Thursday, 29 December 2011

Nico Schliemann: Guitar Idol 2011

Nico Schliemann, the second time I met Nico Schliemann briefly at Frankfurt Musikmesse. A really great performance from Nico in the competition and the Karaoke jam sessions really leaves me thinking this guy has got a great future.

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Nico Schliemann: Guitar Idol 2011

Tommaso Semrov: Essetipicks Demo

Essetipicks Demo (Ziriyab) - Tommaso Semrov

Carlo Losavio: Improvisation on autumn leaves

Improvisation on autumn leaves by Carlo Losavio

Feodor Dosumov: Impact Fuze -Moscow

Amazing fusion band, joing the likes of Aristocrats and Planet X, taking music to another level.

Impact Fuze: Moscow

Impact Fuze_Moscow
The first album. The first music video.
© "Youdanov & P..." © "Major_Studio" © "Voffilms" 2011 Moscow

Produced & directed by Vladimir "voff" Youdanov, Tamara Cengic &
Voffilms team : Roman Geygert, Sergey Prekrasnov, Ivan Apollonov,
Ivan Chengich, Anna Sukhino-Khomenko.

Starring: Damien Schmitt, Feodor Dosumov, Anton Davidyants

Recorded, mixed & mastered at Major_Studio Moscow 2010-2011
impact fuze_MOSCOW

Fran Alonso: Goodbye 2011 ... Welcome 2012

Fran Alonso
Here I leave my last video of the year 2011 that ends as a pure improvisation and hard, with blunders and others, good and bad, true reflection of how this year has been 2011 for me ... I'll take the good ... my music back to the active, the return of Krull, the output from the new album "Q-UART" concert at the CICC, the KGB Hall concert in Barcelona, ​​the Phenomena II, Steve Lukather concert in Madrid my collaboration with the screensaver, to keep my job with which it is falling ... the friends I've known and still maintain that, in addition to my enthusiasm and desire to continue to improve as a guitarist and as a person.

Friends, I wish that next year 2012 will be a good year for everyone and we continue to see!!

A hug --- Happy 2012 !!!!!

Fran Alonso - Goodbye 2011 ... Welcome 2012 !!!.mpg

Marco Sfogli: Jason Becker Fest 2011


Jason Becker Auction

Franco Morone: Acoustic Blues - Macchia Blues Festival 2011

Franco Morone "Mercy, Mercy, Mercy" - Tribute to Joe Zawinul at Macchia Blues Festival 2011 (HD)

Franco Morone "Great Dream From Heaven" live at Macchia Blues, Molise International Blues Festival

Franco Morone "Blues When I Lost You" live at Macchia Blues, Molise International Blues Festival

Martin Miller, Tom Quayle, Andy James, Jack Gardiner, Marco Sfogli, Mattias IA Eklundh: Coming in 2012 at Jam Track Central

2012 - A Great Year for Jam TracksJam Track Central has grown organically over the last few years and we are privileged to have so many amazingly talented new players involved in the site. 2012 will see us continue to grow our artist jam track sections and as you can see by the banner above, the new artists we have coming for guitars are not only outstanding players, but can write really great jam tracks too.
These guys already have their own strong fan bases, but if you haven't seen some of them playing yet then head over to YouTube and check them out. You won't be disappointed. These guys cover a wide range of styles as well, including fusion, rock and metal, so we are sure to be offering a huge amount of new material for you to learn and improvise over until your heart is content.
But what about the existing JTC artist jam tracks? Well, don't you worry because these guys are also working on loads of great new content too. Expect brand new jam track packages in the first few months of 2012 from Guthrie Govan, Jack Thammarat, Vinai Trinateepakdee and Denny Ilett. Rumour also has it that Alex Hutchings is working on some new stuff too. Plus, there is a very special new free download coming from the extremely talented Jess Lewis as watch this space.
And for your drum and bass musician friends then expect much of this new content to be cross purpose as well, available as jam tracks without their respective instruments. Perfect.
This is just 'scratching the surface' however. Expect so much more.........2012 is definitely a great year for jam tracks and improvisation.

Top Ten: Jam Track Central packages 2011

2011 has brought us some talented new JTC artists and amazing new packages. But who won the coveted 'Top Selling Package of 2011'? Let's take a look at the top ten packages, starting in reverse order:
10) Custom Fusion Series 1 - Alex Hutchings
9) Complete Custom Fusion Series 1-3 - Alex Hutchings
8) Erotic Cakes Super Bundle - Guthrie Govan
7) Jazzy Jams Series 1 - Alex Hutchings
6) The Ultimate Blues Experience - JTC

and in 5) Jazzin' The Blues - Denny Ilett. What an amazing debut package by Denny. Only launched a few months ago and ended up as the 5th biggest selling package of the year. Well, what do you expect when you put 5 great blues tracks together with perfect improvised solos.
and in 4) Alex Hutchings Complete Collection. Alex has been touring the world over the past 6 months and his fan base continues to grow and grow. Looks like many of these new fans just want to get everything at once. No holding back there!
and in 3) Guthrie Govan Complete Collection. They say that everything Guthrie plays on turns to gold. This could very well be why so many customers have purchased his complete collection.
and in 2) Official Erotic Cakes Special Package. Just pipped to the post is the ever constant EC backing tracks. Guthrie has so many worldwide fans and it makes perfect sense that so many want to play along with Guthrie's official backing tracks.

And the winner is.......

1) The Great Blues Blowout. What a year this super Blues package has had. 54 amazing Blues tracks bundled together with solo examples, extended jam tracks and accurate TAB. A consistent performer that deserves to be crowned the most downloaded package in 2011.

Nahuel Schiumarini: Le Petit Arabesque Bistrot Forlì

Le Petit Arabesque Bistrot Forlì

Øystein Wika: live at Octoberfest 2011stein Wika

Øystein Wika Group - "The Drifter" (live at Octoberfest 2011)

Øystein Wika - "Pagan Shuffle" (live at Octoberfest 2011)

Tony MacAlpine: Guitar Ballad

Composed by Tony Macalpine: guitarist, pianist, vocalist. ...From guitar lesson tutorial "Star Licks"

Tony MacAlpine - Guitar Ballad
e from 'Shred Guitar' tutorial

Kyle Glass: Double leg guitar - Tenacious D - Blizzcon 2010

Tenacious D: Master Exploder live at Blizzcon 2010

Bill Bailey: 6 neck guitar - comic shred-athon

Bill bailey playing his 6 neck guitar

Benya Barshai: Swinging with Donna Lee

Swing 48 - Benya Barshai

Donna Lee - Benya Barshai

Kurt Rosenwinkel: with OJM

Kurt Rosenwinkel Partners With Portugal's Orquestra Jazz de Matosinhos for Our Secret World, Releasing on September 7, 2010
An ambitious Big-Band Reworking of Seven Rosenwinkel Compositions. Kurt Rosenwinkel has always given us music that has conveyed a sense of masterful storytelling & breathtaking imaginative reach. His significance to the ever-evolving jazz tradition in fact transcends the oft-cited lineage of jazz guitar in much the same way that Thelonious Monk and Wayne Shorter both impacted colleagues much beyond the scope of their respective instruments. For what has perhaps distinguished Kurt more than anything is his one-of-a-kind compositional voice — full of mystery and power, marked by an effortless marriage of high complexity and simple, undeniable emotional appeal. These qualities, hallmarks of Kurt's output from the beginning, are apparent perhaps as never before on a new big band release,
Kurt Rosenwinkel & OJM: Our Secret World.


Luke Liescheidt,Bob Zabek: Walk on Water

Bob Zabekfirst time i see someone else play my song, kind of thrilling, good job mate!

Luke Liescheidt Walk on Water guitar.m4v

Bob Zabek - Walk On water

Calaw: covers Kollman

Jeff Kollman - Journey Through Life (Cover)

Eugene Berger: Electric Chopin ll Fantasy Impromptu

Electric Chopin ll Fantasy Impromptu

Tom Quayle: High Gain Wampler Pedal Tone - Ecstacy n' Paisley Drive

High Gain Wampler Pedal Tone - Ecstacy & Paisley Drive by Tom Quayle

Lyle Watt: Blackstar HT-5/Amplitube British OR 4x12 cabinet

Blackstar HT-5/Amplitube British OR 4x12 cabinet by Lyle Watt

Sam Bell: Mask of Judas track appears on upcoming Xbox game

My band Mask of Judas has its music featured on a game called Supremacy MMA. That is all folks.

Domenico Gallo: Christmas Song - theme of Xmas


Guy Elyahu: Empire Of Chaos

Track from upcoming instrumental album drums: refael hevrony, bass, keybord , mix - yoram sade

Guy Elyahu - Empire Of Chaos

News: Dean Guitars 35th anniversary bash at NAMM

Dean Guitars "Live from NAMM" Webcast Promo video 2012!!

For 35 years Dean Guitars has been making sought after instruments that have been seen on the biggest stages in the world. From ZZ Top's fuzz-covered Dean Z's, Sammy Hagar and his "Red Rocker" ML, Dimebag Darrell's legendary Dean from Hell to Dave Mustaine and his Dean VMNT at the epic 2011 Big 4 concerts, Dean guitars has created an undeniable legacy that has been embraced by guitar enthusiasts worldwide.


Dean Guitars is the only company to date to give the global guitar community an all-access ticket to NAMM with a multi-camera, real-time HD webcast. Exclusive technology partnerships with and Newtek Tricaster will allow viewers to interact via Facebook and Twitter with the Dean crew. (Over 100,000 viewers from 23 countries watched the 2011 Dean NAMM webcast!).

2012 NAMM webcast highlights will include a first-hand look at Dean's new 35th anniversary USA custom guitars, footage from the Dean NAMM JAM with performances by Testament, Jackyl, Vinnie Moore and Wayne Static, an impressive schedule of artist interviews, live contests, on-air guitar sales and much more. The DEAN TV team will produce over 20 hours of streaming live NAMM action, Jan 20 - 22 at

News: Berklee - Fancy Studying Valencia, Spain?

Berklee College of Music is now offering master´s programs at our new campus in Valencia, Spain.

Hedras Ramos: Sir Christopher Lee announces The Omens of Death

Hedras Ramos - Sir Christopher Lee The Omens of Death album

Hedras Ramos is taking over the Guitars of actor and singer Sir Christopher Lee's (Lord of the Rings, Dracula, Star Wars) new Heavy Metal album CHARLEMAGNE - The Omens of Death
Hedras Ramos Sr. also took over the Bass work of this amazing album!
For more info on Hedras' albums please visit:
You can follow and find out more about Hedras here:
Hedras endorses the following companies:
You can follow Sir Christopher Lee here:

Jack Gardiner: Guitar Idol Live Final 2011

I caught up with Jack outside the venue, before the show, telling me how the guys had been out for a few beers the night before the show. I am really impressed by Jack, he just keeps getting better and better, changing his technique and putting together some cool musical ideas. He's surely one to watch for the future.

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Jack Gardiner: Guitar Idol Live Final 2011