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Michael Angelo Batio, Uli Jon Roth, Doug Aldrich: Announced for House Of Metal during NAMM

Michael Angelo Batio, Uli Jon Roth, Doug Aldrich: Announced for House Of Metal during NAMM

Al Joseph: Subscribe to my newsletter

Al Joseph
Hey Guys,

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David Locke: Rock and Metal music reviews get excited by the new Riding Out Youth album

David Locke - Riding Out Youth

Its always a pleasure when listening to a new album, when I happen across
something that is different and interesting; David Locke's debut album, 'Riding Out Youth' is both. Locke combines progressive ideas with accomplished musicianship with a concept of how to put a song together, producing a complex and technical work that is also subtle and easy to listen to.

Full in depth review

Dreaming (Album Version) Plus Free Download! - David Locke

David Locke:  Riding Out Youth

News: Making Music Industry Connections at the Institute

Making Music Industry Connections at the Institute

The music industry has a reputation for being one of the hardest industries to break into and many young musicians continue to experience this first hand. However for students at London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance help is at hand. The Institute has invested heavily in offering its students the best opportunities for networking and performance events. ‘The Hub’ at the Institute is the students’ dedicated careers and industry department and this month it has organised its annual Next Steps Careers Day on Wednesday 13th November. Hosted at the Tricycle theatre in Kilburn this event invites industry experts ranging from artist managers, radio pluggers and A & R managers to representatives from music organisations including Bandwagon Gigs and the Musicians Benevolent Fund.

This exclusive and focussed careers day will provide a wealth of knowledge to the Institute’s musicians and musical entrepreneurs by presenting them with the opportunity to chat one-on-one with an extensive panel of industry professionals including Brian Mahoney of AFP Management who has gained his knowledge as an A&R manager at Sony/ATV Music Publishing representing artists including Knife Party. Steve Ager of Chachaman will be there chatting all things PR. He has carved out a successful career as a radio plugger for bands such as Nirvana, Guns ‘n’ Roses and U2. Not only will the Institute students get the chance to network and demonstrate their abilities but they will be able to learn from industry heavy weights and take away insider knowledge from the people and companies that define the music business.

The Institute prides itself on its connectivity with the music industry and aims to help provide students with real first-hand experience of working in all areas of the music business. This philosophy has continued to deliver success for the college’s students and alumni including award-winning folk trio Daughter and rising star Denai Moore alongside a library of diverse musical careers including film score composers, teachers and musical theatre musicians.

For more information on the day’s success visit our website at

Pat Cash: Tennis Ace and guitar fan talks to

Live4guitar attended High Voltage festival in London. We bumped into Pat Cash, former Wimbledon champion, who was on his way there with his two sons. We spent some time talking about his lesser known passion: music.

Pat, the whole world knows you as a great tennis player, but we know that you are a keen guitarist. Tell us how it happened.


I grew up listening to AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, classic Australian bands… Also my brother used to have some Led Zeppelin and Free Vinyl.

But I remember one day when I was asking around if anyone knew of any good rock albums, somebody said to me “Oh, there is this band Judas Priest, you want to check it out?” So I got this Judas Priest album called “Unleashed in the east” and that was the end, I mean… the beginning.

I got hooked on guitar and heavy metal after that.

Full interview

Thorsten Praest: GUT announce a Mini-autumn-tour full of fusion Goodness.

Hello dear friends of GUT,
we have some news for you:

1. From 15.-17.11.2013 we play a "Mini-autumn-tour" in the eastern part of Germany and the Czech Republic. Here are the dates...catch us if you can:

15-11-2013 Dresden - Blue Note
16-11-2013 Ceska Lipa (CZ) - Klub Progres
17-11-2013 Jena - Jazzclub International

2. Our latest album "Le chien du jazz" is available on iTunes...get it here.

Thorsten Praest: GUT - Le Chien Du Jazz
3. Part 1 of our new roadmovie from the "Le chien du jazz" - tour 2013 you can check out here.

the GUTboys

GUT's Thorsten Praest plays "Beat it" guitar solo!

Jozef Van Wissem,Jim Jarmusch: "Etimasia" (Official Music Video)

Jozef Van Wissem and Jim Jarmusch "Etimasia" (Official Music Video)

After almost exactly a year to the day since the release of The Mystery Of Heaven (the collaborative LP from lutist Jozef Van Wissem, and filmmaker Jim Jarmusch) comes this brand new music video for the track "Etimasia". The video was directed by filmmaker Jacqueline Castel, who has directed roughly a dozen music videos for several artists on Sacred Bones Records. Castel gives her director's statement here: "Astrological omens and messianic prophecies inform the video for Etimasia, which charts the phases of an annular solar eclipse."


