Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Richard Hallebeek,Lalle Larsson: awesome

Word to the wise... if you get a chance to see these guys... please do. One word... AWESOME!!!! A full review to follow. Next stop Aristocrats!

News: at the venue

Just outside listening to some warm up

News: on the plane

Still foggy... but we are on the plane.

Lalle Larsson,Richard Hallebeek, Guthrie Govan: off to the show

Well that's it I am off... see you guys later... flying to Amsterdam to catch the Aristocrats and the awesome Lalle Larsson,Richard Hallebeek... wish me luck.

Richard Hallebeek Project & The Aristocrats LIVE
Tuesday, 13 March 2012

20:00 until 23:00

Richard Hallebeek Project feat. Lalle Larsson - keys, Sebastiaan Cornelissen - drums, Frans Vollink - Bass, opening the evening for The Aristocrats: Guthrie Govan - guit, Bryan Beller - Bass, Marco Minnemann - drums.
Be sure not to miss out on this instrumental guitar extravaganza!



Cultuurpodium de Boerderij
Amerikaweg 145, 2717 AV Zoetermeer, Netherlands
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Lalle Larsson`s Weaveworld - Lemuria

buy the albums:


Tomasz Andrzejewski: Music Box - song from new album

Tomasz Andrzejewski-Music Box (Mr.Guitarist) VGS,Laboga

Jay Parmar: ‎'Circle of Fire' review

Jay Parmar
‎'Circle of Fire' first review has been done by the wonderful people at Mayfair Mall - congrats to all the musicians, Carsten Lizard-Schulz, Pete Newdeck, Andreas Novak,Tim Wallace, Michael Spaccarotella and George Lynch :)

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Nita Strauss, Courtney Cox: Guaranda Live series and The Trooper

Courtney Cox, Nita Strauss: Iron Maidens Guaranda 2012

The Iron Maiden performing at The Ovation Showroom, Green Valley Ranch, Las Vegas, Dec 2011

The Iron Maidens-The Trooper

Maki Swamp Static: she go the blues

MojoWest of live music in the '04 / 06/30.
Ending solo part of the song.
Maki BAND swamp static
(G) Maki swamp static
(Ds), Koichiro Takahashi
(B) Kenji Masuhara
(G) Takashi Murata

Maki BAND playing guitar solo static swamp

BLUES Kimono 演奏 静 沢 真 纪

JERSEY de ギターソロ 演奏 静沢真紀

Roy Z,Mark Boals,Willie Basse: Super Group announced

Recieve Communion! The act or an instance of sharing,as of thoughts or feelings between individuals.

Social Intercourse, communication, sharing in common; participation

A Super Group of grounded, seasoned, professional Rock Stars who have come together to share in the purpose of mass participation in LIFE.
Mark Boals - vocals
Roy Z - guitars
Bobby Rondinelli - drums
Edward Roth - keyboards
Willie Basse - bass

Mark Boals w/Willie Basse, Roy Z, Bobby Rondinelli & Ed Roth!

Rick Graham: Just A Dream - Live at Toneworld

Rick Graham - 'Just A Dream' Live at Toneworld