Sunday, 5 September 2010

Tamás Petró: Guitar Idol 2010 -

Guitar Idol 2010 - reBorn by Tamás Petró

Javier Adán: guitar idol 2010

Adán - Three Ways (My Guitar Idol 2010 entry)

Romey Helven: guitar idol 2010


Andre Tonelli: Legato Workout Exercise

Perfect your legato technique with this exercise for all levels. Close-ups at both slow and actual speeds. Tab included...

Perfecciona tu técnica de legato con este ejercicio para todos los niveles. Incluye toma lenta y rápida, y tablatura...

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GSWS Guitar Lesson 53 - Legato Workout Exercise

Jan Akkerman: acoustic guitar demo


Richie Kotzen: Mr.Big 1999

Mr.Big with Richie Kotzen - Static (New Year's Eve 1999) Richie's on fire!

Mr.Big with Richie Kotzen - Alive and Kickin (NYE 1999) RK behind the head solo

Mr.Big with Richie Kotzen - 30 Days in the Hole (New Year's Eve 1999)

Fernando Miyata: live clinic and performance

Fernando miyata guitar idol.wmv

Blues com, Joel gomes, Russo e Fernando Miyata.wmv

Country G4, Silvio violinista, F.Miyata, Russo e Joel Gomes.wmv

News: Looking for fusion tab?

"Thanks to Laurie Monk, Fusion is back! Unfortunately its not easy to come by tabs....

After giving the world his transcriptions of Guthrie Govan's album

transcribing Tom Quayles solos for him

After working with/for Daniele Gottardo (transcriptions available soon), TJ Helmerich (Great job on Horizon Dream! You nailed it!) Brett Garsed, and of course blues jam tracks

Levis custom transcription service is in full swing. If theres something you've always wanted to learn but cant find a tab for maybe its time you got in touch with Levi?

No job too large or small
Fast turnaround
Accurate work
BEST prices"

Find out more at:

Richard Daudé: guitar academy opens its doors in Nimes!

Richard Daudé:
Academy opens its doors in Nimes! Situated just opposite the well
People Pitcher Music guitar shop, a classroom dedicated to
guitar fully equipped by our sponsor Line 6! Courses are
provided by Richard Daudé which will offer a customized program
: Rhythm, harmony, technique, improvisation, study songs

News: Tim Reede Panther guitar available

Available now at are the following guitars by luthier Tim Reede.

We also have a sampler CD of Tim's music, if you are interested in this CD please reply with your mailing address and we'll send one out to you via snail mail.

If you would like a custom build by tim please send us the details for a price quote.

The Panther

The original art work by airbrush artist Cary Hansen makes this guitar a truly unique instrument, but there is more to this beast than just looks. With the Lindy Fralin pickups and five position switch, this cat has some bite too. The alder body also has a back contour and the birdseye fingerboard has black mother of pearl marking dots and a 12" radius, Jumbo frets and black gotoh tuning machines. This guitar has the classic fender style bridge with through the body strings and a 25.5" scale length.

Cost $2500

Michael Dolce: playing Charles Cilia Harlequin

Michael Dolce:
I’m proud to announce the new, Harlequin Md series by Charles cilia guitars.

Michael Dolce playing Charles Cilia Harlequin md series

t-cophony: You're in the TV

You're in the TV - T-cophony music clip

News: 2 Guitar Shred Heads Trying to Start a Metal Band

2 Guitar Shred Heads Trying to Start a Metal Band

Soundcheck: Organized Band vs Unorganized band

Build your own: