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Marcos De Ros: The Bee - Schubert

A Abelha - L'Abeille - The Bee - Schubert - Marcos De Ros - electric guitar - Orquestra Unisinos

Jeffery Sygo: the ultimate work out?

Through The Eyes Of The Dead- The Manifest Guitar Cover

Andres Ludmer: Metafusion!

demo 01 METAL andres ludmer by andresludmer

demo 02 METAL andres ludmer by andresludmer

Aleksandar Sukovic: Mojo Oro with 8-finger tapping

Aleksandar Sukovic Mojo Oro with 8-finger tapping

Alan Williamson: demo from upcoming new album

WHEELS IN MOTION (SAMPLE) by Alan Williamson

Alex Hutchings: 3:00h am acoustic joy in Spain

Alex Hutchings & Glaucco Ginard (Acoustic Things) at 3:00h am Live in Costa D'en Blanes - Mallorca - Recorded by Miguel Angel Cañadas Simon.

ALEX HUTCHINGS & GLAUCCO GINARD singin' & playin' acoustic guitars.

ALEX HUTCHINGS & GLAUCCO GINARD singin' & playin' acoustic guitars.

Alex Hutchings: in Malaga

Alex Hutchings en Málaga (Spain) HD

Joe Bonamassa: The Battle For Handrians Wall

Black Country Communion- The Battle For Handrians Wall- LIVE OVER EUROPE

Russ Parrish: Steel Panther XXX Christmas album anyone?

Orianthi: Alice Cooper Merry Christmas

Say "Happy Holidays" with Skype and Alice Cooper - We Wish You A Merry Christmas

News: DimeBash Key Club in West Hollywood 2011

DimeBash  took place at the Key Club in West Hollywood, California. Presented by ‘That Metal Show’ hosts Eddie Trunk, Jim Florentine and Don Jamieson. Performers in this year’s annual Dimebash featured pioneers from all sub-genres of metal:

Tom Morello (Rage Against the Machine)
Richie Kotzen
Jerry Cantrell (Alice in Chains)
David Draiman (Disturbed)
Serj Tankian (System of a Down)
Joey Jordison (Slipknot)
Scott Ian (Anthrax)
Geezer Butler (Black Sabbath)
Rex Brown (ex-Pantera)
John 5 (Rob Zombie)
Duff McKagan (Velvet Revolver, ex-Guns N’ Roses)
Sebastian Bach (Skid Row)
Glenn Hughes (Black Country Communion)
Tim “Ripper” Owens (Yngwie Malmsteen, Dio Disciples, ex-Judas Priest)
Stephen Pearcy (Ratt)
Warren De Martini (Ratt)
Robin McAuley (MSG)
Oni Logan (Lynch Mob)
Doug Pinnick (King’s X)

One hundred percent of the proceeds raised at the 2011 DimeBash have been donated to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up & Shout Cancer Fund.

DimeBash Key Club in West Hollywood 2011

Alex Skolnick, Chris Broderick: discuss their upcoming Winter Retreat

Photo by: Stephanie Cabral
[Laurie Monk] You guys have a long history, how did you guys first meet?

[Alex Skolnick] The first time I recall us meeting was in Europe on the 'Priest Feast' Tour, Judas Priest, Megadeth and Testament, in 2009. We may have met earlier, since the guitar community is so small, but that's the first time we got to know each other.  

[Chris Broderick] I think I remember meeting Alex for the first time when Megadeth played NY on Gigantour 2008. He was backstage and we hung out for a bit, and had a good time.

[Laurie Monk] This sounds like an amazing thing to do, how did this plan come together?

[Alex Skolnick] Full Moon Resorts contacted us. They host music camps for Dweezil Zappa, King Crimson, Todd Rundgren and more with a whole system in place with great food and lodging. Initially it was going to be a summer camp, but since both our bands will have new albums out, it made sense to try it in the winter.
[Chris Broderick] Yes, the idea was actually presented to us. We both thought it was a great idea, and with our backgrounds in music study it seemed like the perfect way to convey to other guitarists how we view our instruments.
[Laurie Monk] You both play for heavy bands in the form of Testament and Megadeth.  Both these bands play at a hundred miles an hour and doing extensive touring, So is this type of clinic a de-stresser for you guys?

[Alex Skolnick] Hopefully! You never know.  There is some work involved, thinking about curriculum, learning songs to play live could be a stresser (ha ha). But I have a feeling once we're up there and everyone is checked in, it should be a lot of fun and relaxing.
[Chris Broderick] Not for me. I have always been nervous about any type of performance, but I really like the idea of trying to impart knowledge to other musicians that appreciate the complexity of the instrument.
Chris Broderick: string skipping demo

[Laurie Monk] With this type of show, are you expecting the snowboarding rocker or the attentive musician or maybe both?

[Alex Skolnick] I think it's going to be much more of the quiet, attentive musician types. These people tend to be fans of advanced lead guitar playing. Among fans of really heavy music, they're in the minority, but there are quite a few. The profiles of our 'campers' so far seem to indicate this type of person, although I'm sure we'll get a few rocking snowboarders.

[Chris Broderick]  I expect attentive musicians, which is awesome because if I were giving a class and nobody was there then I am not being an effective teacher. I suppose then I would have to join them on my board. Ahhahhahahah.
[Laurie Monk] What areas do you prefer to talk about, the live gig experience, the gear for gear heads or the writing, composition experience?  

[Alex Skolnick] I like talking about the whole process and experience--from the interest that develops when you're first starting out, to the challenges of keeping that passion alive and channeling it into becoming the best musician you can be. It's fun to real musical examples, such as chord and scale theory, and apply it to music most are familiar with. There are also challenges of developing into your own independent musician which I like to address- the things I'd wised someone would have pulled me aside and told me.

[Chris Broderick] I prefer writing and composition. It's the most rewarding aspect of music for me and it gives me great pleasure to pass that on.

Alex skolnick live at namm 2010

[Laurie Monk] I guess you’ve done many clinics in the past, and had many left field questions, have you had any that phase you or made you think that someone is in the wrong clinic?

[Alex Skolnick] I get really annoyed when a student is only focused on is playing as fast as possible. Meanwhile, this same person has no idea how to bend a note with attitude, no concept of being in pitch, no sense of timing with the music, and is clueless about the idea of musical development. It's as though their sole purpose for creating music is not the joy it brings but to impress their friends. I can't help someone like that. Thankfully most students are much more open minded than that, but occasionally these types appear.

[Chris Broderick] Honestly, I expected a lot of that but really, most people go to our clinics for the right reason asking very pertinent questions.

[Laurie Monk] What is the best thing you get out of working more closely with people attending this sort of clinic?
[Alex Skolnick] When you've spent many years as someone who's very proficient on your instrument, it is easy to take that for granted. Working with people who are in a much more formative stage of development is a healthy reminder of how far along you've come. It's also very gratifying to pass along the lessons you've learned and see that all you're hard work is not only a benefit to you, it is inspiring many fellow music makers and possibly a few future professionals.
[Chris Broderick] It helps me evaluate my playing and thought process as well, and I improve as a result. Another thing I really like is that you get all of these different reasons why people play the guitar, which renews your love of the guitar at the same time.
[Laurie Monk]  You are both incredible well schooled, Alex attending Berklee and Chris attending Denver Lamont Music School.  Will you be explaining the advantages of attending music school over working on your own or may be the pros and cons of both?

[Alex Skolnick] I'm from Berkeley in California and didn't go to Berklee in Boston (sometimes people get confused). The school I went to is 'The New School For Jazz And Contemporary Music' in New York.  I think that's definitely something that will come up. I attended school later in life, after setting out on my own as a 'self-taught' player, so I've experienced it from both ends of the spectrum. I do think going to school can be invaluable for one person but not for another and useless without a balance of being able to work on your own.

[Laurie Monk] My apologies Alex, It is interesting that you also have a self taught approach too.

[Chris Broderick] Definitely, all experiences come into play when teaching and outlining the correct path for someone, whether it follows a schooled approach or non-schooled approach is key; it's got to work for the individual.

[Laurie Monk]  Finally, Will you both be shredding the snow after shredding the show or will you be more worried about breaking something?

[Alex Skolnick] Myself, I skied in my youth but never snowboarded. I'm a bit scared of breaking a bone and putting one or more of my bands out of work for a bit, but with the proper padding, I'll try anything. However, I hear that Chris, being from Colorado,  is quite the snow shredder, so you'll probably see him out there.

[Chris Broderick] I love snowboarding and would love to go, however this is first and foremost a Guitar Retreat and that will be top priority on my list. However, if the opportunity presents itself I will make it up for a few runs.

Skolnick and Broderick Winter Guitar Retreat

Skolnick and Broderick’s Winter Guitar Retreat will provide a full vacation experience at Full Moon Resort in New York’s Catskill Mountains from December 26-30, 2011

December 26, 2011 at 03:00pm EST
December 30, 2011 at 11:00pm EST

Richie Kotzen, Scott Ian: Wish You Were Here! Must See!!

Wow... a real surprise! Richie Kotzen with his finger picked solo... wow!


Michael Angelo Batio,Steve Howe: Skip fight? no! Issue 6 of IGuitar Magazine!

Issue 6 of LickLibrary's FREE Guitar Interactive Magazine is here!

In our sixth issue Stuart Bull meets the godfather of Shred, Michael Angelo Batio, Jamie Humphries meets Yes master guitarist Steve Howe Dan Veall chats to Anthrax Bassist Frank Bello.
Gary Cooper pays tribute in his "Past Master" section to Bert Jansch, who has inspired generations of acoustic players.
There's also of course a host of reviews and lessons for you to feast your eyes on!
Plus also your chance to win a years supply of D'Addario Strings and Planet Waves accessories.
We hope you enjoy our sixth issue, and from all of us at Guitar Interactive, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

View the mag here

Dweezil Zappa: answer the question... Is the band performing nude?

Dweezil Zappa:

Hello Everyone,
I am currently knee deep in FOH CDs that I am sorting through for the next release but I wanted to take a moment to let you all know that the February run will be quite unique.
Why? Good question.
Is it the material you'll be performing? Another good question.
Is the band performing nude? Not such a good question and NO.
The material will reflect some changes but the biggest change is in the low end frequency response. Anything offered to you from 40hz to 200hz will be done so by Scott Thunes on his beat to s h i t Fender P bass.
We are happy to have Scott join us for the whole tour "All Night Long" and not in the Lionel Ritchie way, more Advance Romance... anyway, it will be fun for all of us.
For those of you wondering if Pete Griffin will be returning, sorry but he won't. He has quit the band to pursue other ventures.
We have selected a talented replacement who will be introduced to all of you in the coming months. He's a little busy learning a huge list of the World's Finest Optional Entertainment.
See you all soon! Happy Holidays.

Michael Angelo Batio: Star Licks 25th Anniversary Edition

1. MAB "Star Licks 25th Anniversary Edition" instructional DVD available now!

The MAB "Star Licks 25th Anniversary Edition" DVD is available now for $24.95! Buy now Michael has personally autographed the first 500 copies!
2. Michael will be offering guitar lessons to a limited number of students in Anaheim, California to coincide with the NAMM Music show!

3. Michael's Dean "Jet" Double-Guitar is going into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Museum to be put on permanent display in early 2012!

4. Michael will be performing at the famed Whisky-A-Go-Go in Hollywood, CA. on Saturday January 21st, 2012 in a special "Guitar Gods" night concert!

5. Michael is on the cover of an amazing new magazine called iGuitar.

6. The MAB "Hands Without Shadows - A Tribute to Rock Guitar" multi media show has been confirmed for a 14 country tour of Europe in May of 2012!

Michael will be offering guitar lessons to a limited number of students in Anaheim, CA coinciding with the NAMM Music show on Wednesday and Thursday January 18th and 19th, 2012! 

We call this the MAB VIP Lesson.
Michael will listen to (and have answers for) your questions, concerns, watch how you play, make suggestions, write out for you as many helpful exercises and information as he possibly can in the hour, give you first hand insights on his amazing technique and of course, do some jamming!

This is your chance to have a 1 hour guitar lesson with Michael!  
The price is $250 per 1 hour lesson. Buy now 
After purchasing the MAB VIP Lesson please contact Michael's agentChristy Catley. Christy is handling all of the scheduling. 

For more information about MAB VIP Lessons please click here. 

Tony MacAlpine, Nili Brosh: Europe tour dates includes Patrick Rondat

Tony MacAlpine 2012 European Tour dates have been announced! Tony will be performing a headline set featuring songs from his new solo album and a selection of his past classics – including a performance of the entire Edge Of Insanity album as part of the set.

Tony’s powerhouse band is:

Aquiles Priester – Drums (Hangar, Angra)
Bjorn Englen, Bass (Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth)
Nili Brosh – Guitar

More details on tickets and special VIP packages coming soon.

Tour dates and further info available here.


