus shipping.
For more information and booking or purchase the DVD contact

Dallton Santos: quickie fusion

Dallton Santos:
a cold Sunday morning .......... testing the camera phone lol

rapidinha fusion

Jad Nasr: chordal anti shred

Jad Nasr:
Hi All, my entry for this guitarnoize 's guitar competition, hope you like it! Best, Jad

Anti shred contest - jazzonazz

Guitar Noize: Anti Shred competition. Ends on the 3 June 2010

Vinnie Moore: four cool ufo solos

Vinnie Moore - Belo Horizonte 28.05.10

Vinnie Moore - Belo Horizonte 28.05.10

Vinnie Moore - Belo Horizonte 28.05.10

Vinnie Moore 28.05.10 - Belo Horizonte

Paul Gilbert: the drum solo!!

Paul Gilbert DRUM SOLO !!!!!!

Paul Gilbert: "I can't sing as high as Elvis Costello!"

paul gilbert interview.avi.wmv

Marshall Harrison: legato explained

Muting is also very important of course. The muting on the first fret is there for tapping purposes.

Legato Guitar: more minor technical issues explained with Marshall Harrison

Presto-digitation is also available on CD

Richie Kotzen: three part Fordham Music Show interview

Really great interview with RK

Richie Kotzen Interview (Fordham Music Show - Part 1)

Richie Kotzen Interview (Fordham Music Show - Part 2)

Richie Kotzen Interview (Fordham Music Show - Part 3)

Greg Howe: web cam lessons


These webcam lessons with Greg Howe are 1 on 1 private instructions (face to face - 1 hour) by way of webcam and below is the information in regards to specifications, pricing, and scheduling:

a. A scheduled test date before the lesson to make sure everything works correctly
b. MSN Messenger or Skype (PC Computers use: MSN Messenger or Mac Computers use: Skype )
c. Broadbandwith Cable/DSL
d. Must have the functioning capability to interface and interact with Greg (audio and video)
e. Of course..a webcam, your computer, and your guitar


- 1 lesson: $75.00

- 4 lessons: $250.00
With this package the lessons come out to $62.50 per, which is a savings of $50.00. (Note: has to be used within 6 weeks)

Due to the fact that Greg's audience is located all over the world we ask that you please fill out the form below, so that we are able to better assist in scheduling the webcam lesson with Greg Howe.

Guthrie Govan: London Guitar Show, 13 Jun 2009

Guthrie Govan plays Wonderful Slippery Thing @ London Guitar Show, 13 Jun 2009

Wonderful Slippery Thing - Guthrie Govan

Karolina Sustova: posted some music tracks

Karolina Sustova posted some music tracks on MySpace, but I'm having trouble with the MySpace music players... am I the only one? Oh well you can also listen to tracks here:

John 5: demos Marshall JCM900

John 5 and his JCM900

Steve Vai: charity auction ends June 2nd 2010

Steve Vai has donated an autographed guitar, stage outfit to Malaria No More. Malaria No More is determined to end malaria deaths.

The guitar and stage outfit will also come with a copy of Steve's new DVD and Blu-ray, Where The Wild Things Are - Live In Minneapolis, a Where The Other Wild Things Are CD, and a 5-disc Naked Tracks CD set.

The auction ends on Wednesday June 2nd at noon (EDT).

Joe Bonamassa, Derek Sherinian: Glen Hughes confirms UK tour dates for Black Country Communion

Glenn's new band. BLACK COUNTRY COMMUNION, have their debut website online now. Be sure and sign-up to their mailing list for all the latest news and updates

The seed for Black Country Communion was planted when legendary frontman and bass guitarist Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, Trapeze) and master blues-rock guitarist Joe Bonamassa combined forces on stage in Los Angeles in November 2009 for an explosive show more

Three more UK tour dates were recently added and officially confirmed:

3 - The Globe - Cardiff, UK
7 - The Assembly - Leamington Spa, UK
13 The Brook - Southampton, UK

Dmitry Korneev: really cool live instrumentals!

The Russian guitar player Dmitry Korneev posted some really great instrumental tunes from a recent live appearance. Some of you may remember his entry for guitar idol 2009.

Dmitry Korneev - Caprice

Dmitry Korneev - Another World

Dmitry Korneev - Summer

Claudio Ringeling: live tapping solo

Song composed and performed by Claudio Ringeling Atakama cd images of Planet Of Guitars 2007

Hard Tapping

Tommy Emmanuel: nine pound hammer live

Fine vocals from Tommy Emmanuel, with notable performances from his band members, including bassist, drummer, rhythm and dueling lead guitarists. Tommy performed at the Vredenburg theatre in Utrecht, The Netherlands, March 2nd, 2008. 'Nine Pond Hammer' is a classic Merle Travis song.

A Tommy Emmanuel concert is a memorable event. His charisma and genuine sincerity seem to allow him to make contact with everyone in the hall individually, as illustrated here. Superb!


Andres Ugueto: anti shred solo

Hello Everyboy!, This is my entry for Guitar Noize anti shred contest! I hope you like it! don't forget to comment and rate!!! Thanks!! ;)

Guitar Noize Anti Shred Contest Andres Ugueto

still time to get your solo in.

Guitar Noize: Anti Shred competition. Ends on the 3 June 2010

Guido della Gatta: 16, a chance to shine at anti shred!

A really super little solo from Guido della Gatta

Guido della Gatta

Guitar Noize: Anti Shred competition. Ends on the 3 June 2010

Brian Poulsen: note density in adversity

Brian G Poulsen live solo:
This is an excerpt of the solo from the Claude Duke video 'Protection'. I typically wouldn't play like this in this kind of tune, but Claude wanted note he got it!


Ron Thal, Christophe Godin, Brian Larkin: where's my food?!

Ron Thal, Christophe Godin and Brian Larkin spotted in a restaurant.

Stephan Forte: facebook connections

Two facebook groups for Stephan Forte