Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Morten Faerestrand: Chapman ML2 Unboxing

Morten Faerestrand from http://www.mortenslessons.com now officially endorses Chapman Guitars! This is the unboxing of my first ML2, and as you can see, I needed about 3 seconds to adjust to this new instrument!

Check out Chapman guitars here: http://www.chapmanguitars.co.uk/

Chapman ML2 Unboxing

Billy McLaughlin: Two Handed Player dealing with the challenges of Focal Dystonia

Billy McLaughlin will be our featured artist for June. Tralian chose Billy, in part, because he was inspired by his courage and determination to relearn how to play guitar with his left hand, in a two handed methodology, after his debilitating battle with Focal Dystonia. He also appreciates Billy's use of natural instruments in his performances.   http://twohandedplayer.com/

Tom Quayle: Practice Sessions now available

Go to http://www.tomquayle.co.uk/practice-sessions-with-tom.html
Hi guys,
Just a quick one to let you know that the new practice session series has launched on my site. Here's the info for the first session: -
Designed as either a stand alone session or to accompany 'Technique Essentials - Modern Legato Part 1', this 35 minute HD video practice session deals with legato focusing on Timing and Time Feel. The session is broken into 30 distinct exercises producing a regime that can be practiced in real time along with Tom at two different tempo points - SLOW - 80bpm and FAST - 120bpm. By practicing in this way you KNOW that you're getting the exercises right first time and will develop at a much faster rate. Practice along with the video each day and watch your technique progress as you've always wanted it to. The whole session is written out for you to learn in the accompanying 10-page PDF file in standard notation and TAB.

iOS, Windows, OSX compatible .mp4 HD video at 720p, 30fps.
10-page PDF file with all Exercises and Tips/Hints in TAB (standard tuning).
Instant Download available now for only $12.50
Minimum system specs for HD video (1.8Ghz Dual Core CPU, OSX 10.4 or higher, Windows XP SP2 or higher)

Practice Sessions Have Launched - www.tomquayle.co.uk

Joe Pinnavaia: Legato - May Lick of the Month 2012

In this example I use a hybrid picking technique along with some legato. It's the kind of guitar lick that needs a little bit of a "jump start" and I have been practicing it for just a little while 
Take your time with this and for the pdf file please go to:http://www.guitarlessonsbuffalony.com and click on the link under the video. You can also join my mailing list for special offers on lessons and FREE playing tips and ebooks. The first time you sign up you will get a link to a FREE ebook on Technique Builders. Tab

Also check out my Guitar Sherpa Room "The Fusion Funhouse" over athttp://www.truefire.com for even more video lessons and interactive instruction.
Direct link is http://truefire.com/guitar-sherpa/sherpa_class.html?id=4215

Legato - May Lick of the Month 2012

Marcin Duński: Kameleon - impression - the finest quality fusion

Impression of a song demo-Kameleon.Materiał is recorded quite a few years ago with the great names of Polish Łosowskim instrumentalistyki-Tom-drums and Wojtek Pilichowskim-bass.

Marcin duński-Kameleon-impression

"Chameleon" is the album that opened my eyes and ears. Eyes because I realized how many young guitarists (except those of WG) wasted no chance to really do something what we call a career. And ears because these four songs seem to be a mirror of fantasy and excitement of music Martin.
It makes no sense to comment on participation in the recording Pilich because he is an old hand to do his, but I noticed recently that the recordings involving Wojtek Pilichowski appear Various sounds like opening doors which makes me ask ... do not know maybe I'm wrong, but I notice certain type of domination Pilich in such projects. In these recordings is something that really highlights the outstanding work of this renowned bassist, namely drums. Even in a song called "Impression" we are able to hear the excellent cooperation of bass and drums adding a progressive sound and creating a fiendishly difficult backing for Martin. But for him, perhaps nothing is impossible and so the heavy riffs (as to the roots of Martin's musical interests) to the mad solos can be admired above all, great technical preparation, the stress can not be avoided because in the end this guy think this album at age 26 . By entering into the work of Martin's increasingly seems to me that there was some fashion among Polish guitarists on projects such as "Liquid Tension Experiment," but I do not know this works really beyond the recordings from the album "Chameleon" so ... I remain silent. Every song shows clearly its content, and the guitar more and more is in full swing, but still did not avoid some kind of przyśnięcia what grabs me while listening to instrumental music. The song "Smooth" is a brilliantly simple, but a plus for the author, he has not quit the board in one climate and not quite asleep. The entire work is crowned by the title track, which guides us through the imagination of funk guitar style of Krzysztof Misiak no surprise and probably end up where the idea Pilich digression at the beginning of my speech.
By varying the fact we have the impression that Martin changed "colors" like a chameleon, and thus We know his fantasies, and I think I'll wait for another two works by Marcin Danish, and I hope that the sentence of the early reviews, it will not be affected.

Daniele Gregolin: Euro Groove Department - "Sniff the Beef"

Produced by EURO GROOVE DEPARTMENT,this video is taken from the concert "EURO GROOVE DEPARTMENT & EUMIR DEODATO Live @ ARONA MUSIC FESTIVAL 2011.
Line Up:
Drum-Tech and stage assistant Davide Bortone.

supported by:

Audio originally recorded by Max Cappellini for C.D.P.M. musical service, mixed and mastered by Emiliano Bassi @ Pop Garage Studio.
Video Shot and edited by Moovie.
Directed by Alessandro Del Bianco.
Edited by Moovie and EURO GROOVE DEPARTMENT.

Euro Groove Department "Sniff the Beef"

Andy Timmons: Bravo Caffè Bologna 2012

Andy Timmons @ Bravo Caffè Bologna - 07/05/2012 (1)

Reece Fullwood: UnNamed - 8 string grunt

Hey guys,
just a rough video of a new song.
I'm working on Leads, Melodies and the Overall Structure for this song.
Hope you enjoy some of the Riffs! :)

Shred on!

UnNamed New Song - 8 String