Friday, 4 March 2011

Chris Brooks: on a mission from god to help you to play!

Chris Brooks Master Session: Becoming your own player

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Guitarist Chris Brooks is on a mission to help you play like somebody - you! In this in-depth 2-hour interactive master session, Chris aims to help you reach your full potential in creating a personal style on the guitar, covering a range of subjects that will have you examining your current habits and choices, and exploring new ones to define YOUR musical personality.

Topics included:

Enhancing your own personal touch on the instrument
Note choice: how to improve it and personalise it
Breaking the habit of consecutive-note scalar runs
Creating your own “outside” patterns
Playing Pentatonics without anybody knowing!
Melodic Arpeggios
Creating “Licks you won’t wanna share with your friends”
Legato and hybrid-picking foundations and ideas
Finger Tone”

“Concepts, rather than lick-fests have always intrigued me the most in my own guitar journey”, says Chris, although the master class take-home material will certainly give attendees all the “lick” homework they could want in order to get the concept examples down.

All attendees bring their own guitar and cable and play side by side with Chris as he goes through the subjects. Take-home material includes several pages of written material, and an audio CD with examples.

Bookings are strictly limited to 10 people per master class, so please book now to secure a spot.

Your Guitar, cable, overdrive with battery if you want (no multi fx)

Don’t Bring:
Amp, pedal board, multi fx etc

Herman Li: music in the key of shred!

Dragonforce's Herman Li to the crew with a new monthly column called "Power Shred." He kicks it off with a lesson on diminished sweeps, so make sure to check it out!

Greg Howe: BIMM Bristol mini review

A big thanks to Greg Howe and Cassandra and the folks at BIMM in Bristol for organising such a great clinic session. Greg Howe comes across as a humble likable fellow, if a little jet lagged. After having about 45 minutes sleep, Greg is still able to get his chops together enough to give us some of his magic. He plays over some classic tunes and displays his trade mark hammer-ons from nowhere, classic vibrato and extensive use of ploy-rhythmic cascades of notes.

After the warm up he gets straight on to bring his wisdom to the assembled guitar crowd. He's not a one trick pony and he's got the know-how to let any guitarist worth their salt get to a higher level. He describes how his online video lessons, have allowed him to understand the common areas people get stuck. He awash with great ideas, whether it's adding rhythmic ideas based on catchy TV tunes or trying to play a solo on one string, which by the way he demos, with perfect aplomb... just amazing.

He allowed audience questions which covered most his stage career, from getting signed by Shrapnel to playing with Justin Timberlake. After the show there was time for a few photos and a quick chat...

I can't wait to see him again in San Francisco at the Jason Becker benefit gig!!

I was lucky enough to meet up with Lee Luland at the show, so here's a picture of Greg signing the BIMM wall

and a picture of Greg Howe with Lee Luland.

Javier Viñas,Joel Hoekstra: CRJ

Javier Viñas "CRJ" feat. Joel Hoekstra

Javier Viñas - Carvin DC400 (V2)

Javier Viñas probando mi Carvin DC400

Javier Viñas - Peavey LTD

Tim Lerch: Carvin Fatboy

Tim Lerch -- Ethos Overdrive / Carvin Fatboy

Karl Bourdin: KB Sunny Day in 3D

KB_Sunny Day (Anaglyph 3D stereoscopic version)

To view this clip, you must use 3D glasses with Red and blue lenses.

How to make 3D Glasses at home :