Sunday, 4 July 2010

Paul Gilbert: at NGW VA 2010

Paul Gilbert at NGW VA 2010 Part 1

Paul Gilbert at NGW VA 2010 Part 2

Paul Gilbert at NGW VA 2010 Part 3

Israel Rodrigues: tribute to Guthrie Govan

Guthrie Govan - Wonderful Slippery Thing by Israel Rodrigues

News: Blogger to get improved stats google analytics style

Introducing Blogger Stats
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Posted by Staszek Paśko and Wiktor Gworek, Software Engineers

Although some of you use Google Analytics or other third party tools to track your blog traffic, many of you have requested an easier-to-use, fully-integrated stats feature for Blogger. We heard that, and we are excited to announce that Blogger in Draft now has built-in stats. Just go to Blogger in Draft, and you'll notice a new "Stats" tab. You don't have to install or configure anything to start benefitting from Stats.

The coolest thing about the new Blogger Stats is that it monitors and analyzes your visitor traffic in near-real-time. You can see which posts are getting the most visits and which sites are sending traffic to your blog right now. For example, if a reader shares one of your blog posts on Twitter and the post is getting lots of clicks, you will see a traffic increase in Blogger Stats almost instantly, with the particular Tweet mentioning your post being identified as the traffic source. Of course, traffic data across longer time periods (day/week/month) and all-time historical data are available as well

Daniele Tornaghi: Blues

Daniele Tornaghi (Ananke) - Blues (Robben Ford)

Anikina Kate: Improvisation on alterirovannye chords

Video lessons from Anikina Catherine, which addresses the scale and ways, which can be used for obygryvaniya many chords with alteratsiyami.1.Tseloton 2.Umenshennye range 3.Melodichesky mino

Improvisation on alterirovannye chords

Kris Barras: Shred Academy Lick of the Week #21

'Tapping' Lick of the Week #21 - Shred Academy

Dimitar Nalbantov: pick my new album cover

The New Album 'There is something else' CD Will Be Available From July 10th!
I want to thank all the friends I met on the forums and the net. The biggest spiritual support came from all the letters that I received.There is nothing more inspiring than to know that somewhere at the other end of the earth is a man who feels what you do.

I have a dilemma for my new album Front Cover
Which one is better for a front cover for my new album.
What do you think ?




Here are two full tracks from the CD

The album is now available for preorder at my website here:

Daniel Realpe: guitar lesson - Death metal

Guitar Lesson on riffing - Death metal

Guthrie Govan: Imagine

Guthrie Govan Imagine

Yvan Le Gall: Ranjit Barot and Friends at Blue Frog

Yvan Le Gall posted me some live video excerpts from a recent gig, some great fusion drumming and guitar... enjoy.

Yvan Le Gall: Ranjit Barot and Friends @ Blue Frog

Yvan Le Gall: Ranjit Barot and Friends @ Blue Frog

Kirill Konyaev: tattooed tribute to Marco Sfogli

Song: James LaBrie - Pretender

R&R SL/LD pre-amp :
Ibanez RG 8270 :
Tattoo by:

Kirill Konyaev: tribute to Marco Sfogli

German Schauss: instant shredding, just add water...

Latest Video Exercise Installment of my monthly column "Instant Shredding" for Germany's biggest Guitar Magazine "Gitarre & Bass"

This lick is a fast Altered Scale picking idea played over an E7#9 Chord. Please visit for more infos or subscribe to my YT Channel for more licks! Please feel free to email me for the tabs and don't forget to "friend me" on FB under:

Instant Shredding with German Schauss MM Lick #3

Chowy Fernandez: guitar masterclass and guitar experience 2010

this is the entire version of my first lesson in GMC, i wanted to do something interesting with tappings, string skiping, arpegios and scale runs i hope you all like it!!! rock on!!

this is a lesson i did for the website:

Join GMC using link bellow and get 10$ discount:

here´s the link to this lesson:

Guitar lesson by Chowy Fernandez

Guitar experience 2010

Guitar experience 2010

Alex Lifeson: Guitar International interview

From the Vault: Rush Axeman Alex Lifeson
Over the course of its forty-year history, Rush has emerged from it’s beginnings as a rock band to becoming an institution of rock culture. They’re one of the few bands that have not only survived for over four decades, but have done so with the same line-up of band members. That feat is a true anomaly in the turbulent and ego-driven world of rock music. With over thirty-million records sold worldwide, award-winning videos and legions of hardcore fans, perhaps the most impressive thing about the band’s career is the manner in which they have navigated their own course. While other bands worried about mainstream success, Rush focused on mastering their instruments and musicality to make the best records possible.

Rather than focus on radio airplay, the group committed to making music that was, first and foremost, exciting to them, trusting that their fans would share their instincts and excitement. While other bands allowed themselves to be steered by the demands of record labels and business executives, Rush followed up a commercially failed “art rock” album with an even more artsy endeavor, and steadfastly refused to allow their management in their studio sessions.
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Michael Lee Ostrander: skin walker live


Skin walker michael lee ostrander cd debut_0001.wmv


Robert Conti: firecracker 25% discount until 7th July 2010

Our Tenth Annual Firecracker Sale: Is Now In Progress And All Orders Placed Through Wednesday July 7th Will Be Discounted 25%. Your discounted pricing will be displayed in your shopping cart as you make your selections as well as during the checkout process.