Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Alexandre Bicudo: Terra de Gelo

Alexandre Bicudo - Terra de Gelo

MG Music Fuzzyland + ZVEX Box of Rock + Boss DD-3 + Boss DD-7 Test II

Plus eight videos from Alexandre Bicudo's live band Mallavoodoo

Alexandre Bicudo: Mallavoodoo

Alex Ehrsam: Impro in C minor dorian

Alex Ehrsam - Impro in C minor dorian

News: Win A Fender Telecaster!

Win A Fender Telecaster!

Pedro Molina: Guitar Control competition

Guitarcontrol.com Solo Contest.-Pedro Molina

Guitar Control competition

Jeff Loomis,Rusty Cooley: interview

Jeff Loomis and Rusty Cooley part 3

Sam Bell: 8 Sting Legato String Skipping Pentatonic Lick

8 Sting Legato String Skipping Pentatonic Lick - Sam Bell

Benjamin Woods: Flametal

Godin Guitars Product Specialist Benjamin Woods, and his Flametal style of playing, goes perfectly with the Godin Multiac Grand Concert Ambience Guitar!

Godin Grand Concert Ambiance

Daniele Gottardo: Guitar competition coming soon!

Daniele Gottardo:
Daniele Gottardo's guitar competition coming very soon!! Great Judges and great prizes!!

Tom Quayle,George Marios: Τσάι για δύο

Tom Quayle & George Marios - Guitar masterclass in Greece

Tom Quayle & George Marios - Friday night jam in Greece

Tony Spinner: blues star live at Garaasj Geleen 2011

Tony Spinner @ Garaasj Geleen

Tony Spinner @ Garaasj Geleen (part2)

Craig Locicero,Steve Smyth: shred for FPE TV

FPE-TV Forbidden Guitar Shred

FPE-TV Forbidden "Adapt or Die" Guitar

FPE Guitar TV - Forbidden Part 3

Dragan Pavlovic: live4guitar 4 competition

4th Live4Guitar competition - Dragan Pavlovic

live4guitar 4 competition

Reece Fullwood: Shred Guitar Lick 3

Reece Fullwood - Shred Guitar Lick 3

Michael Dolce: vote for Australian guitar player of the year

Guitarist Australia magazine saying they've nominated me to go in the running for the top 25 Aussie guitar players readers poll. I was overwhelmed with excitement especially when i saw the list of players that are in the running .

Please if you have a minute click on this link to vote , that would be greatly appreciated.


Richard Daudé: Shredfest 2002 video 2

Richard Daude Shredfest 2002 video 2

News: Truth In Shredding free logo

Looking for a cool logo, any size to link back to Truth In Shredding? Well look no more, thanks to Tyler Correll you can now have a pretty image http://tylercorrell.com/truth-in-shredding-promos/.  Available in a range of sizes and the Cut and paste of the HTML required also available.

 If you are looking for some logo designing then Tyler Correll is your man!

Richard Daudé: Shredfest 2002 video 1 - great player

Richard Daude Shredfest 2002 video 1