Friday, 4 October 2013

Silvio Gazquez: announcement - First show of my instrumental project!

Silvio Gazquez
First show of my instrumental project! It will be on Saturday, October 19 at 22:30 at Blues Bar. Entries are already available, them you can get by calling cel 15-489148 Dinner Show $60.

Original Song - Summer nights - Guitar Idol 2009 entry - Silvio Gazquez -

Joe Bonamassa: Documentary: "How One Man Beat the Record Industry" parts 1 and 2

Bonamassa Documentary - "How One Man Beat the Industry" Part 2
FREE SONG DOWNLOAD: The second installment of the BONAMASSA DOCUMENTARY. This bonus footage can be found on the upcoming release "Tour de Force - Live from Shepherd's Bush Empire"

Joe Bonamassa Documentary - "How One Man Beat the Record Industry"

Rob Scallon,Pete Cottrell: Welcome to Djenty Metal Town, USA

Djenty Metal Town, USA
Population: Pete Cottrell and myself. Subscribe to Pete: Song/tab/backing track: Since getting the 8 string I've gotten a ton of requests to do a Djent song. So I got Pete on board to help me do it right. I am playing a Schecter Omen-8 Pete is playing an Agile Intrepid in Bloodburst with a Painkiller bridge pickup by Bare Knuckle Pickups & Pete and I wrote the song together using the program Guitar Pro. This video was made possible because of generous contributions from Toby Warfel, Michael Christie, Rob Harper & many other awesome people on my patreon page Thank you so much! keep in touch... FACEBOOK: TWITTER: 

Peter Martinsson: Logic X amp sound - Woollen Octave

Found a sound in Logic X (Wooden Octave) that inspired me to a jam with The Drummer. One take. Edited in Final cut pro X.

Logic X amp sound - Woollen Octave

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Feathers by Bucketheadland - new album on bandcamp

Brian Carroll: Buckethead - Feathers

1. Feathers 02:48
2. Claw Station 02:13download
3. Mill 05:12
4. Faded 06:33 
5. Cactus Spines 04:46
6. Lake Whisperer 03:35
7. Rooster Row 06:32

released 04 October 2013

Marty Friedman: joins Freddy from Chthonic - expect Metal Clone X

Marty Friedman

鉄色クローンX(僕とソニックのFreddyのサイドプロジェクト)はラウパの2日目で初ライブです!絶っ対大暴れ!Metal Clone X (my side project with Freddy from Chthonic) will make it`s live debut at LOUD PARK at Saitama Super Arena on 10/20.

Luca Mantovanelli: Gettign a Groove On - great tone.

Track number 4 of my ''FUNK SERIES 1''..
Jamming on JTC Backing tracks..
Lessons Package coming soon!

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Jamming on ''Groove On'' - Jam Track Central BT

Jamming over Alex Hutchings BT

Jamming on ''Bigfoot'' Guthrie govan BT

Sam Bell: Explorers Performance on Ibanez TAM100 Tosin Abasi Sam Bell performs Explorers on the TAM100 Ibanez Tosin Abasi 8 String guitar.
Sam Bell is the newest addition to the Licklibrary team - subscribe to Licklibrary online and be the first to hear of the new Sam Bell guitar lessons coming soon! (

Explorers is an up and coming song for the band Mask Of Judas, in which Sam Bell is the guitarist. Check out more about Mask Of Judas here:

Licklibrary together with Sam Bell would like to thank Nevada Music for lending us the Ibanez Tosin Abasi guitar used in this video. For more information on Nevada Music:
Sam Bell - Explorers Performance on Ibanez TAM100 Tosin Abasi Guitar Licklibrary

Allen Van Wert: the official music page and free album

Allen Van Wert
today is the day. I am needing to kill off this page. Everyone who likes my guitar stuff, I would of course appreciate it if you would simply Like my music page here... for the free album button to click on.