Monday, 17 December 2012

Brett Garsed: DVD's now available direct from Brett!

Brett Garsed
Now directly available from the website.

Don't forget to specify DVD format. Either PAL or NTSC.

DVD/CD Package Deal!

Rock Guitar Improvisation (DVD), Dark Matter (CD) & Big Sky (CD), all for US$35 + shipping!

All items will be personally signed by Brett.

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= US$35! (plus shipping)
Australian Orders (includes US$7 shipping):

International Orders (includes US$16 shipping):
Brett Garsed - Welcome!

Daniele Gregolin: Django Roots live shows announced

Daniele Gregolin
DJANGO's ROOTs aka Massimo Manzi, Gabriele Boggio Ferraris,Daniele Gregolin & Giacomo Tagliavia are about to record their first album, finally! We are on the road in the north of Italy right now, check the dates!

28 dec - Pennabilli Django Festival (RN, ITALY)
8 gen - Biella Jazz Club (ITALY)
9 gen - Blue Note Milano (ITALY)

DJANGOs ROOTs @ Milestone Piacenza (IT) 12/10/2012

Giorgio Rovati: The Voice Within (Instrumental)

The Voice Within (Instrumental) - Single Giorgio Rovati

The Voice Within (Instrumental) clip audio - Single on iTunes - Giorgio Rovati

This news came from the new news channel

Robin Burrows: cool "Johnsonesque" original composition

Robin Burrows - Standing By (Own Composition)

Robin Burrows ( Own Composition ) Try Again

Plus a more rock fusion outpuring

Robin Burrows improvising on his custom made Suhr

Leonardo Guzman: Shakira Goes Metal

Popping some metal or is that metal-ling some pop?

Leonardo Guzman - Shakira Goes Metal (Ojos Asi - Metal Version)

Getting funky

Moriae Pedals - Spinel Distortion Review

Stunning soloing

Leonardo Guzman - Public Alchemy Album Release Contest

News: Get your news to Truth In Shredding

Truth In Shredding - Guitar is a way of life
Another way to get your news across. You can post your news, text and post a URL now direct into this new Google+ community. I will check all news items on a daily basis.

Mistheria: Fantasy Dm - Pianoteq Clavichord Neupert

There are only a few key instruments on which I did not put my hands up to now, the clavichord is one of the few remaining, but thanks to Pianoteq I finally did! Modartt has just released a Christmas gift that I really love so much, a wonderful add-on for Pianoteq 4, the historical clavichord Neupert, based on a "Modell Philipp Emanuel Bach", as part of Modartt's KIViR collection of historical instruments. So, I also wanted to make a small gift to all of you posting this short audio demo which I recorded of a wonderful C. P. E. Bach's short Fantasy in D minor. More details on

Video created, edited and produced by Hit Produkcija music production studio ( using SONY Vegas Pro video/audio creation (

Dreamfullofzen: Final Promo Video


Carlo Losavio: Andalusia - tribute to Joe Satriani

Andalusia ( Joe satriani ) By Carlo Losavio
Andalusia ( Joe satriani ) By Carlo Losavio

Per Nilsson: Paradigm Shift - Nemesis

Per Nilsson's PARADIGM SHIFT - "Nemesis"
Here's a song I recorded way back in 2006, with crappy gear, but I think it's a pretty cool song... It features L-G Persson (from 'The Storyteller') on vocals, and yours truly on guitars, bass, keyboards and drum programming. Fredrik Groth mixed and mastered the song. Henrik Ohlsson (Scar Symmetry drummer) wrote the lyrics and I wrote the music. Enjoy!

Morten Faerestrand: Blues in A, duet

Teaser for lesson #200 on . We're having the amazing saxophone player Jan Kåre Hystad as a guest teacher for this lesson, and I'll try to translate some of the things he does on sax to the guitar.

This is a duet we did on a 12 bar blues I wrote.

Chris Gordon: muscling through Sunny

re-acquainting myself with this one! Been awhile, so the melody escaped me at one point! Had fun taking it outside at the end! Enjoy!

Tom Quayle: YouRockGuitar - synthetics

More Synth Stuff
More Synth Stuff from the YouRockGuitar - this time controlling Omnisphere!

Derryl Gabel: ebay gear sale!

Gear for Sale! 
Hi Guitar Friends,  

Up for sale on ebay is my old guitar rig that I used for my "Visions and Dreams" and "Giant Steps" albums, some guest solos, along with most all of my DVDs.  Everything is in good working order and in excellent condition. 

At the present time I have an endorsement deal with Fractal Audio and I am using the Axe II which does everything I need.  I used the Axe II to tone match my old rig so I suppose I can part with it now.  I have the items listed on ebay which are the

Digitech 2120 ( I used this for my FX )

Vox Tonelab ( for distortion )

The PS Systems Power Tool ( for speaker emulation )

Happy bidding and Happy Holidays! 

Your dedicated guitar teacher,

Derryl  Gabel

News: Orange Amplification is excited to announce the launch of its new website

Orange Amplification is excited to announce the launch of its new website. Starting from scratch, it is packed with a wealth of new information and user-friendly ideas laid out in a clear and concise format.

We think our freshly squeezed Orange Amplification website is better than ever. It comes with improved navigation and a whole host of new features, sections and content, which includes faster loading times and compatibility for your iPad or mobile device. Product searches are now simpler and provide more comprehensive information. There's even a new photo library featuring every Orange Amplification product - with slide shows showing the products from all angles, including close-up images and video demonstrations.

Other new features include:

A new and improved Artists area with pictures and quotes by endorsers about why they choose Orange Amplification.

The new configurator for the Orange OPC, which allows you to customise it for your own needs (NOT AVAILABLE IN THE US UNTIL 2013)
A new Heritage area, where you can find out about discontinued amplifiers and legacy products - including how Orange Amplification created the world's first digital amplifier: 'The OMEC Digital'.
A new worldwide store that makes ordering spares for your amp quick and easy without requiring registration. It accepts credit/debit cards as well as Paypal.

As if that wasn't enough, there are up-to-the-minute news stories, including live videos from events such as NAMM, plus the latest artist news. Oh - and there won't be any third party advertising - anywhere!

Take a look at the new website at

Guthrie Govan: The Fellowship Christmas show announced!

The Fellowship: Guthrie Govan and Gang!

Thursday, 27 December 2012, 19:00

We are extremely excited to be welcoming The Fellowship to the hooga stage for an XMAS SHOW!

Following on from the success of their first two shows here, we are pleased to have them for a festive return with a full Fellowship line up including Guthrie Govan, who makes a rare trip back to the UK between his busy work commitments across the globe (including touring as Dizzie Rascal's guitarist for his live shows and appearances on 'Later with Jools Holland').

If you have seen them before, then these guys need no introduction.

If you haven't then don't miss this rare opportunity to catch a group of musicians at the very peak of their musical powers.

Sit back, grab a pizza, grab a drink and let our Funktion One Soundsystem deliver the beautiful musical genius of The Fellowship to your ears like never before.

7pm - Midnight

£7 Entry

Martin Miller,Nico Schliemann: Legato Lick #2

Martin Miller

Thought I'd let you guys know about some of the things I'm working on and how I'm progressing with them. The next couple of weeks I'll be focusing on some problems with my left hand that kept bugging me! TAB coming in a few...

Here's Legato Lick #2 once again transcribed by Nico Schliemann. Who knows, if you like these posts heavily enough you might get another video/lick really soon :)— with Nico Schliemann.