Saturday, 18 December 2010

Tony Waka: Tribute to John Petrucci - Glasgow Kiss

Glasgow Kiss Solo

Donald Loignon: White Christmas Rock

White Christmas Rock - by Donald Loignon (Happy Christmas)

Rob Chappers: XMAS EXTREME

The Andertons "XMAS EXTREME" Live Show - Featuring Ibanez, ESP, Gibson & Chapman

Christian Muenzner,Bob Katsionis: working on a CD that's "80s Shrapnel Records shred meets modern metal"

Christian Muenzner of German progressive death metallersOBSCURA is working on an instrumental guitar record for a tentative spring release. The album will feature Hannes Grossmannon drums, Steve DiGiorgio  on bass and Daniel Galmarini  on keyboards, with guest appearances by Ryan Knight, Per Nilsson and Bob Katsionis. Vic Santur will handle the production duties on the CD, the drums for which will be laid down starting on December 27.

Commented Muenzner: "Being a fan of instrumental guitar music for many years, this has always been a dream of mine...The CD is gonna contain 12 instrumental songs. Stylistically, the music is quite diverse and has influences from various genres such as neoclassical shred, fusion, power metal, hard rock, prog and thrash metal. And, of course, the songs will have guitar all over it! I like to describe it as '80sShrapnel Records shred meets modern metal.  more

Christophe Godin: Mörglbl - Untold Stories acoustic

Mörglbl - Untold Stories accoustic version 21_11_2010

Pit Kordus: Blue Bug Competition

Blue Bug Comp._Pit Kordus.mp4

Get those video cameras out and get your track asap the close date and time:

"Competition closes 20th December 2010 at 23:00 BST."

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Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Tommy Ermolli: Guitar Day 6 Milan #2

Tommy Ermolli is a great melodic rock player and certainly knows how to write a catchy tune. Check the 2010 album from the Italian Melodic Rock outfit Prime Suspect. Formed by Daniele Liverani, Tommy Ermolli and Dario Ciccioni, the band came to the attention of the Melodic Rock crowd on their releases as Khymera. Liverani, the most experienced musician of the lot, had a long career in the Italian Rock scene releasing albums with the Prog Metal group Empty Tremor. Since Khymera's last two albums saw the bulk of the songwriting from the brothers Tom and James Martin, Liverani started to put together some Melodic Rock tracks which could live on the quality of arrangement and performance of the previous releases. Frontiers Records.

Tommy Ermolli: Guitar Day 6 Milan #4

Tommy Ermolli: Guitar Day 6 Milan #3

Rick Graham: Farewell Saltaire

New tune by Paul Hatfield, John Longhitano and myself. Hope you guys enjoy! Check out Saltaire

New tune: 'Farewell Saltaire'

Peem Thammajirangsri: Blue Bug Competition

Blue Bug Competition by ( Peem Thammajirangsri )

Get those video cameras out and get your track asap the close date and time:

"Competition closes 20th December 2010 at 23:00 BST."

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Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Richard Lundmark: cool clinic nu fusion soloing

Richard Lundmark:
Hi guys,
did a short clinic today at a local metal festival.
I've uploaded a excerpt from this clinic, where i discuss developing and soloing over scale chord voicings in modern metal fusion
(ala Meshuggah). The vid is in Swedish, but I added a short resume in the beginning so you'll know what I'm doing.
Gear for today was:
PRS 513 -- Boogie Studio Pre -- Macbook Pro and Apogee -- Redwirez cabinet impuls responses (Boogie w. V30s/SM57 Cap Edge -1).
Everything went out through a pretty low-end PA-system but what the heck, the kids liked it, that's all that matters!