21.02.12 Moho Live - Manchester, UK
22.02.12 The Underworld - London, UK
24.02.12 Rock Temple - Kerkrade, The Netherlands
25.02.12 Het Bolwerk - Sneek, The Netherlands
26.02.12 Crystal - Berlin, Germany
27.02.12 Hirsch - Nürnberg, Germany
28.02.12 Luxor - Cologne, Germany
29.02.12 Matrix - Prague, Czech Republic
03.03.12 Randal - Bratislava, Slovakia
04.03.12 Club 202 - Budapest, Hungary
05.03.12 Silver Church - Bucharest, Romania
06.03.12 Sofia Live Club - Sofia, Bulgaria
07.03.12 Jolly Joker Balans - Istanbul, Turkey
08.03.12 Eight Ball - Thessaloníki, Greece
09.03.12 Kyttaro Live - Athens, Greece
11.03.12 Bloom Club - Mezzago, Italy
12.03.12 Galery - Pratteln, Switzerland
14.03.12 Razzmatazz3 - Barcelona, Spain
15.03.12 Ritmo & Compas - Madrid, Spain
16.03.12 Stereo - Murcia, Spain
17.03.12 Fanatic - Sevilla, Spain
18.03.12 El Infierno - Vigo, Spain
19.03.12 DOKA - San Sebastián, Spain
21.03.12 Divan du Monde - Paris, France (with special guest Patrick Rondat)

Alex Hutchings: Jazzy Jams Inside Guide

Jazzy Jams Inside Guide

Alex Hutchings created the Jazzy Jams Series specifically to help you improve your jazz playing by improvising over some of the most popular chord progressions played by millions of musicians around the world.
Alex has provided his 'inside guide' which explains the famous tunes his original jam tracks were based on. One other thing to bear in mind is that the Jazzy Jams series is progressive. If you are new to chord changes then you should start with 'Night Train To Chicago' and Jazzy Jams Series 1 and work your way up, whereas the more experienced player will benefit from all three series.
As well as learning Alex's solos, the idea is to memorise the progressions which will then enable you to jam along with other jazz musicians that have also learned them.
For further inspiration and to see the full list of classic tracks the series was based on, check out the following article.
The full Jazzy Jams Series Bundle is still on offer at just £29.99, saving you over 16%

Allan Holdsworth,Jimmy Haslip,Virgil Donati: Tour dates!

Allan Holdsworth guitar
Virgil Donati drums
Dennis Hamm keyboards
Jimmy Haslip bass

January 20 - Anaheim, CA
SABIAN Night at The NAMM Show
venue: Sheraton Park Hotel

January 22 - Studio City, Los Angeles, CA
venue: Baked Potato

Jimmy Haslip bass
Virgil Donati drums

January 13 - San Diego, CA
venue: Brick By Brick

January 14 - Whittier, CA
venue: Community Theater Whittier

January 16 - Phoenix, AZ
venue: Rhythm Room

March 11 - Sellersville, PA
venue: Sellersville Theater

March 12 - Annapolis, MD
venue: Ram's head Tavern

March 14 - Newton, NJ
venue: The Newton Theater

March 15 - New York, NY
venue: The Iridium

March 16 - New York, NY
venue: The Iridium

March 17 - New York, NY
venue: The Iridium

March 20 - Teaneck, NJ
venue: Mexicali Live

March 21 - Northampton, MA
venue: The Iron Horse

March 22 - Boston, MA
venue: Johnny D's

March 23 - Norfolk, CT
venue: The Infinity Hall

March 24 - Schenectady, NY
venue: The Van Dyck

March 27 - Toronto, Ontario (Canada)
venue: Cosmo Music

March 28 - Buffalo, NY
venue: The Tralf Music Hall

March 30 - Dayton, OH
venue: Gilly's Jazz

March 31 - Detroit, MI
venue: The Jazz Cafe

April 1 - Chicago, IL
venue: Martyr's

April 3 - Milwaukee, WI
venue: The Shank Hall

April 8 - San Juan Capistrano, CA
venue: The Coach House

Few more shows and band and/or individual clinics clinics to be announced soon.


May 15 - Kassel, Germany
venue: Schlacthof

May 16 - Amstelveen, Nethrlands
venue: P60

May 17 - Leverkusen, Germany
venue: Scala

May 18 - Tilburg, Netherland
venue: Paradox

May 19 - Paris, France
venue: Sunset SunsideJazz Club

May 21 - Leverkusen, Germany
venue: Tollhaus

May 23 - Milano, Italy
venue: La Salumeria della Musica

May 24 - Basel, Switzerland
venue: Grand Casino

May 25 - Zurich, Switzerland
venue: Jazz Klub Moods

May 26 - Lugano, Switzerland

Several more shows and band and/or individual clinics clinics to be announced soon, for the period between May 4 and May 28.

