Sunday, 8 September 2013

Daniele Gottardo: update on the new album

Daniele Gottardo: Hey everybody!
Long time no talkie eh? But I haven't forgotten about you guys!
I've have been very busy preparing my concert for the Eddie Lang Jazz Festival in Monteroduni, where I presented a preview of this album with a chamber orchestra and first class musicians. It was really great! 
Now, just a quick update!
I'm working on the parts of the piano, I also decided to add at the last minute the soprano voice to other song. I have finally finished editing some of the instruments recorded during the last period, inclusive of Flute, Oboe, English horn, Clarinet, Bassoon, French horn and Contrabassoon and all the rest of the virtual instruments. Soon I will start the recordings of my electric guitar and at the same time start the mixes of the orchestral and rhythm sections! Thanks again for your support and patience, I’ll be in touch soon.   
Daniele  ;-)

Monteroduni, sulle note dell'Eddie Lang

Michael Dolce: Aussie Masterclass Giveaway

Michael Dolce Masterclass Giveaway

Hi Guys,

Only 1 week to go !

Last chance to get in and secure a seat for my upcoming masterclasses in Adelaide,Melbourne, Brisbane and Mall music in Sydney.

Riffmaster pro software has donated 1 Riffmaster download for each person that attends any of these masterclasses.Valued at $49 .

As an additional giveawayfor the Melbourne guys, GHS will be giving each person a set of GHS strings courtesy of GH music and GHS strings.

There’s only a few seats left in each state .

Thanks for your continued support and hope to see you in your town soon.



Kim Mitchell: The Kim Mitchell Band play Max Webster tunes back in 1984

Max Webster band were great, saw them in 1978 supporting Rush on the tour of the Hemispheres... playing tracks from A Million Vacations  which went on to be a platinum album. Max Webster later they went on to become The Kim Mitchell Band... still playing some great Max Webster tunes with great guitar. I loved Beyond the Moon!

The Kim Mitchell Band - The Party / Beyond the Moon (Big Ticket, Oshawa Civic Auditorium, 1984-11-09)

Kim Mitchell - Lead Guitar and Vocals
Peter Fredette - Guitar, Keyboard, Vocals
Robert Sinclair Wilson - Bass, Keyboard, BG Vocals
Paul DeLong - Drums

The Kim Mitchell Band - The Party / Beyond the Moon (Big Ticket, Oshawa Civic Auditorium, 841109)

The Kim Mitchell Band - Go For Soda (Big Ticket, Oshawa Civic Auditorium, 1984-11-09)

Richie Kotzen, Mike Portnoy, Billy Sheehan: The Winery Dogs - Live in London 2013

Coming Soon

05/09/2013: The Winery Dogs performing Stand (Poison cover) live at their sold out show at the O2 Islington Academy, London, UK

THE WINERY DOGS - 7/10: Stand (Poison cover) (Live in London 2013)

News: CD Baby add Indie Metal Channel on YouTube

Welcome to the Indie Metal Channel on YouTube

Each week you'll find the best in new Metal music releases from CD Baby and the Indie Music Network.

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Welcome to the Indie Metal Channel on YouTube

Wayde Cooper,Jeffrey Ryan Smoots: Voiceless and Continuous Audio Transmission

Voiceless: All new Instrumental guitar release from Wayde Cooper. This CD combines the rhythm styles of modern metal with the shred guitar styles of 80’s and 90's Shrapnel Recording Artists.

All new Instrumental guitar release from Wayde Cooper. This CD combines the rhythm styles of today's modern metal with the shred guitar styles of 80’s and 90's Shrapnel Recording Artists. If you are fans of Racer X, King Diamond, Megadeth, Cacophony, Psycroptic, Daath, Paul Gilbert, Arch Enemy, Jason Becker and many other amazing musicians you will probably enjoy this addition to your CD collection.
Wayde Cooper: Voiceless 

1. Wicked Offerings (Instrumental) 4:14
2. Street Racer X (Instrumental) 3:04
3. Lady Death (Instrumental) 5:00
4. Transmogrifying (Instrumental) 4:16
5. Fearmakers (Instrumental) 5:01
6. Unstoppable (Instrumental) 4:03
7. Theater (Instrumental) 5:35
8. Amusement Park of Doom (Instrumental) 3:59
9. Voiceless (Instrumental) 4:51

Wayde Cooper - Voiceless Promo

Jeffrey Ryan Smoots:
Technical, Melodic, Heavy Shred on Display: This is Wayde's finest instrumental album yet. It's technical and shreddy while still offering up melody. This is not easy to do, but Wayde pulls it off here. 
Listening to Voiceless for the past couple days, I'm reminded a bit of Testament -- there are some kick ass thrashy sections in many of the songs. I'm also reminded a bit of more contemporary bands like Nevermore, bands that use low tuned guitars and are not afraid to play guitar solos. Wayde is not afraid to cross genres -- and that makes this music more interesting, IMO. 
Did I mention some staggering guitar solos? You will find them here. Arpeggios abound, as do some off-kilter solo leads I wouldn't have a clue how to play.
All in all, this a kick ass album. Give it a listen, then support a musician and buy the album. You won't be sorry!

Wayde Cooper, Jeff Smoots and Nick Valenz, former members of the early 90's Seattle band Axis, have reunited after nearly twenty years to form Continuous Audio Transmission. During that time, the guitar solo has all but disappeared from popular music, and with it, an important aspect of the listener's experience has been abandoned. Out of respect to everyone who loves music, CAT is bringing the music back, and more... with no apologies to those who once controlled what you see and hear.


