Thursday, 12 April 2012

Lari Basilio: Hey Brother!

Lari Basilio, Brazil

Johan Randén: new album set for release

Johan Randén 

Johan Randén has completed recording for his latest release. The, as yet untitled, release date for this highly anticipated album is the 4th of May 2012 on the Jonas Reingold records label. More details to follow.

Paul Gilbert: Broken Strap solo

Paul Gilbert Solo (Broken Strap) at Hard Rock Hollywood for MI Reunion

Lyle Watt: Jerry's Breakdown
Nevermind Jerry's Breakdown, this one almost caused Lyle's Breakdown! I've stopped eating, stopped shaving, locked myself in my bedroom for weeks and practiced this obsessively! It's still not perfect - there's plenty of mistakes - but it's fun, and that's what matters.

For some reason, I find this easier to play when I'm not looking at the guitar, hence me looking at the ceiling for half of the video...

Lyle Watt - ''Jerry's Breakdown''

Bartek Beben: Riffstation contest

Let me introduce You to the Riffstation, a great little software many 'been waiting for. Isolate Your track, record a solo and Win full version of Riffstation.
Contest is open for ALL,
- will close on May 12th,
- Winner annoucement on May 19th,

You will be judged by me & guys from Riffstation. Good luck !
1. Use one of the tracks supplied or make Your own,
2. Record Your solo,
3. Subscribe,
4. Post video response,
Master Of Puppets track: (click blue button POBIERZ)

Crazy Train - pending

Free Trial is available at,
Save Your Riffstation session to prove Your backing track.
Find me on:

Bartek Beben [drumbART] @ 2012

Riffstation guitar contest, Riffstation is a brand new software which lets You isolate the lead guitar track from any song You have and much more, my name is Bartek Beben, 'am a guitarist responsible for this contest, cheers ! Bartek

Riffstation contest - Bartek Beben Blog

Orange Amplification headline sponsor for Metal Hammer 10th Golden Gods Awards

Orange Amplification are proud to be the 2012 headline sponsor of the Metal Hammer 10th Golden Gods Awards. This annual celebration honouring the best bands and individuals promises to be another breathtaking extravaganza of heavy metal.
The Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards will take place at the prestigious IndigO2 at London’s O2 Arena on the 11th June 2012. There will also be the traditional floating festivities rocking the HMS Hammer as it travels down the Thames. It is guaranteed to be the biggest and best metal party, with a line up of the some of the most awesome heavy rock bands in the business, recognising all the rock related achievements of the last year and celebrating legends and new blood alike.
‘Orange Amplification’s sponsorship of the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards’ said Damon Waller, Managing Director, ‘clearly shows that amps like the Signature #4 Jim Root Terror, Rockerverb 100 and the Dark Terror are a force to be reckoned with and a true voice of the modern metal sound.’
Not only will Orange Amplification be a main sponsor they are also sponsoring ‘The Golden God’ award, the ‘Outdoor Stage’ on HMS Hammer and will be at the Metal Hammer tent at this year’s Download festival.

Orange Amplification endorsees Ghost will all be playing at the Golden Gods alongside Lamb of God and Anthrax. Several Orange bands are nominated for awards including Black Spiders, TRC (Best UK Band), Skindred (Best Live band), Heights, The Defiled (Best New Band), Cancer Bats, Ghost, While She Sleeps (Breakthrough Artist) and Mastodon (Video of the Year).
You can vote for your favourite metal hero at
To find out more about the Orange gear and their artists nominated for this years awards visit

