Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Paul Gilbert: Masterclass - Games Without Frontiers

John 'JC' Caputo joined one of the worlds most famous guitarists PAUL GILBERT(Racer X, Mr.Big, G3) on stage in his Melbourne Masterclass. Here is 'Games Without Frontiers".

Paul Gilbert Masterclass - Games Without Frontiers


Paul Gilbert Masterclass - Cheap Sunglasses

Tomáš Raclavský: Modern Day Babylon single

great instruments ,amazing quality !

body: swamp ash
top: burl poplar
layer of bubbinga in-between
neck: 5-piece rosewood santos + ebony, matching headstock
fretboard: ebony
fanned frets, scale 28-25,4"
stainless frets
saddle: graphite
tuners: Hipshot open locking
bridge: ABM single saddles
pickups: Bare Knuckle Pickups -Aftermaths fanned frets black screws version
one volume pot with coil splitting, 3-way switch
Dunlop straplocks

Skervesen Swan 8 - fast test

MODERN DAY BABYLON - Differentiate - Guitar Playtrough

Bruno Palma: testing recording with Ipad

I made ​​this video testing the quality image recording only the iPad 2 from Apple!
extracts the audio via M-Audio fast track pro
likes to click if I liked the video ok
hugs Channel you find this stuff on guitar as: video lessons, music propia , unboxings, study tips and more soon. In this channel you can find content on the guitar: video lessons, original songs, unboxings, study tips and more soon.

Bruno Palma - jamming - record with new Ipad

Thomas Youngblood: Kamelot: Bataclan, Paris, November 4th 2012


Kamelot: Bataclan, Paris, November 4th 2012

Jake Hertzog: Vertical Playing

Hey Jazz Guy - Vertical Playing
Hey Jazz Guy discusses playing vertically, a harmonic concept based on the naturally occurring overtone series. As seen in Guitar Player Magazine. By Jake Hertzog


Paul Gilbert: Technical Difficulties - Live - London International Music Show

http://bit.ly/Licklibrary_Features Paul Gilbert - Technical Difficulties Live - Watch more Live performances from Paul Gilbert http://bit.ly/PaulGilbert_Live Watch the interview along with Scarified & The Gargoyle live!

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Guitar Lessons with Andy James!

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Christian Clemente: A Major jam

A Major ( Guitar Improvisation ) Christian Clemente
Smooth A Major (Coffee Break Grooves) Christian Clemente - Guitar Improvisation

Misha Mansoor, Adam Nolly Getgood: Periphery - London Shepherds Bush Empire.

London Shepherds Bush Empire.

Kiku Tapping: Spain on two guitars

twin guitar tapping

twin guitar tapping

Jan Laurenz: Risa electric ukulele

lamento 6 by Jan Laurenz on Risa electric ukulele

Sergey Golovin: How to play TwoGether lesson

Floyd Fernandes: Floyd and Debu bluesy jam

Floyd and Debu
by fcubic
Just rambling a few ideas in a bluesy vein. Its adlib and not preconceived just trying to play something over Debu's amazing drumming.

Niko Tsonev: Kemper Profiling Amp and Suhr Badger get jazzy

I've been refining my Kemper Profiling Amp rigs. So for the jam in this instance I loaded a profiled Suhr Badger amp (quite clean-Gain around 4). Boosted my Suhr Chambered Classic a little with a Wampler Paisley Drive and yeah there is a Wah. Unfortunately I did not record the audio properly-this is just the camera mic in the room. Hope you dig it-like and subscribe!

At The Jazzy End.

Maycown Reichembach: Awakening The Spirit play through

single from the new album "AWAKENING THE SPIRIT" recently published by Neworld records.
Recorded at Studio REC - Buenos Aires - Argentina
Mastered by Maio Brauer (Charly Garcia, Luis Alberto Spinetta, Soda Stereo)


Greg Howe: "Maycown has amazing technical and melodic ability, this is definitely one for me"
Now Available new album "Awakening the Spirit" of Maycown Reichembach

Jodee Frawlee: Swamy thang jam

Jodee Frawlee
by frawlee
Swamy thang
shot with 8mm App

Prashant Aswani: 5th solo album previewed - hot guitar ticket!

From New CD's

Expect a review of the latest and greatest album from the super talented Prashant Aswani... in the mean time, some demos from the upcoming release.

Prashant Aswani: My 5th solo album "Visions" drops December 18th, 2012. Featuring Incubus drummer Jose Pasillas II and Gabe Rosales on Bass. Purchase @ http://prashantaswani.com or http://cdbaby.com/prashantaswani2
Prashant Aswani - Visions

Daniele Liverani: Eternal play through

DANIELE LIVERANI - Eternal (Drums&Guitar)

In this video:
Daniele Liverani: Guitars
Paco Barilla': Drums

Other musicians appearing on the song:
Marco Zago: Keyboards
Tony Dickinson: Bass

The song "Eternal" is taken from Daniele Liverani new guitar instrumental album "Eleven Mysteries" released on July 20th 2012 by LION MUSIC

ORDER YOUR COPY HERE: http://www.lionmusic.com/ShopSelect.htm





Like new DL facebook page:
Daniele Liverani - Eternal (Drums&Guitar)

Rowan J Parker: New Web Site with more lessons than you can shake a stick at!

Greetings fellow guitar travellers! My name is Rowan J Parker. Welcome to my website.
Here you will find all manner of guitar goodness,
from the very simple to the most absurd shred imaginable!
My site is a resource for all players, no matter what your level.
Enjoy browsing the content, there is a lot of free stuff to be had.
Here you will find lessons, backing tracks and also many high quality books and videos
covering all sorts of subjects available in the store for instant download.
Check them out! So now, grab your guitar and...


Rock Guitar Fundamentals - Episode 3 - Develop Extreme Speed Alternate Picking

Judge Shred - Episode 6 - Guthrie Govan Style Monster Legato Lick

Judge Shred - Episode 5 - Jason Becker Style Neo Classical Shred

Stéphan Forté: guitareuroshop Guitar Universe Tour (English subtitles)

Interview made with Stéphan Forté during the Guitar Universe Tour 2012, also featuring Marty Friedman and Yossi Sassi.  Buy Stephan Forte solo album here !http://www.guitareuroshop.com/catalog/stephan-forte-shadows-compendium-p-1506...

Stephan Forte Interview 2012 - Guitar Universe Tour (English subtitles)

Marty Friedman: guitareuroshop Interview 2012

Interview made with Marty Friedman during the Guitar Universe Tour 2012, also featuring Stephan Forte and Yossi Sassi.
Buy Marty Friedman music here ! http://www.guitareuroshop.com

Marty Friedman Interview 2012 - Guitar Universe Tour (English)

Jack Gardiner,Joel Fellick: Jack and Joel jammed up the hill!

Just jamming with my pupil after a lesson on Dorian phrasing! Now offering Skype lessons!

Panos Arvanitis: Casus Belli - live 2012

Casus Belli-In the name of Rose @ An Club.From our second album In the name of Rose

Casus Belli-In the name of Rose @ An Club


Atma Anur,Luca Zamberlin,Shaun Baxter: Mad 4 It

Atma Anur - Luca Zamberlin / Mad 4 It (acoustic tracks)
Slide show mix of songs from the upcoming Luca Zamberlin CD... MAD FOR IT, featuring Atma Anur (here playing all live percussion), Shaun Baxter and many other special guests. These songs are the 'mellow' side of this new work, which also includes many hard rocking instrumental guitar driven compositions... release is December 2012...