Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Max Dible, Jason Becker: Jason Becker Practice Journal 04 - ouch!!

Some things to do when accidents happen.

Jason Becker Practice Journal 04

Laura Klinkert: French Guitar Contest II - great solo!

This is my entry for this awesome competition! and my first time entering a youtube contest :) hope you enjoy it!!

Parker PDF100
Behringer Vamp2
Fretwrap by Gruvgear
French Guitar Contest II - Laura Klinkert

French Guitar Contest 2013 ends May 11th

Antoine Fafard,Scott Henderson: Occultus Tramitis: Teaser #2 - excellent new fusion album!
Occultus Tramitis is an instrumental jazz fusion album by composer & bass player Antoine Fafard, released in 2013. The record features Terry Bozzio, Jerry Goodman, Gavin Harrison, Scott Henderson, Simon Phillips, Chad Wackerman and Dave Weckl.

The piece on the video is called 'The Chamber' and features Henderson and Weckl.

Order your signed copy of the CD at

Order via

Occultus Tramitis: Teaser #2

Michael Angelo Batio: Skype Guitar Lessons - for a limited time only!

MAB Skype Guitar Lessons - for a limited time only! 
As many of you know, Michael has been working on his new album called "Intermezzo." This means Michael is spending more time recording than touring.  This kind of schedule allows Michael the time to fulfill some of the many requests he has had for private, one on one, guitar lessons. 
Michael will be offering guitar lessons via Skype now for a limited number of students and for a limited time.   
Michael will listen to (and have answers for) your questions, concerns, watch how you play, make suggestions, give you as much information as he 
possibly can in the hour, plus give you first hand insights 
on his amazing technique!  

This is your chance to have a 1 hour guitar lesson via Skype with Michael!  
The price is $225 per 1 hour lesson.  
For more information and scheduling please contact us at: 
or call us during normal business hours at: 1 224-927-9850.

News: Rotosound Launch Henry Heller Guitar Straps In UK

Rotosound Launch Henry Heller Guitar Straps In UK

Rotosound is pleased to announce the launch of a cool new range of guitar straps in the UK called Henry Heller. These new guitar straps are made in the US and Canada using only the finest quality, handpicked Italian leather, supple suedes and original, individually selected textiles.

Each guitar strap is tried and tested to ensure the highest comfort levels without compromising the straps ability to hold your guitar in exactly the position you need it to be. The straps feature the latest on trend designs created by some of the coolest, established young artists around, working exclusively with the Henry Heller brand.

Guitar straps are something you chose to wear and be seen in. They need to compliment, not upstage your guitar. To help you achieve your own unique look, Rotosound will be offering over a hundred different strap options in an assortment of styles, designs and colours. Whether you’re looking for a seriously mean black leather strap with Skull medallion or the very latest soft glove leather strap, the Henry Heller range has the choice and designs to select from. Express your style, make a statement with a must have guitar strap from a collection, which has something for everyone: looks, quality, comfort and affordability.

The new straps are on-sale now at over twenty stores in the UK. To check out this distinctive range of Guitar straps, other accessories and Rotosound products go to where you can also order one and also find out your local retail stockist. Be bold – wear something different.

Stus Rollins: New album Amygdala released this week through CD Baby.

Stus Produces a solo guitar instrumental album this time, which he says is an anthology of all things rock guitar from Jimi Hendrix to Scott Henderson.

12 Tracks of pure Rock where each track tells a story and gives him a chance to show what he's really made of.. there is some great tracks here and some fine production too.!"

Luka Trudel: Guitar Messenger competition

Luka Trudel's entry for the Guitar Messenger competition

News: Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret

The first demo of the new Dirty Little Secret!

In Part 1 we'll hear the new DLS with a Les Paul Special w/ P-90s, a Les Paul Standard with humbuckers, and a Telecaster.

PART 1: The New Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret

Part 2 of the first new Dirty Little Secret demos.

In Part 2 we hear the DLS with a Strat & Fuzz Face and a Gibson Flying V.

By popular demand, the backing track for the Strat jam, Catfish Blues, is available at Enjoy!

PART 2: The New Catalinbread Dirty Little Secret

Mattias IA Eklundh: Warming Up For Jam Track Central

Noodling around early one morning, warming up for the Jam Track Central Freak Guitar Fundamentals package, nose filled with snot and a guitar not yet tuned for the day. Still, this simple theme occurred, refused to let go and made it worthwhile to put out there,
despite annoying cold, flaws and all.

Mattias IA Eklundh - Warming Up For JTC

Bruce Kulick: Thanks Jimi Festival in Wroclav Poland 201

Niki Buzz, John Corabi, Bruce Kulick and friends playing at Thanks Jimi Festival in Wroclav Poland 2013.

Thank Jimi 2013

Brian Larkin: Vigier Surfreter - effortless fretless

A short fretless solo from one of the songs on my album Far Enough Into the Void, played on my Vigier Surfreter...

Fretless solo..