Excerpt Metal Fusion Clinic at Metal Galaxy

Overdrive Pedal demo Part II - Leqtique, Maestro Antique Revised

Mike Kerr: in the studio

Maria Mike Pyramide Studio

Vinnie Moore: UFO performing 'Try Me'

UFO performing 'Try Me' at Holmfirth on their December 2010 tour, Vinnie Moore Solo at 2:55


Doug Marks: Hawk at the Roxy - 1985

Hawk at the Roxy - 1985 - Burnin' Leather

Andy Timmons: Mesa Full Rig Demo

Andy Timmons: Mesa Full Rig Demo

John Petrucci: Mesa Mark V Tone Tips

John Petrucci -- Mark V -- Settings and Tone Tips (Part 1)

John Petrucci -- Mark V -- Settings and Tone Tips (Part 2)

Joe Satriani: WDHA's Studio D interview

WDHA's Studio D with Joe Satriani Interview

Chris Lasegue: Scourge Of The Light

Scourge of the Light Teaser Trailer

"Scourge Of The Light" will be released on February 28, 2011 in Europe (except in Germany, where it will arrive three days earlier) and on March 8, 2011 in the U.S. via SPV/Steamhammer Records.

"Scourge Of The Light" track listing:

01. Condemned To Fight
02. The Setting Of The Sun
03. Bringing On The End
04. Call To Arms
05. Cycles
06. Overlord
07. Let It Out
08. Union
09. Burn
10. The Book Of Kells

Tamás Kóródi: Miki Birta gitárverseny II

Birta Miki gitárverseny II - Tamás

Joe Satriani,John Petrucci: Summer song... in Winter!

Joe Satriani w/ John Petrucci live "Summer Song" Best Buy Theater, NYC 12/13/10 [HD]

Joe Satriani - Crowd Chant w/J Petrucci 12/13/10 New York City Best Buy live show HD

Joe Satriani Encore at BestBuy Theater 12-13-10

Luke Fortini: been woodshedding, time to release a fearsome fusillade of notes


Alex Lifeson: Talks wine with Mark Oldman

Alex Lifeson tells Mark Oldman about the week-long wine 'internships' he and bandmate Geddy Lee did at Joseph Phelps Winery and at Turley Wine Cellars. He fondly recalls how once he and Geddy were so covered in grape juice that they were mistaken for Napa locals at a nearby eatery.

Episode 25: RUSH's Alex Lifeson on His and Geddy Lee's Wine Internships -Drink Bravely w Mark

News: Electronic Finger Guitar

Wagner Silva: Guitar Fusion Contest

Guitar Fusion Contest - Wagner Silva Entry

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther thegrooveyone interview

Steel Panther interview

Dzmitry Kasyanenka: Guitar Idol 2010

Dzmitry Kasyanenka - From the Bird's Eye View (Guitar Idol III Entry)

Guitar Idol 2010 Enter!!!)

Daniele Panza: guitar idol 2010 Midnight Coffee Overdose

Daniele Panza - Midnigh,guitar idol t Coffee Overdose - (Guitar Idol III 2010/2011 entry)

Guitar Idol 2010 Enter!!!)

Kelly Simonz: Trinbute to Gary Moore - The Loner


Morten Faerestrand: Admira - Campellone jazz guitar

Admira - solo piece by Morten Faerestrand

Sunny Dsouza: blues is not just for Christmas!

Overdrive Trio - Mid Life Blues @ Rockville

Overdrive Trio @ Ruia (Purple Haze)

Adam Moore: Blue Bug Competition another top notch solo!!

Milan Polak Blue Bug Competition (Adam Moore)

Get those video cameras out and get your track asap the close date and time:

"Competition closes 20th December 2010 at 23:00 BST."

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Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

News: Kemonia Guitar Fest 6

Kemonia guitar fest 6 to 19 December 2010 at the candle makers: Kemonia Guitar Fest 6 ° a day dedicated to the guitar in its many forms. On stage Candelai protagonists from 18.30 to 21.00 teachers and students Kemonia Area Music (Guitar School) by performing excerpts from the classical repertoire - Acoustic and Electric.

