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Hugh Ferguson: the Bostonian legato legend passes RIP

Hugh Ferguson: RIP
I have just become aware of this tragic news. I've loved Hugh Ferguson's playing for a long while, so it is a sad day to hear that he has passed away over one year ago.

Hugh started his career in music on the drums at the age of six, playing his first concert at eight. Originally from the Boston area, he grew up in a musical family with two older guitar-playing brothers. Switching to guitar at eleven. Hugh grew up with the sounds of rock and roll through the 60's and early 70's. By the ripe old age of 14 he was already playing the Boston Club scene, cranking out Hendrix, Santana and Allman Brothers tunes.

In the mid 70's, Hugh was turned on to Jeff Beck, Mahavishnu and Chic Corea and his style of music took a dramatic turn. In 1978 he moved to Phoenix and began touring with several club bands around the US, finally moving back to the Boston area in 1981.

In 1982 Hugh started his first rendition of the MR Wizard band and was featured in Guitar Player Magazine. Soon after he started to get requests for lessons from students at the Berklee College of Music. Having no formal training, it was a challenge to teach his method of playing. In 1984 his new MR Wizard band got some local notoriety by being warm up act for Allan Holdsworth, Til' Tuesday and several other well-known acts.

Hugh Ferguson was spotted by Mark Varney in his Guitar Player magazine article after a tape made by Robert Howland was sent to Mike showing Hugh Ferguson's. The tape resulted in a Spotlight article 1982.


The rest as they say is history... sadly it appears that Hugh has now passed away in California back in 2012. He'll be greatly missed by me... I was a big fan of his legato playing. RIP

A-D-D a fusion must!

Guitarist and composer Hugh Ferguson introduces his new CD A-D-D with Drummer Roger Carter and Bassist Brian Wright. 
From the opener “300 Miles” to the final drum solo on “Hot Line” the music is powerful, tasteful and full of energy. The music transforms from chordal-melodic jazz, to rock-edgy with hints of classical on occasion.

Hugh Ferguson is a true Jedi Guitar Master of the highest level and A-D-D is highly recommended to fans of Allan Holdsworth, Jeff Beck, Pat Metheny and many other outstanding heavy fusion guitarists.

Roger Carter has a very impressive background in the drum corps arena including the Concord Blue Devils and this is his first recording in the jazz-fusion scene. His drumming will amaze you. Fans of Vinnie Colaiuta, Dennis Chambers, Chad Wackerman or other great fusion drummers will truly enjoy Rogers’s technical abilities and musical feel on this CD.

Brian Wright brings his jazz and salsa background into the A-D-D mixes. Brian has a B.S. in upright bass and his feel and timing is impeccable. Not only does Brian act as the glue holding down the bottom and the rhythm, he also adds several great solos that will impress all upright bass musicians.

There is also a guest appearance by Austrian guitarist Alex Machacek on "Total Distraction".
Hugh talking to me about the recording of A-D-D
Hugh Ferguson: I did all the recording myself.
The drums were done in our very small rehearsal room and we recorded all
the guitar and bass parts here in my apartment.
All was mixed on sonar 3 and I mastered it using wave lab with the Izotope
mastering software.
I learned quite a bit about recording from my friend Paul Mckenna who has worked
and mixed with sting, tori amos and many others.

Hugh Ferguson: "Playing this way just takes a little time, I'm still learning...... it never ends!"
Hugh Ferguson: A-D-D
1. 300 Miles3:59
2. Crime Scene 5:04
3. Time To Change 4:30
4. Spiders II 5:19
5. A-D-D 5:44
6. Total Distraction 6:03
7. Heroes 5:20
8. Eyes Of November 4:02
9. Cairo 4:48
10. Pneuma 5:32
11. Off The Cliff 4:26
12. New Day 4:35
13. Hot Line 5:22
Robert Howland was Hughs soundman and has over 200 live performances and studio recordings. and I would like to thank him for passing on this information.

Hugh Ferguson, A.D.D, Cairo

A Tribute to Hugh Ferguson

Hugh Ferguson Hingham Memorial May 6th 2012

Pedro Bernardi: Not a polka

Another quick video of one of my tunes/jams. I guess this one is my favorite so far. Same gear (Yamaha Pacifica 112j, Marshall Guv'nor Plus overdrive pedal, Boss Loop Station RC-3, Laney Cub 12r amp), same bedroom.

Hope you like it. :)

Not a polka

Gretchen Menn: Max Crace limited-edition custom prints available

Gretchen Menn tlaks about Max Crace's photo.
An accidentally cool outtake from a photo shoot with the always brilliant Max Crace. It is such a pleasure to work with great photographers, and Max is one of the absolute best! He is offering limited-edition custom prints of this and other photos through his website:

Chris Brooks: Open String Riffing

Chris Brooks shows us some open string riffing techniques Riff of The Month #1. The tab for this is over on our Facebook page

Wanna improve your technique? Check out our awesome guitar software here and you can catch more of Chris over at his channel

Chris Brooks - Riffstation - Riff of The Month #1 - Open String Riffing

Sam Bell: Riffstation Guitar Techniques

Sam Bell shows us some string skipping techniques in the progressive metal vein.

Wanna improve your technique? Check out our awesome guitar software here . Catch more of Sam over at his channel Also check out Sam's band

String Skipping with Sam Bell - Riffstation Guitar Techniques

Achilleas Diamantis: Fake Face from the album Loaded (2013)

Achilleas Diamantis - Fake Face from the Album Loaded

Music By Achilleas Diamantis

Guitars ,Keyboards ,Bass - Achilleas Diamantis

Drums - Takis Intas

Arranged ,Recorded and Produced by Achilleas Diamantis at Soundlab Music Productions

Achilleas Diamantis - Fake Face from the album Loaded (2013)

Nick Johnston: Sandmonster - Paul Gilbert happy about new Official Music Video

The Nick Johnston Band
Just received an email from Paul Gilbert saying he really dug my new video! Check it out if you haven't yet!

Sandmonster - Official Music Video - Nick Johnston

'Sandmonster' is the first full track to be released off of my upcoming album, 'In A Locked Room On The Moon'. This track features the fantastic Travis Orbin on drums. This album will be available for pre-order on July 23rd through my website (, and it will be released on August 13th!

Thanks to Ben Dundas and Sean Curry for their excellent job with this video! This video was shot at MetalWorks Studios in Mississauaga, Ontario.

Follow me for more updates :


Thanks for watching!

All music ©2013 Nick Johnston
All artwork ©2013 Mark Rehkopf

Sandmonster - Official Music Video - Nick Johnston

William Stravato: announces masterclass at the upcoming Eddie Lang Festival

William Stravato set for a masterclass at the upcoming Eddie Lang Festival

Elmo Karjalainen: jam over Devin Townsend style backing track

Elmo Karjalainen playing to Devin Townsend style backing track
For two free backing tracks visit
Devin is my biggest musical hero. The stuff he does is absolutely brilliant. Here's my small tip of the hat to Dev.
I hope you enjoy this, and if you do, please share and comment.
For official website, visit

Elmo Karjalainen: Unintelligent Designs

Lorenzo Venza: fiddling whilst Rome burns or burning whilst Rome fiddles?

Corsi di Chitarra & Tecnica