Friday, 1 July 2011

Marcello Zappatore: demos Mama Zappless fretless guitar

MAMA ZAPPLESS fretless guitar - test by MARCELLO ZAPPATORE

The violin-making workshop MAMALAB Matthias Hammer - Galatone (LE), via Bachelet 9 - presents the fretless guitar (fretless) MAMA ZAPPLESS guitar 'signature' made ​​especially for the guitarist Marcello Sapper. It is a fretless guitar sounds, and therefore by offering unique and expressive possibilities unimaginable for a normal guitar.
The pitch of the notes is not preset by the placement of buttons made ​​of metal (in this case absent), but is achieved by correctly placement of the finger, as in classical instruments like the violin without keys, cello, double bass. This implies the obtaining of all sounds, not just those imposed by the Western tempered system.
The typical problem of instruments without keys compared to the corresponding instruments with keys of type 'normal', is the lack of sustain, which is here tried to compensate in every way using wood and very high quality components, like the body in Kaya, the top Cocobolo, the ebony fingerboard resting on a neck-thru neck, and a bridge Hipshot Hardtail.
In addition to the handle was Fernandes Sustainer pickup mounted that has the distinction of being able to indefinitely extend the duration of notes (with the same function of E-Bow), while the bridge is a Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck. The maximum grip of tuning is guaranteed not only by the fixed bridge, the nut with graphite and Grover locking tuners. Specifications: Body-Ali: Kaya (Khaya Anthotheca) neck-through-handle: Kaya -Top: Cocobolo ( Dalbergia retusa) -Fingerboard: Ebony (Diospyros Mespiliformis) insert-keyboard: Maple (Acer Campestre) -Copripaletta: Cocobolo -Nut: Graphite -Inlays: Mother of Pearl -Bridge: Hipshot hardtail -Tuners: Grover Locking -Pick Up Neck: Fernandes Sustainer - Pickup Bridge: Seymour Duncan Jeff Beck -Electronics: 1 volume, 1 tone and 2 switches for sustainer circuit -Scale 25.5 " -finish nitrocellulose MAMALAB tel (+039) 3298962163 Galatone (LE) in Via Bachelet 9

Richie Kotzen: interview by The Music Press

Richie Kotzen interview by The Music Press

Rob Chappers: Monkeyfest 2011 the T-Shirt

Got to get me one of these!

Chappers Live 8PM - 27th June

Fletcher Barton: MonkeyFest 2011 entry

Apologies... I missed these

MonkeyFest 2011 entry - Fletcher Barton

Robbert Hanenberg: Daniele Gottardo backing track solo

Gottardo Track - Robbert Hanenberg

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: Marco Minnemann special concert announced!

Nili Brosh Well, it's official and finally public! I'll be playing my very first show with Tmac and Marco Minnemann!!

Tony Macalpine & Band Featuring Marco Minnemann In Concert | Jul 14, 2011 | News & Events at
Guitar virtuoso Tony MacAlpine, backed by a band featuring drummer/percussionist extraordinaire Marco Minnemann (the Aristocrats, Paul Gilbert, Nina Hagen, Necrophagist) will perform a special concert

Jason Becker: Amsterdam Festival TICKETS ON SALE!

Venue web site:'s-not-dead-yet!-festival

Jason Becker came to prominence with his exciting partnership with fellow musician Marty Friedman and their band Cacophony. Like Paul Gilbert, Vinnie Moore, and Yngwie Malmsteen, both were signed by the prestigious Shrapnel label . Jason Becker and Marty Friedman success lead to Jason getting the lead guitar job with David Lee Roth, taking over from Steve Vai. However, whilst recording Roth’s 1991 release, A Little Ain’t Enough, Jason became ill and he was diagnosed with ALS.

Order your tickets for Jason Becker's NOT DEAD YET!
Festival on this page you can order your tickets for Jason Becker's NOT DEAD YET! in an easy and secure way using Paylogic.

Zakk Wylde: All of a sudden, you start having trouble with getting out of bed

Has sobriety mellowed you out?
Nah. It was never really about that, it just got to the point where it started messing with the shows. When it starts getting in the way of shit, that’s when it just gets stupid. It’s like a football player—you run him into the ground enough, he can’t play anymore. All of a sudden, you start having trouble with getting out of bed and taking a piss, and that’s a problem. But nah, we’re still chilling. The rest of the guys are in the back pounding booze and smoking weed and shit the whole time! We got wide-load trucks unloading cases of hard liquor into the bus! more

Steve Vai, Jason Becker: Steve talks about shred for the Jason Becker movie

Steve Vai talks about shred guitar.

Origination: Clip from Steve Vai interview from documentary production 'NOT DEAD YET: The Story of Jason Becker'.

Filmed in Encino, CA - March 2011.

Copyright Opus Pocus Films Ltd 2011

Steve Vai on Shred Guitar