Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Marcos De Ros: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - Choro style?

Marcos De Ros - Shred This III

Still plenty of time to enter now the summer is in full swing!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th

Peter Pechalov: Rock'n"Roll Fetch

Peter Pechalov - Rock'n"Roll Fetch

Peter Pechalov - Ode to Joy

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Jad Nasr: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - Jazzonazz

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio : Jazzonazz

Steve Brown: Andy James Style: Intervalic String Skip Tapping

Steve Brown: Andy James Style: Intervalic String Skip Tapping

Tyler: alive inc!

ALIVE INC. - Just For Fun ;-)

News: A Premier Guitar TV show? ... you decide!

A Premier Guitar TV show?

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News: Guitar Notes Master software to learn scales, arpeggios and chords

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Guitar Notes Master incorporates interactive lessons, building knowledge of guitar fretboard theory from the ground-up rather than relying simply on rote learning of chords and scale patterns. Thousands of practice questions are included so that students can practice the topics learned in the lessons using a virtual fretboard – so users can practice without a guitar! Finally, customisable and printable guitar exercises can be generated for the patterns to help the user to get the patterns they’ve learned “under their fingers”.

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• Open Strings
• Root Shapes
• Note Names and Finding Notes on the Fretboard
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• Pentatonic Scales
• Pentatonic Lead Patterns
• Intervals
• Triads - Arpeggios and Chords
• Seventh Arpeggios and Chords
• Other Chord Types - Extended (e.g. 9th, 11th), Suspended Chords, 6, 6/9, Add9, Slash Chords and Power Chords
• Modes - Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Locrian
• Other Scales - Blues Scales, Harmonic and Melodic Minor, Phrygian Dominant Mode, Whole Tone and Diminished Scale

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Fayeed Tan: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - Philippines rocks!

Fayeed Tan is from the Philippines.

Fayeed Tan entry on Brett Garsed's Shred this III

Fayeed would love you to check out his original composition too.

Fayeed Tan - My playground (Original)

Morten Faerestrand: Brett Garsed DiMarzio shred this III - triple delight!

Morten Faerestrand is not content with two entries... Shred This III deserves 3 entries! Yes here is the third... a more jazzy affair. Morten Faerestrand says:
Not to many clean channel entrees in these competitions, so here is one.

Come on see if you can beat three entries!

Shred This III: Brett Garsed and DiMarzio competition ends 23:00 (GMT) Sunday, August 15th