Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Rob Chappers: Ninja Sweeping Arpeggios From Hell

Ninja Sweeping Arpeggios From Hell - Free Monkey Lord Lesson Of Doom

Jamie Humphries: Lick Library Adds Learn To Play Van Halen Volume 2 To their Catalogue

You loved the Van Halen collection so much; Lick Library just had to add Learn To Play Van Halen Volume 2 to their catalogue. With five new tracks, the 2 DVD set features over three hours of guitar lessons including covering Eddie Van Halen’s ground breaking solo techniques and killer riffs.

Van Halen is one of only five bands that have had two albums sell more than ten million copies in the USA. Fronted by the inimitable Eddie Van Halen, who is undoubtedly one of the most influential, original and talented rock guitarists of the twentieth century, the band are getting set for the release of a new studio album and a tour in 2011.

The DVD is presented by Jamie Humphries who specializes in all things rock and is renowned for his fastidious transcriptions and awesome backing tracks. This double DVD set give you the chance for one to one guitar tuition with Jamie and is not to be missed.

Learn To Play Van Halen Vol 2 (RRP £24.99) – features the Van Halen version of the Kinks classic You Really Got Me from their debut album. This track was responsible for jump starting Van Halen’s career. Also taken from this album is I’m The One. Jamie then moves to Van Halen’s second album and takes a look at the concert staple Beautiful Girls. Their fourth album is regarded by many as their best and the DVD guitar lesson looks at the opening track Mean Streets. Finally you can study Drop Dead Legs from Van Halen’s most popular sixth album MCMLXXXIV (1984).

As you look at each track with Jamie, he will break it down into small manageable pieces, playing it slowly, then up’ing the tempo to a medium one before playing it up to tempo. All the time, because it is a Lick Library guitar lesson, you can see what both of Jamie’s hands are doing with the familiar split screen. Jamie talks you through the techniques needed to nail that two handed tapping so indicative of Eddie Van Halen’s guitar playing, and get that Van Halen feel in your playing.

To find out more about Learn To Play Van Halen Volume 2 visit www.licklibrary.com where you will also find details of Learn To Play Van Halen, Van Halen The Solos, Quick Licks Fast Rock in the style of Van Halen and Guitar Techniques Van Halen as well as the many other guitar tuition DVDs from Lick Library. more

Stus Rollins: Music for Adults new CD

"Stus Rollins. releases ""Music for Adults"" on Alien Resurrection Records. This 12 track cd portrays his diverse talents as a musician, songwriter, & Music producer.
His music is driven mainly by his unique approach to the guitar. The playing on this album is hard hitting and sometimes breathtaking as he weaves Metal, funk and pop together. to create a diverse musical experience.  http://www.stus.tv/

Music for Adults is not like most other albums of music you might run into today. Each track is different, not only in style but instrumentation.  The normal practice would be for a band or artists to rehearse a set of songs and then head out to the studio to record, mostly with the same bunch of guys using the same amps and instruments. the end result being that the musical journey is the same from beginning to end.

I can’t stand pop for this one reason, top to bottom every song sounds the same.with the same production value.

I was reared on the likes of Frank Zappa where every track is different. Different feel, different sound, with a different approach to each project. Those albums were a journey, a real treat with humour, theatrics and brilliant
musicianship. ….Steve Vai came out of that same school, another true musical genius that brought to the world of music and guitarhero status a truly unique and unforgettable experience.

Five years ago, Music for adults would not have been possible.

The advent of computer controlled recording has unlocked the mystery of the controlled studio environment placing the tools of the trade well within the grasp of needy musicians like myself. Finally it is possible to record top quality music ina home studio environment without the need for a second mortgage…in pure crystal clear digital reality.

So now I have finally mastered the art, I too can be my own Frank Zappa. My own personal Steve Vai and when ever the moment takes me I can commit my thoughts, my feelings and my visions to that hard drive and push my musical dreams out into reality for all the world to hear.
It’s been a long and difficult journey and much sacrifice has been made but finally I am stood in the doorway looking out across the musical landscape dreaming of the journey ahead, excited about what is yet to be.
Music for adults is the start of that journey and there is so much yet to come…..

Follow your dreams, believe in yourself, look listen and learn, be strong, be disciplined and above all smile. Life is a short trip with much to enjoy.

2. BIG MOUTH Listen & Buy @ Amazing tunes
3. ABC Listen & Buy @ Amazing tunes
4. ALWAYS BE MY LOVER Listen & Buy @ Amazing tunes
5. DAYS OF WINE & ROSES Listen & Buy @ Amazing tunes
6. ETERNITY Listen & Buy @ Amazing tunes
7. WAY TOO FUNKY Listen & Buy @ Amazing tunes
8. YOU SHOULDN,T DO IT Listen & Buy @ Amazing tunes
10. KILL POP RIOT ( newsflash ) * Listen & Buy @ Amazing tunes

Gary Hoey: Clothing store now online!

Gary Hoey: More Clothing http://www.garyhoey.portmerch.com/stores/home.php?cat=309

News: Cool The New Universe Music Festival 2010 T-Shirt available!

Get the wonderful The New Universe Music Festival 2010 T-Shirt. Front of the shirt has The New Universe Music Festival Tree . Back has the artist names!!  buy

Joe Satriani,Stu Hamm: The Sound Guitar Magazine December 2010 issue ready for you!

Volume Three DECEMBER 2010
Featuring  http://www.thesound-guitarmagazine.com/

Joe Satriani,Stu Hamm,Darren Housholder,Johnny Hiland,Dave Uhrich,Martin Goulding,Shane Gibson,Dave Martone,

Jim Root: Lick Library interview

Jim Root (Slipknot / Stone Sour) Interview Part 1 With Licklibrary

John Petrucci: Dream Theater headline High Voltage festival!

Victoria Park LondonLondon, GB
12:00 High Voltage Festival - Day Ticket Find Tickets »

Victoria Park LondonLondon, GB
12:00 High Voltage Festival - VIP Day Tickets Find Tickets »

Victoria Park LondonLondon, GB
12:00 High Voltage Festival - Day Ticket Find Tickets »

Victoria Park LondonLondon, GB
12:00 High Voltage Festival - VIP Day Tickets Find Tickets »

Tom Quayle,Andy James: Lick Library lessons

As usual there are three fine new web lessons from our regular contributors this month to help you expand your technical prowess and gain new ways to add interest and inventiveness to your soloing.

Tom Quayle - Licktionary - Hybrid Picking Examples
Watch Lesson »

Andy James - Full Shred Ahead - Series 6 -
Extreme Alternate Picking (Part 3)
Watch Lesson »

Lee Hodgson - Finger Picking Good - String Bending Using Other Modes
Watch Lesson »

Jimi Hendrix: limited edition collector's pack including an exclusive DVD

The makers of Classic Rock, Total Guitar and Guitarist are proud to announce the anticipated release of the Hendrix limited edition collector's pack including an exclusive DVD Jimi Hendrix: The Guitar Hero.

Narrated by modern day guitar god Slash, it focuses on the music itself and the impetus behind the master who created it. Exclusive contributions from Eric Clapton, Lemmy Kilmister, Paul Rodgers, Stephen Stills and more...

Also featuring:

Limited edition Hendrix wall poster

1000 days that changed rock and how
Jimi took over

Electric Ladyland - the inside story of his
greatest album

The truth about Jimi's mysterious death PRE ORDER

Tommy Ermolli: Clean and Distortion test

Tommy Ermolli Clean Demo

Tommy Ermolli Dist Demo

Tibljas Grof: club soloing!

Tibljas J Ivan Grof Solos.wmv