Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Laurie Monk: You can have your cake and eat it!

Just got these photos from Easter for the 50th year that keeps on giving... so thanks to my sister in law for arranging this cake for my birthday!  A reminder to all... your 50th birthday should not be a day... but a year of celebrations. I sit here in Musikmesse hotel (on admittedly the poorest excuse for an Internet connection... how does anyone have the audacity to use the words "powered by" on what is effectively a piece of cotton thread shared by 100 plus other hotel users )

Anyway onto the cake

using violining technique with the single finger fret poke 

When it all goes wrong... just kill the cake!

Laurie Monk: Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013 - Here we come

All packed and ready to go to Frankfurt Musikmesse 2013... no support this time from Shred Medium so a cut down package of things to take to reduce the weight.

  • Camera - check
  • Camera batteries charged - check
  • Video - check
  • Video batteries charged - check
  • Laptop - check
  • Laptop power supply - check
  • Mouse - check
  • Surge protected Power supply - check
  • Battery charger video - check
  • Battery charge camera - check
  • USB leads - check
  • Micro USB leads - check
  • Headphones - check
  • MP3 player - check
  • Airline tickets - check
  • Car park tickets - check
  • Hotel reservations - check
  • Musikmesse entry tickets - check
  • Passport - check - check
  • Clothes and toiletries - check

OK... lets go blogging