Young Soo Park: South Korea's Zihard guitarist provides some welcome Neo Delight.

Hi! Every body! My name is Young soo Park. I'm a rock guitarist of South Korea.
This song was composed by me and included in my band(Zihard )'s 2nd album 'War of fantasy'.

Young Soo Park: Zihard - War of Fantasy
Enjoy it please. Thank you!

Young Soo Park(Zihard) - Dragon of dreams .wmv

Zihard - Icarus' Dream Suite Op.4 & Crying In The Midnight

Young Soo Park Zihard Far beyond the sun

박영수 (지하드/Zihard Guitarist) - Brothers (Yngwie Malmsteen cover) (데임세인트t250 PV)

Lee Hyun Suk: LSH Dame Electric guitar

Movie Dameguitar
Model: Electric Guitar LSH EXCEED EXCEED LSH signature model played by Dame Seok Seok of the sympathetic EBS Broadcasting is a

Electric guitar Dame Dame Electric Guitar - Seok Lee heon Seok (EBS sympathy Broadcasting)

Sam Bell: Hybrid Picking Birthday Lick

Sam Bell
Thank you everyone for the Birthday wishes so far! I will try over the week to get back to people but I am very hungover, and i plan on drinking some more tonight. In the mean time, here is a lick as a way of saying thank you!

Its my BIRTHDAY TODAY ( 8th Sept) so here is a free lick! There is NO TAB, but here are a few clues... The lick uses the E Minor Pentatonic scale, using a 3 note per string fingering of the scale. The lick starts with an ascending Em7 arpeggio followed by E minor pentatonic descending in groups of 4. Then I simply take the same idea but move it up to the next position of the scale and end on a quick bend from D to E on the B string, I am using hybrid picking and pull offs to get a real twangy sound, its great fun. RIGHT now I am off to drink lots of beer! Enjoy!

Hybrid Picking Birthday Lick

Shinichi Kobayashi, Jeff Loomis,Ji Yuan: Win my Schecter Guitar for China clinic tour


Goyang burning laser outs] [Win My Schecter Guitar Contest CHINA


Enver Izmailov: Black Sea Trio ZJFT 2013

Anatoly Vapirov sopraansax * Enver Izmailov gitaar * Stoyan Yankoulov percussie

Black Sea Trio ZJFT '13

Justin Liew: Get You Back - great tribute to Shawn Lane

Master Shawn Lane is one of my biggest influences and this is one of my favorite songs. I recorded a few videos of me playing this song (this song is just addictive!) on my old channel (jay123ouch) and just decided to do this again!

This was recorded with my guitar straight into a Line 6 UX2 interface using Shred amp simulator with Redwirez Greenback impulses. I was using my favorite hack as well - foot stool. This was actually the first take. I took more takes but decided that this sounds the best! Slipped a little during the massive legato part!

Justin Liew - Get You Back (Shawn Lane) cover

Justin Liew - "You Too" (Martin Miller) improvisation

Justin Liew - "Hopes In The Sun" (Tom Quayle) improvisation

Tony MacAlpine: talks about performing at Progressive Nation At Sea 2014!

Catch Tony MacAlpine at Progressive Nation at Sea Cruise Feb. 18th-22nd 2014!
For more details visit -

Full lineup:
Portnoy Sheehan MacAlpine Sherinian
Jon Anderson
Adrian Belew's Power Trio
Devin Townsend Project
King's X
Spock's Beard
The Flower Kings
Pain Of Salvation
Animals As Leaders
The Safety Fire
Tony Harnell & Bumblefoot
The Dear Hunter
Anneke Van Giersbergen
Mark Mikel
Next To None

Tony MacAlpine performing at Progressive Nation At Sea 2014!

Ethan Brosh: Will Open For Aerosmith in Mexico City!

Show will take place at the Mexico City Arena in Mexico on Sunday October 27th 2013...With the Ethan Brosh instrumental band. Guitar tones in this video were produced with the ISP Technologies Theta preamp and ISP speaker cabinets...Dimarzio pickups and D'Addario strings...

The Ethan Brosh Band to Open For Aerosmith in Mexico City!!!

Glenn Proudfoot: Power Trio - Animal

Glenn Proudfoot: Animal
iTunes US store:
Also available on CD at:
Film clip for the track 'Save Me' from the Album 'Animal' by Glenn Proudfoot.
Shot by Ian Ritter, Melbourne Australia.
Edited by Ian Ritter, additional editing Peter "Reggie" Bowman
Drums: Damian Corniola
Bass: Jarrod Ross
Written, produced & engineered by: Proudfoot / Bowman
Mixed by Peter 'Reggie' Bowman at Screamlouder Productions Melbourne, Australia.
Mastered by Cameron Mitchell

Glenn Proudfoot - Power Trio - 'Save Me'

Sam Coulson: Asia Darmstadt 2013

Sam Coulson: Asia Darmstadt 2013 - nice solo to open up the proceedings
5 videos 15 minutes

Sam Coulson: Asia Darmstadt 2013

Al Di Meola: All Your Life (A Tribute to the Beatles) pre order

All Your Life (A Tribute to the Beatles)

Al Di Meola - Eleanor Rigby (The Beatles Cover)

by Al Di Meola®

Listen to "Eleanor Rigby" from Al Di Meola's tribute to The Beatles 'All Your Life' - due out September 10th.

Pre-order 'All Your Life' -