Nov. 29th - All Tomorrow Parties Festival, UK - Live score to Partir To Live, a premiere for the film by Domingo Garcia-Huidobro of Föllakzoid
Dec. 1st - All Tomorrow's Parties Festival, UK, - Solo lute concert

About Jozef Van Wissem & Jim Jarmusch:
Jim Jarmusch and Jozef Van Wissem met on the streets of New York in 2006. They shared a lot of interest and background so a collaboration and a friendship was born. Jarmusch was looking to have Van Wissem compose a score for a film he had been trying to make for years, what he described as a “crypto-vampire film” about two lovers, outsider types who have been in love for hundreds of years. Van Wissem’s work comes from a tradition of avant-garde minimalism and lends itself well to the director’s stark cinematic works. Jarmusch has played guitar in bands on and off since the late ‘70s. Van Wissem’s compositional style involves hypnotic circular musical phrases that allow for a lot of contemplative space between the notes.

Their first live performance was in Issue Project Room in Brooklyn in October 2011, where they appeared together for a Van Wissem curated concert program called “New Music for Early Instruments.” The idea for their first album, Concerning the Entrance Into Eternity (Important Records) developed from their live performance. Jarmusch has said that he considers these songs as Van Wissem’s compositions, and sees himself as someone filling in the background to Jozef ’s foreground, like the “scenic” on a film shoot, the one who paints the backdrops. “The sound of the lute is as bright as the sun, a beautiful red color and my stuff sounds sort of like the moon, more like blue, like mercury.” This newest album, The Mystery of Heaven was recorded in New York with help from hypnotic Tilda Swinton on guest vocals.

1. Etimasia
2. Flowing the Light of the Godhead
3. The Mystery of Heaven
4. The More She Burns the More Beautiful She Glows (Feat. Tilda Swinton)
5. Etimasia (Reprise)
6. Flowing Light of the Godhead (Eternal Sun)

David Maxim Micic: two more awesome players announced for BILO 3.0

David Maxim Micic

You already know Jakub Żytecki is playing a guest solo on 'Bilo 3.0'. But who are the other two guys????
Can anyone recognize guitar legends from the picture?

Some of you guessed it right... I won't be able to release BILO 3.0 on November 17th. And at this point I'm not sure if solving the situation will move the release for a few more days or few more weeks. But I'll definitely keep you guys updated! Hope you lads understand, and if you have any questions about this, feel free to hit me up via ask.fm

[Answer Jeff Loomis and Per Nilsson of course.. ]

David Maxim Micic | Bilo 3.0 | RELEASE DATE

Whilst we wait... we recall Bilo 1.0

David Maxim Micic - Bilo part II (feat Sasa Lokner)

Beau Diakowicz: Improvisation 3

Jess Lewis posts a video of her partner in crime Beau Diakowicz... nice chordal tapping section

Beau Diakowicz - Improvisation 3

Mikael Åkerfeldt: Fight + Music: Opeth - Full Interview

Opeth leader Mikael Åkerfeldt was recently interviewed by Fight + Music, an offshoot of the boxing/MMA-focused Fight Network.

Fight + Music: Opeth - Full Interview

Bo Eriksson: Lalle Larsson - Eulogy for a lost friend - RIP

Bo Eriksson: photo credit Stefan Lang
Lalle Larsson (I will write this in English since this is of international interest)

It is with great sadness that I write this... Today I received the sad news that my friend and the wonderful guitarist Bo Eriksson has passed away.

Every once in a while you meet a person in your life that you know will always hold a special place in your heart.

I have very fond memories of Bo.

In the 90´s we would often hang out in his apartment at Högaborg in Helsingborg, cook food and talk about music and culture in general. Back then he was one of my closest friends. Bosse was one of those people who had a vast knowledge of musical history and just about everything. He could tell stories with great enthusiasm and with a photographic memory. He had a warmth, a humility and a warm sense of humour, it was always a pleasure to be around him.

During this time we also did gigs together and a couple of studio recordings. He played guitar on my first album Ominox and on my first demo for Seven Deadly Pieces. In the late 90´s (Bo would probably know the exact dates, and even what we were wearing ha,ha,ha!) we also did a duo-recording, an avant garde improv session called "Hard Lunch". Here he showed his great command of tone and phrasing. His inventiveness and his absolute pitch made him a great partner in atonal improvisation. I remember during this time we spoke a lot about Derek Bailey, Bill Frisell, the action painting of Jackson Pollock and free improv.