This sixth edition opens with George Cerniglia (guitar).

welcome guest to follow the duo "Le Gentil DAME" with Camilla Finardi (Mandolin) Daniela Santamaura (Violoncello).

The afternoon continues with the electric guitars of Vittorio Falanga, Simone Ferrara, Giulio Puleri, Cacioppo Salvo, Salvo Sgro (electric bass). (Teachers Kemonia),

The second part is an open space for students of the school Kemonia guitar, will perform songs for electric guitar (Progressive Rock and Blues) with the auisilio musical bases and formations (duo - trio for guitar ensemble)

At 21.30 Concert Manomanca (Acid Rock Instrumental)


Daniel Crisci (guitar), Fabio Cristadoro (bass), Marcello Costa (synth and piano), Richard Peacock (drums).

The event will be held Sunday, December 19, 2010 at The Candelai, via Candelai 65 - Palermo from 18.30 to 22.30.
Admission € 5.00

Organization: Corrado Salerno
Kemonia Music Space

Dave Martone: Kadabra show cancelled... much apologies to all!

Dave Martone:
Do to unforeseen circumstances, the Kadabra show has been canceled for this evening and will be re scheduled for a later date.

Sincerest Apologies.

Merry Christmas

News: Truth In Shredding is mobile!

News... we are big... we are bad and now we are mobile!!! Yes thanks to blogger you can now view on your mobile device the shreddingest of shreddy blogs... tune your mobile dials to:

Thanks again to those crazy techs over at blogger!

Lance Reegan-Diehl: Guitar Academy Catania Italy

Lance Reegan-Diehl performing at his guitar clinic at Guitar Academy Catania Italy, for Andrea Quartarone. Guitarists and Technology, showing usages for computer amps in a live situation.

Guitar Academy Catania Italy with Lance Reegan-Diehl computer amp techniques, for Andrea

Guitar Academy Catania Italy 2008 with Lance Reegan-Diehl using DELAY, for Andrea Quartarone.

Richie Kotzen: Live Japanese MTV - young version of RK!

Richie Kotzen: Live Japanese MTV

Dave Reeves: modes... no more mystery!

Dave Reeves:
My entry level beginners lead guitar course is now available to purchase via my website Just click the store tab.
The course is aimed at beginners. The course enables entry level guitarists to compose and play their first solo with 5 very simple to follow lessons.

Lead guitar course for beginners now available to purchase.

Ekachai Ratanavilaiwan: Blue Bug Competition

Blue Bug Competition - Ekachai Ratanavilaiwan

Get those video cameras out and get your track asap the close date and time:

"Competition closes 20th December 2010 at 23:00 BST."

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Milan Polak: Blue Bug Competition

Salvatore Russo,Franco Speciale: Gypsy jazz

Salvatore Russo - Franco Speciale

Jan Laurenz: Winter Song 3D

winter song on you rock guitar by jan laurenz (3D anaglyph version,red/cyan glasses)

Dave Celentano: ASAP Two-Hand Tapping

ASAP Two-Hand Tapping - Learn How to Tap the Celentano Way - Guitar Method - DVD - TAB
Dave Celentano teaches many new and innovative ways to use tapping with pentatonic and diatonic scales, sequences, and arpeggios. Features great tips and pointers, lessons on soloing over chord changes, and an intense two-hand tapping arrangement of the "toccata" section from J.S. Bach's famous "Toccata and Fugue" in D minor. All examples are in standard notation and tab on a printable PDF file on the DVD. 85 minutes. BUY

Richie Kotzen: Squeeze "Played" Plesiosaur

Richie Kotzen - Squeeze Play

Richie Kotzen - Plaid Plesiosaur

Beto Kobayashi: a little lunch time jazz

Quinteto Akústico - "Song for my father"

Pablo Mendoza: My Destiny

FINGER TAPPING LICK Pablo Mendoza - My Destiny