News: Strum School a new free online service, a free online service that uses a curriculum of instructional videos, downloadable documents and a dash of personal attention to teach aspiring musicians to play the guitar, is happy to announce its beta launch.
The creation of StrumSchool’s online guitar service is the product of longtime amateur guitar player and site founder Benjamin Shapiro. Shapiro credits a fruitless search for a free resource dedicated to teaching guitar though online video as his inspiration for creating the site. After scouring the Internet and finding nothing but outdated, unorganized and expensive subscription sites, Benjamin decided to create a free and high-quality video-based site focused on teaching beginners how to play the guitar.
“StrumSchool’s focus is to teach the fundamentals of playing the guitar for free. We use a straightforward and easy-to-follow curriculum of video lessons that teach beginners everything that they’ll need to know to learn how to play any genre of music. Our lessons are taught by full-time professional teachers and since they are free, you simply won't find a more affordable or easier way to start learning how to play the guitar,” says Shapiro.
StrumSchool’s lessons start from the absolute beginning and are broken down into bite-sized chunks. This means that no matter who they are or how much they do or don’t already know, guitar students can learn to play on their own schedule at their own pace. Shapiro adds, “Our site is focused on teaching beginners what they need to know to get started. We break everything down into easily consumable pieces so that our students can work though them as quickly or slowly as they want. Our first few videos explain what all players needs to know about the instrument's anatomy and the differences between the various types of guitars. That means, if you’ve never picked up a guitar before, StrumSchool is the right site for you.”
In addition to instructional videos, StrumSchool provides its users with printable lesson plans, a place to find guitar inspiration, an online dictionary of guitar vocabulary terms and a resource to get answers to all their guitar questions. Furthermore, StrumSchool’s services can be accessed on computers, tablets and mobile devices. “StrumSchool was designed so that all you need is a web-enabled device and an Internet connection to get started. We want this site to be the tool that helps students become amazing guitar players no matter where they are or how much they know,” stated Shapiro. is the product of combining a talented technical team with world-class guitar teachers on a mission to help aspiring guitar players learn to play the guitar on their own terms. To visit the beta version of StrumSchool, go to
About is a free web-based service that utilizes a curriculum of free instructional videos, downloadable documents, and a dash of personal attention to teach aspiring guitar players what they need to know to play any type of music on the guitar.
Benjamin Shapiro

Lewis Cannon: 5 Pentatonic positions

5 Pentatonic positions

Jack Thammarat: Melodic Freeway - The EP

Jack Thammarat EP

Since we launched Jack Thammarat's incredible Melodic Freeway Series 1package last week, we have been inundated with requests for the tracks to be available on their own by non-guitarists. With Jack's enormous fan base and worldwide following, it is hardly surprising. We always do our best to respond to requests, so we have created a package solely for these 5 tracks entitled Melodic Freeway - The EP. Now, you can purchase and listen to these wonderfully crafted tracks over and over until your heart is content. No jam tracks, no TAB's, just 5 great tracks

Marcel Coenen,Atma Anur: recording Sun Caged

Atma Anur - Day One rehearsal with Marcel Coenen for SUN CAGED....

Julio Valle: Greg Howe Tapping Arpeggios

This is a lesson about the way Greg Howe makes the arpeggios in the song called "Symphony V" from the album called "High Definition" by Vitalij Kuprij! I hope you enjoy this video and be very useful for you! Thanks for watching! :D


Greg Howe "Symphony V" Tapping Arpeggios lesson by Julio Valle

Morten Faerestrand: Moog Guitar

Guitar demo by
About Mortenslessons: up for LIVE, very affordable, online guitar lessons:

Morten's personal website:

Moog Guitar Mute Mode

Moog Guitar - Breath Controller Special Edition

Richie Kotzen: The Shadow

This is a live performance of Richie's song "The Shadow' Featuring Mike Bennett and Dylan Wilson.
The Shadow (Live Performance Video by Richie Kotzen)

Herman Li: interview by Barbara Caserta for Linea Rock

Dragonforce interview by Barbara Caserta for Linea Rock

Jonas Hansson: new album announced

1st single of Silver Mountain / Breakin Brains 2012
"NEW" album to be released in fall 2012
Jonas Hansson / Guitars & Vocals
Per Stadin / Bass
Erik Björn Nielsen / Keyboards
Mats Bergentz / Drums
Breakin Brains:
Written in 2012
Music by Jonas Hansson
Lyrics by Jonas Hansson & Mats Bergentz
Video directed by Jonas Hansson
Silver Mountain DVD's CDs T-shirts etc. here:
Silver Mountain Breakin Brains 2012

