Thursday, 8 December 2011

Steve Hackett: Tubehead with violin bow 2010

Steve Hackett - Tubehead (Live, 2010) (Fantastic Track)

"Fire And Ice" captures the whole of Steve's London show from November 2010 and includes guest appearances by Steven Wilson & John Wetton.

Paul Wardingham: Future Metal Shred - Log on for the complete lesson with tabs, text, audio, and video. Paul Wardingham shows us how to play some futuristic-themed shred ideas using excerpts from his new album Assimilate Regenerate, as well as a solo written and recorded exclusively for this lesson.
Future Metal Shred - Paul Wardingham: Featured Lesson

Faze: two hands in phase! - Log on for the full lesson with tabs, text, audio, and video. Faze demonstrates some creative approaches to spicing up chords with two-handed tapping.

Faze - Tapping In Harmony: Lesson

Trying out my new gear here. A Suhr Pro Modern going through a Badger 18 watt with a the mid boost on a Suhr Koko boost. Just some basic improv. I'll be putting a more detailed video on the gear setup very soon. Stay tuned,

Suhr Jam -- Faze

Faze Shredding with his Parker Fly

Matias Kupiainen: interview

Stratovarius for (Interview) 2011

Steve Hackett: interview

Steve Hackett interview for The Prog Radio

John Petrucci, Shawn Lane: interview

Mentions Shawn Lane from

John Petrucci for

News: Win A Lick Library DVD

Win a lead guitar for absolute beginners DVD set from Lick Library.:

Arnaldo García: Spring of fire

Spring of fire Arnold

Richie Kotzen: Carioca Club - São Paulo 2011

Richie Kotzen - Faith - São Paulo (03/19/2011)

Richie Kotzen - A Love Divine - São Paulo (03/19/2011)

Seymour Duncan: the mechanics and tone of guitar pickups

Evan Skopp talks with Seymour Duncan about the mechanics and tone of guitar pickups. From magnets, coils, turns - Seymour talks creating the voice of a pickup.

Seymour Duncan on the Tone of Guitar Pickups

Dan Mumm: new Metal Method DVD

Order now at: Info:
You can get some idea of the massive amount of information that Dan shares with you in this lesson by checking out the DVDs program guide. This guide lists the exact location for each technique and exercise and explains what is taught throughout the lesson. There are also chapter points at each of these locations for navigation.
What's Included
Learn Dan Mumm's original song "A Glimpse Beyond" part by part, note by note, shred by shred. With over 50 exercises covering a wide variety of techniques including, shred patterns, sweep arpeggios, two handed tapping, arpeggio sequences, and an assortment of Neo-Classical style patterns. In this program Dan continues to break down the techniques behind modal shred patterns. This program explains the basic building necessary to construct your own shred patterns to fit your own style and playing needs.

In this program Dan also demonstrates how to apply sequence patterns to arpeggios in a chord progression. Used correctly, this information will allow you to create an infinite variety of arpeggio based leads and riffs from a single chord progression. Dan also takes the time to demonstrate his techniques to perfect the pitch of bending. A seemingly elementary fundamental that is often overlooked or rushed through with poor results. The goal here is to give you the edge that professional guitarists have with even basic techniques.
Not only does Dan demonstrate each part broken down into smaller parts for easier learning and memorization, he also includes small sections of the backing track to go along with each complete part of the song. And once you have completed the program, you will enjoy playing along with the backing track included in the video. Subtitles explain which exercise goes with which part. There's also an mp3 backing track included to load into your mp3 player.
A Glimpse Shred Guitar Includes:
The entire "A Glimpse Beyond" compostion
Bend / Bend with vibrato
Backing Tracks
Shred Patterns
Anchoring Demonstration
3 Note Sequences
Doubled Arpeggios
Harmonic Minor Shred
Locrian Minor Shred
Ascending Modal Shred
Backing Track with Titles to show how to piece it together
Guitar-Pro files to play along at any speed
Program Guide
Tab Booklet for printing in PDF format
All lesson materials are "on disk." If you're new to our "on disk" technology please check out the following: Tab Instructions

Metal Method DVD: A Glimpse Beyond Shred Guitar by Dan Mumm

Florian Hofer, Atma Anur: Atma's Groove Party #3

Another up close look at the 'Atma Groove in a funky rock style. This is the Florian Hofer Band live in holland performing 'Can You Feel Me' from his Resolution CD. A small kit with a few cymbals... deeply rockin'!

Atma's Groove Party (Part 3) -Florian Hofer Band

Stuart Fraser,Brett Garsed: Christmas medley

Beautiful arrangement of some Christmas classics by Stuart Fraser. This appeared on the "Myer Spirit Of Christmas" album some years back.
Stuart Fraser, acoustic guitar - right channel
Brett Garsed, acoustic guitar - left channel
Merry Christmas!!!
Stuart Fraser/Brett Garsed Christmas medley.m4v

Rik Emmett: Boys Of Summer - Iridium 2011

Boys Of Summer Rik Emmett and Les Paul Trio at Iridium 12.5.11

Dave Mustaine: Dean Zero Angel of Deth II

Dean Dave Mustaine Zero Angel of Deth II Receives Guitar Player Editors Pick Award! The Dean Dave Mustaine Zero Angel of Deth II has descended upon the guitar landscape with as much as anticipation as any guitar in recent history.


Matías Baeza: The Last One - IBANEZ Project 2011

Matías Baeza ''The Last One'' IBANEZ Project 2011

Rick Graham: Static Chord Soloing review

This is my review of Rick Graham's: "Static Chord Soloing" lesson package. The package is available for $20 from Rick's website, in the lesson section:
REVIEW - Rick Graham's: "Static Chord Soloing" Lesson Package

Stephane Pilett: betcha can't play thise

betcha can't play this

Guthrie Govan,Jason Becker: join us!

Jason Becker Charity Guitar Build
Jason Becker is an inspirational human being, aside from his massive contribution to music and guitar players the world over. Jason has shown us that anything is possible!!!!!
Here is a shot of Guthrie Govan signing the Guitar we donated for Aution at the Jason Becker Festival. Follow this link to bid on this one of a kind custom guitar.

Guthrie Govan, the guitar virtuoso from England shares during his concert at "The Farm" in Zoetermeer picks to the public to call attention to Foundation

Guthrie Govan Foundation supports

Greg Howard: Blues for Ayman Chapman Stick

Greg Howard plays "Blues for Ayman" solo Chapman Stick two-handed tapping

Jordan Rudess: Shreds on Geo Synthesizer

A little shredding on Geo Synthesizer before bed. You can get Geo on the iTunes store, here!

Jordan Shreds on Geo Synthesizer

Guitar Idol III: Live final videos

Guitar Idol III: Live final videos

‪William Dotto: vigier touch style

‪William Dotto - Touch Style Guitar on a Virgier‬

Pedro Molina: Suhr Shred Fusion


Francesco Congiu: Musicoff competition

MUSICOFF CONTEST BASE 1 _ Francesco Congiu