Sunday, 30 December 2012

Rick Graham: Free Masterclass with latest lesson video... but you have to be quick!


ECONOMY PICKING part 1 Download now for just $25 (2.6GB download) OVER 3 HOURS OF VIDEO!

Join me as I take you on a journey through the mechanics of and application of Economy Picking. In the 1hr 20min long FULL HD Video, I will talk you through my approach to understanding and applying the technique with full and concise explanations of the essential elements of economy picking technique. I will then take you through a series of essential exercises, which include the most effective and most commonly used picking permutations. This is followed by a section of advanced lines, which all demonstrate the previous picking permutations, showing how they can be used in a musical context. All examples are played up to speed and then explained thoroughly, with every single pick stroke shown and explained. The package includes a full PDF of everything covered in the Video, with all transcription and picking patterns notated as well as 17 backing tracks and also Guitar Pro files for each example.
The lesson download consists of:

1 hour 20minutes of 1080p HD Video with dual camera angles
17 backings/drum loops at 4 different tempos
High Quality PDF covering everything in the video
Full transcriptions in Guitar Pro and PDF format

As a special festive bonus, if you purchase before 1st Jan 2013, you will also receive a FREE 1hour 40min Live Masterclass Video, covering improvisation and related topics.
The link for the masterclass video will be sent to you in a separate email.

Simon Kinny-Lewis: Blues Shuffle Guitar Licks

Tasty Blues Shuffle Guitar Licks Part 1/2 by Simon Kinny-Lewis This is part 1 of 2 (Intermediate level) of a series of shuffle blues guitar lick lessons. Subscribe to my YouTube channel to be updated when part 2 ( licks 6-10 ) are posted. Some of my main influences for these lessons are Robben Ford, Larry Carlton, Chris Cain, Ray Beadle. Check out my NEW Blues/Rock album " Behind the Blue Mask" that will be available on itunes and via my website now early 2013. CLICK HERE to hear previews via my sound cloud. It's a mixture of some of my favorite guitarist's Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Frank Gambale

George Marios: pink Floyd jam getting high view counts

Hey everyone,
I am really excited to announce that I am now endorsed by 'Zivory' Guitars, an exciting new brand of exceptional CUSTOM Electric Guitars.
All parts are manufactured in the UK and the instruments truly are amazing!!
More videos will come soon, as well as news on Zivory Custom Guitars.
Stay tuned and share:-)
Merry Christmas,
George Marios

Sorted out the right video

A Jam with my new "Zivory" Guitar over a "Jam tracks central" backing track

Ramon Luis Galang: Crying - 12 years old

We were just testing the new cam set-up and interface, but this one turned out to be entertaining so we put it up. Enjoy!
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Max Rufo takes care of Luis' guitars

Guitar: Washburn N2
Amp: ZT Lunchbox
Artec Twinhead
Artec Turbo Compressor
Artec Analog Delay

Kiku Tapping: two hand, two guitar Clover Z cover

I tried playing a guitar Clover Z "Farewell, My Lovely ye sorrow" a pink. 
I tried playing using two guitars, like playing the piano in the main tapping.

Momoiro Clover Z "Farewell, My Lovely ye sorrow" I played

Morten Faerestrand: My Favourite Things - more improvisation

Improvisation around the musical standard "My Favourite Things" from "The Sound of Music"

Vocal: Wenche LosnegÄrd
Guitar: Morten Faerestrand

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My Favourite Things - Duo WordLess

Emiliano Zapata: "Sin Rumbo" playthrough from new album

This is the track #5 from my first solo album "Presagios"

Hope you enjoy!


Emiliano Zapata - "Sin Rumbo " [HD]

Emiliano Zapata - "Presagios"

Rafael Nery: Improvisando with T505

Improvising to find good ideas for new songs ... mixing palette and fingers!

Improvisando with T505!

Timo Somers: Still With Me - for Jan

A super tribute by Timo Somers to his late father Jan, an outstanding guitarist in his own right. Timo put his heart and sole into this performance. He's plugged into his father amp too

Still With Me - Timo Somers, dedicated to his dad Jan Somers. He would turn 48 today Dec 28, 2012.

Timo Somers - Still With Me (for Jan)

You van still get copies of this gutsy fusion album, which comes highly recommended by me! Look out for some great upcming music from Timo in the near future.
Here We Are by Jan Somers (2000) - Import