Herman Li: Dragon Force pre order

pre order The Power Within (Special Edition)

DragonForce - Cry Thunder

Craig Erickson: announces new release "Galactic Roadhouse"

Craig Erickson is a singer/ guitarist/ multi-instrumentalist, writer, and producer. Raised in the Midwest heartland, his stylistic brew includes blues, fusion, rock, jazz, funk, reggae, acoustic, and more. Throughout Craigs heavy blues-rock CD’s, there has always been a fusion jam flavor which is multiplied 100 times in live shows. Influences and comparisons include Hendrix, Jeff Beck, Trower, Shawn Lane, Eric Johnson, Eric Gales, Walter Trout, Kings X, Chris Whitley, SRV, Govt Mule, Jimmy Herring, Larry Carlton, Steve Lukather, Mike Stern, Glenn Hughes, Free, Monte Montgomery and many many more…

1. Back At The Roadhous
2. Torrential Download Blues
3. River of Tears
4. Rivertown
5. Earthquakes and Hurricanes
6. You Can't Keep A Good Man Down
7. Peace And Love
8. Engine #7
9. It's Rough All Over
10. Prodigal
11. Motormouth
12. Deep
hear samples

Dean Wells,Mathew Dawson: Teramaze AnhedoniA


"Speedy Thrash with a Modern Technical Prog Metal Edge" For fans of Nevermore, Karnivool, Pantera, Tool and Devin Townsend

Teramaze might be Australia's best kept secret ... but that won't last long. As this band is ready to burst out of their home country and make a well-deserved worldwide impact with their metallic alloy brand.

Whilst loosely befitting the genre of thrash metal, the music of Teramaze conjures such adjectives as, "innovative", "progressive" and "groove-laden" but most notably, "engaging". Keeping the fundamental elements of metal alive in their music, Teramaze pushes metal into unchartered waters with guitar work that is incendiary and powerfully aggressive vocals that drive the song.

"Anhedonia" - a critique of modern man's diminishing ability to experience life's simple pleasures.

The Album "AnhedoniA" Was Produced/Mixed by Dean Wells and mastered by Lasse lammert (Germany)

Teramaze has been creating tidal waves on its native shores of Australia with its explosive live performances and is ready to bring its music to the masses on the world stage.

Think metal spirit... Think future, Think Teramaze...

1. AnhedoniA
2. Without Red Hands
3. Through the Madness
4. Machine
5. Acts of Reparation
6. Fear of the unknown
7. Black circles
8. Proverb Le Jame
9. Where the dead Grow
10. Egostatic
11. Ever Enhancing II - (Bonus CD only track)

Dean Wells -Guitars/Vocals
Brett Rerekura -Vocals
Mathew Dawson -Guitar
Mick Tallent -Drums
Tijon Lolis - Bass


TERAMAZE "Anhedonia" Official Promo - Nightmare Records

Thorsten Koehne: Eden's Curse appear on RockBand 3

Thorsten Koehne's Eden's Curse are delighted to announce that No Holy Man is now available on RockBand 3.

To find out details on how to purchase, plus see the fan filmed videos from last weekends PPM Fest 2012 in Belgium, which saw the live debut of new vocalist Marco Sandron, please visit :-

Joe Pinnavaia: one on one Personalized Instruction


Personalized Instruction
with Joe Pinnavaia

Get personalized one-on-one instruction with top fusion artist and educator Joe Pinnavaia in TrueFire's new Guitar Sherpa online classrooms! Learn, practice, play and interact with Joe on your schedule, at your pace, anytime, from anywhere in the world.

"I'll assess your skills and objectives on an ongoing basis. I'll prepare personalized lesson plans based on
those assessments. I'll guide you through those plans by answering all of your questions, reviewing your videos and giving you feedback using video, text and audio messaging. I'll point out what you're doing correctly and show you how to improve any aspect of your playing whether its rhythm and comping, soloing and improvisation, picking techniques, performing onstage, arranging or recording in the studio."

To Find Out More of What the Guitar Sherpa Study Plan includes

Clay Withrow: Vangough - Kingdom of Ruin - progressive metal

VANGOUGH have taken their conceptual visions yet another step with their third album, the grandiose "Kingdom of Ruin". A story of a Rabbit Kingdom, by a man who is stepping through the veil of two realities. Through the course of the story he begins to realize his link to this other world and has to come to a difficult decision regarding his role in it. Musically influenced by classic prog rock acts like ELP, King Crimson & Genesis to modern day artists Pain of Salvation, Flower Kings and metal bands Evergrey, Mastodon, Pantera! The band is committed to drawing listeners into melodies then upending the tea table, like a contemporary “Alice in Wonderland” story, they spit fiery, acid drenching dreams that fill your ears with a violet sunrise of melodic madness.

VANGOUGH embraces it all with a duality between metal/ rockand reality / fantasy "Kingdom Of Ruin" is sure to become a landmark for progressive music fans. With their moniker after a post-impressionistic artist, the Oklahoma City based powerhouse VANGOUGH come from a conservative bastion of the U.S. drawing inspiration from heavy guitar driven metal bands by the lucid edge of the creative vocalist / guitarist Clay Withrow.

Originally formed around Withrow's well-received 2007 solo debut and evolving over two incredible discs, “Manikin Parade” from 2009 and "Game On!" from 2010, Vangough combines the groovy attitude of cinematic metal moments and vintage synth sounds giving them a slightly classic rock feel while retaining the freshness of a forward thinking contemporary band.

1. Disloyal
2. Choke Faint Drown
3. Abandon Me
4. Drained
5. Kingdom Of Ruin
6. Frailty
7. The Transformation
8. The Rabbit Kingdom
9. Stay
10. Sounds Of Wonder
11. A Father's Love
12. Requiem For A Fallen King
13. An Empire Shattered
14. Alice
15. The Garden Time Forgot

2010 – GAME ON – Dissonance Rising Records
2009 – MANIKIN PARADE – Dissonance Rising Records

Clay Withrow - vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Brandon Lopez - drums
Corey Mast - keyboards
Jeren Martin – bass

VANGOUGH: (Official Website) (Facebook) (Myspace) (Twitter) (Last FM)

Official VANGOUGH Drained-video (Nightmare Records)

Richie Kotzen: vocal problems cause show cancellations

Richie Kotzen:
Dear Friends and Fans,

I regret to say that the shows planned for this April 2012
have been cancelled.

Since I came back from Europe I have been struggling with my
voice. Last Saturday's gig in San Juan Cap was a vocal disaster.

I thought it was fatigue from the brutal schedule in Europe however
the voice is getting worse and now I am having pain even speaking.

Today I went to my doctor in Beverly Hills. He is an ear, nose,
and throat specialist.

I was concerned I may have nodes. 16 years ago I had nodes...
twice... 2 separate surgeries.

Today he looked at me and it is very very bad news.... My Left
vocal chord is hemorrhaged, bruised, and bleeding.

The bottom line is I need to be on total voice rest for the next 3
weeks. This means no singing and limited talking.

I explained I had gigs next week and he told me I am the only singer
he ever treated that wanted to talk about doing shows with this

He explained that by trying to sing in this condition I would likely
ruin my voice for good.

I am very sorry but I must cancel all shows for April including April
28th in Redondo.

The doctor assured me that if I rest and follow his advice my voice
will return back to normal within 3 weeks from now.

Those of you who purchased VIP tickets will be refunded through

Sorry for this bad news.

Best Wishes,
Richie Kotzen