Friday, 17 September 2010

Ivan Mihaljevic: arrived at ZC3

I have just arrived in the Bucharest.  The temperature is a warm 28.  Just had a crazy taxi drive across the centre of the capital... the driver tells me the Romanian taxi driver is the king of the jungle... glad I decided not to hire a car! I arrived at the hotel and met my first guitarist for the day, Ivan Mihaljevic.  Ivan will be one of the guitar players at the competition and he speaks much better English than I do Croatian. Ivan being from Zagreb in Croatia and flown in via Budapest on a two stop journey. 

  I'm hoping that Hedras Ramos arrives OK and intact from his 25 hour journey, with stop over at London Heathrow.

More details as they occur...

News: zc3 at the airport.

just sat down at Luton airport... having a coffee. waiting for my flight to Bucharest .... do many guitar players and fans in one place. It should be amazing!!!
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