For all booking inquiries worldwide, please

Ron Jarzombek: A Sting Operatio

December 15, 2011 - Transatlantic progressive extreme metal all-stars BLOTTED SCIENCE - featuring guitarist/mastermind Ron Jarzombek (WATCHTOWER,TERRESTRIAL EXILED, SPASTIC INK), bassist Alex Webster (CANNIBAL CORPSE, HATE ETERNAL), and drummer Hannes Grossmann (OBSCURA,TERRESTRIAL EXILED) - have posted the 'A Sting Operation' video on theEclecticElectric YouTube channel, the fourth and final clip in conjuction with their newly released"The Animation Of Entomology" EP.
'A Sting Operation' - Music by Blotted Science

Commented Ron Jarzombek: "Well, this being the last"Animation"-related video we have for you all, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone out there for the awesome feedback on the previous installments, be it with a comment on our YouTube channel, Facebook or via e-mail. We set out to do something a little different with the "The Animation Of Entomology", i.e. scoring our own mini-soundtracks to these bug flicks and create a dual audio-visual experience unlike probably anything that's out there in the metal world. I think we've managed that and it's great to know so many of you got into it and dug on the whole trip. I've got one more "Animation"-related project in the works, my upcoming instructional DVD, "Dissecting Bugs", where I will go in-depth with all of the 12-tone theory, and play all guitar parts on all songs from the EP. There is no tentative relase date yet but it'll be out sometime in 2012 for sure so stay tuned for that all you guitar geeks."

The folllow-up to the band's highly acclaimed 2007 "The Machinations Of Dementia" full-length album, "The Animation Of Entomology" was produced and mixed by Ron Jarzombek and recorded in San Antonio, Texas; Tampa, Florida; and V. Santura's (OBSCURA, TRIPTYKON) Woodshed Studios in Landshut, Germany where the drums were cut. Mastering duties were once again handled byJacob Hansen (VOLBEAT, DESTRUCTION) at Hansen Studios in Ribe, Denmark.

Alex Skolnick, Chris Broderick: Winter Guitar Retreat Daily Schedule Announced


The daily schedule has been announced for Skolnick & Broderick’s Winter Guitar Retreat, featuring renowned guitarists Alex Skolnick of Testament and Chris Broderick ofMegadeth

Skolnick & Broderick’s Winter Guitar Retreat will provide a full vacation experience at Full Moon Resort in New York’s Catskill Mountains from December 26-30, 2011. This marks the first winter installment of the successful Music Masters Camp Series ( held at Full Moon Resort, which has been hosted by musicians including Dweezil Zappa, Todd Rundgren, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin and Pat Mastelotto.

The daily schedule for Skolnick & Broderick’s Winter Guitar Retreat is as follows:

8:00 AM
8:30 AM
9:00 AM
9:30 AM
:1000 AM
Chris BroderickMaster Class - Chord Harmony
Progression from tonal to atonal                                         harmony and counterpoint
Chris BroderickTwo handed tapping with a little slap pop thrown in on the side
Chris BroderickMaster Class From theory 101 to advanced concepts in solo design
10:30 AM
11:00 AM
Check Out
11:30 AM

Alex Skolnick

"Psychology For Musicians"
Enjoying the process, avoiding the egos and maintaining a positive outlook in a sea of negativity. Includes an overview of helpful books, videos & other advice

Alex  Skolnick

Master Class: "Music Theory vs. Music Truth"
Modes, pentatonics, triads, chords & how to make sense of it all

Alex Skolnick

Master Class: "The Diverse Guitarist" Expanding into different territory: jazz, world music, etc...with Alex Skolnick Trio
12:00 PM
12:30 PM
1:00 PM
1:30 PM
2:00 PM
2:30 PM
3:00 PM
Orientation and welcome bag

Chris Broderick

Classical Guitar 101 along with the curriculum to take you the rest of the way
Chris Broderick  Gear breakdown and tone building: from amps and cabs to effects, what is the best combo?
Alex and Chris Tour experiences on the road
3:30 PM
4:00 PM
4:30 PM

Alex Skolnick

"Intro To Jazz Guitar" Getting started without getting overwhelmed, plus music history, roots of jazz theory & what you'll need to go further

Alex Skolnick

"It's About Timing"
A workshop on fine tuning your rhythmic awareness (applies to both lead & rhythm guitar playing)
Alex and Chris Awards, Raffles, and Giveaways
5:00 PM
5:30 PM
6:00 PM
6:30 PM
7:00 PM
7:30 PM
8:00 PM
Jam and master class with Alex and Chris.
Jam and master class with Alex and Chris.
Jam and master class with Alex and Chris.
8:30 PM
9:00 PM
9:30 PM
Open mic and jam
Open mic and jam
Open mic and jam
10:00 PM
10:30 PM
11:00 PM
11:30 PM