Most people over here know him from local blues gigs and he was a steady guest at a lot of the local jams. Throughout his life he preferred to be working in the background as he didn´t seem to like too much attention.

For the last ten years or so our paths didn't cross much but every time we met on the street we would discuss music and life and it would feel just as if no time had passed at all.

Last time I met him we talked about his brain tumour and he still had a sense of humour about it all even though I could see that it was tearing him down. That became the last conversation we had.

Every once in a while you meet a person in your life that you know will always have a special place in your heart.

You are one of those people Bosse and you will forever have a very special place in my heart as being one of the finest and warmest human beings I have ever met.

Love always,
din vän,

Ominox - Solitude - Featuring Bo Eriksson (RIP)

Paul Clark: gear load out including two Morgan Guitar Works V6 guitars

Paul Clark

This pic was taken after a gig I played with .308 on Halloween, East Midlands, UK.
What a blast that was ! ! !
.308 guys - huge thanks for inviting me to join y'all on stage...

guitars: two Morgan Guitar Works V6 guitars
body - alder
neck - West Coast flame maple
fingerboard - African ebony
scale - 25 1/2"
frets - 24 stainless jumbo frets
bridge - Floyd Rose
pickups - custom voiced Bulldog pickups
tuners - Steinburger Gearless
Silures - purple / blue chameleon with a silver centre stripe
Ordovices - tangerine / metallic gold with a black centre stripe and airbrushed skulls

top to bottom:
MX 802A Mixer

in the upper rack:
two Digitech 2120 valve guitar effects processors

in the lower rack:
ETA Power Conditioner
Roland VG-99 modelling guitar effects processor
Marshall Valvestate 8008 stereo power amp

Roland FC-300
Boss FS-6
volume pedal

speaker cabs:
two Marshall 1960B 4x12 cabs

Jon Pomplin,Mark Summers: Veterans Day - Brothers in Arms - proceeds donated to the Virtual Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial

"Brothers in Arms" is a song and Music video dedicated to all VETERANS (though it focuses on Vietnam War).

Written, performed, produced and directed by bassist/producer Jon Pomplin, the video features footage shot during the albums recording as well as footage from the war shot/created by the USAF.

Declassified Records owner and BANGTOWER producer Jon Pomplin created the video in 2005 from Jon's second solo record (Disguise the Limit) "Redemption", originally released by Declassified Records in 2004, the track is currently being remastered for future release. Features the guitarist Mark Summers, a fellow first call session musician who appeared on multiple records released by an Illinois record label .

Part of the proceeds of every sale are donated to the Virtual Wall Vietnam Veterans Memorial, an on-line version of the WALL in D.C.

The track/video includes actual combat audio from battles in the A-Shau Valley (Hamburger Hill) and video from USAF.

"BROTHERS IN ARMS" - Disguise the Limit

Levi Clay: LickLibrary Launch Easy Blues Fusion Guitar Tuition DVD

LickLibrary Launch Easy Blues Fusion Guitar Tuition DVD

Take your blues to the next level with LickLibrary’s Easy Blues Fusion Guitar (RRP £19.99) with Levi Clay. Learn how to infuse your blues playing with some warm, rhythmic jazz phrasing with one of the busiest guitarists, teachers and instrumental journalists in the UK. Levi has taught at the London Guitar Institute and the prestigious IGF Festivals. 

Easy Blues Fusion Guitar uses a series of thirty blues licks to explore scales, arpeggio shapes in a series of caged positions, mixolydian patterns as well as taking a look at minor pentatonic shapes. Levi, known for his detailed and methodical approach, explains why particular notes are played in relation to a specific chord, talks about fret board visualization techniques and just makes the technical side of blues fusion a whole lot less daunting. With the Easy Blues Fusion Guitar DVD guitarists of all levels will find something they can use in their own playing and quickly develop the smooth sound of contemporary blues.

Included with the DVD guitar lesson are all the TABs, which feature all the licks, improvisation and diagrams to help you get awesome chops. With a little practice guitarists will soon be showing off their blues /jazz fusion phrasing and be playing in a style similar to Larry Carlton and Robben Ford. 

You can order Easy Blues Fusion Guitar directly from now and while you are there check out all the other Blues Fusion DVD guitar lessons and really nail your technique. 

Mattias IA Eklundh: The Freak Chef lines up to more Freak Guitar Clinics in Italy

Freak Kitchen
Two additional Freak Guitar Clinics in Italy, set up by Mogar Music and Laney Amplification prior to the Rome MusicOff final in Genova and Monza!

Check out no less than a 100 groovy Italian players taking it away to IA's backing tracks in the contest: