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Alex Despotidis: Andy James Solo Competition
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Andy James Solo Competition-Alex Despotidis

Andy James Competition

Sam Bell: Andy James Solo Competition - just for fun!

I couldn't resist giving the Andy James contest backing track a blast.Enjoy!

Andy James Solo Competition - Sam Bell (Non-Entry)

Andy James Competition

Brennan Dylan: Men Without Armies - The Devil's Bride

The Devil's Bride is Men Without Armies first video. It was shot in Cleveland, Ohio in early December 2013. Men Without Armies is a 3 piece metal band plain and simple. I hope you like the video and enjoy the music. Our self-titled EP will be released in early spring, prior to touring the U.S.

Brennan Dylan- guitar
Bill Davis: bass & vocals
Roger Winter: drums

Soundcloud: https://www.soundcloud.menwithoutarmies

Men Without Armies - The Devil's Bride

News: Chord Progression Generator

Chord Progression Generator

About the Chord Progression Generator - Based on this little fine sheet below about music theory i found, i had the idea for this chord progression generator.

Of course this little tool can not write a uber song but perhaps it helps you to get an idea for a new song or it gives you an inspiration on what to play when you just want to play around with your guitar!

Dudley Ross: Hachi Invades - This Is What I Have To Deal With! Has guitar playing gone to the dogs!

Excuse the quality, I was just videoing myself working on some techniques, so this footage wasn't meant to be going out to the world.

Jeremy Spencer: Original Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Announces 2014 US Tour & New Release 'Coventry Blue'

Original Fleetwood Mac Guitarist Jeremy Spencer Announces 2014 US Tour & New Release 'Coventry Blue'

"Dublin, Ireland - Jeremy Spencer’s fans in the US have long been waiting for his return. In fact, except for a few brief US appearances (in 2006 and 2010), 43 years have passed since Jeremy last toured the US (with Fleetwood Mac in 1971). Jeremy announced today that he is scheduled to tour the US in February and March of 2014, initially booking venues in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

Jeremy has launched a Kickstarter Campaign offering advance premiums that will extend his tour to other cities in the US and fund the new CD. Kickstarter supporters will be eligible to receive pre-release downloads of “Coventry Blue”, autographed CDs or LPs, original artwork or private concerts. There will also be an exclusive 2014 Tour Club that will provide exclusive video and audio live updates from the tour.

Kickstarter URL:

Jeremy Spencer is renowned as a consummate slide guitar player with the years only enhancing his subtlety and taste. He still is the foremost Elmore James stylist alive - bar none. Jeremy can and does tear it up, retaining his verve, passion and devotion to the blues, but now he brings a cultivated maturity, assured conviction and compositional purpose that are truly sublime. His songs come via his intimate journey from the spiritual core of his heart and connect profoundly with listeners. The original Fleetwood Mac were Britain's most authentic blues band during the sixties boom before morphing into mega-million selling pop celebrity. Their beloved alliance remains an historic testament to the era's meeting of generations, melding of continents and shared musical devotion.

This tour will afford Jeremy the opportunity to display his many facets with a wider evolved guitar pallet as displayed on Bend. At last he will deliver live on the record with its haunting melodies and exquisite guitar harmonies as well as select mighty Mac blues and rock n' roll in his inimitable style. Expect his alternatively dirty and precise Elmore James slide stings; he'll delve deep into blues nuggets that he discerningly curates and revitalize the primordial rock that he spot on mimicked famously and comically on stage with the Mac. Further treat is his expansive range of influences from Django Reinhardt to Marty Robbins to Mark Knopfler, fingering them effortlessly and seamlessly incorporating them into his own compositions as natural an easy fit as that of his beloved ceramic slides. Jeremy's tour return to these shores at a creative pinnacle makes this a rare opportunity for fans.

“Bend in the Road” has garnered rave reviews:

“Making a full-blown return now, the veteran released his fifth solo album, ""Bend in the Road"", that shows the master hasn't lost a bit of his youthfulness. Spencer is in his element on this collection of newer cuts and classics such as Otis Rush's punchy, mesmeric ""Homework"" and Homesick James' ""Homesick"". They all feature that mythical slide, but Jeremy also plays a fine piano that breaks the album in the middle from classy to exceptional. But the genuine magic settles in after an ivories-lighted, deep ""Merciful Sea"", marries widescreen anger to a pacifying sway in an alchemic manner which can move mountains and souls. And then there's peaceful title song to elegantly sign it all off - and leave Jeremy's fans wanting more. The road goes on, so may Spencer's time be long.” - Dmitry M. Epstein, “Let it Rock”

“Jeremy Spencer, the Fleetwood Mac alum, has found inspiration in working with new voices, old masters and his own muse — creating an album of intimate, handmade joys that moves confidently from blues to Americana to rootsy pop. Bend in the Road, recalls in many ways the Elmore James-focused contributions he made to Fleetwood Mac’s first pair of Peter Green-led recordings in the late 1960s. But there’s much more than that going on here. Spencer, the roving gypsy heart of this project, finds inspiration everywhere — switching to keyboards on tracks like the majestically restrained “Merciful Sea” and James’ sizzling “Cry for Me Baby,” while uncovering inspirational wellsprings that reside far beyond the iconic Delta cottonfields and shotgun shacks of traditional acoustic blues. In the end, this gives Bend in the River the feel of a career valedictory. It’s gloriously hard to pin down — something personified in standout tracks like “Homework,” which finds Spencer howling like old rock and stinging like Otis Rush, all over a loose groove that would have been right at home on an Eric Clapton solo recording from the early 1970s. It’s that kind of record. The very good kind.” – Nick DeRiso, “Something Else Reviews”

“Bend in the Road” admirably demonstrates why Spencer’s in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Impeccably picked notes are still the trademark of Spencer’s guitar-picking, and it begins with the first cut, “Homesick,” a loping blues. Spencer’s slidework on “Whispering Fields,” an instrumental, sounds like silk sliding on satin. No string screech, no missteps, just pure, clean slidework, a maestro at his best. Spencer’s long absence from the public eye is our loss. Let’s hope he’s back to stay. There’s a certain serenity that pervades this album that goes beyond the eye of the beholder, and the twelfth cut, another instrumental, “Merciful Sea,” exemplifies it.” - Lou Novacheck, “Elmore Magazine”

""Bend in the Road"" finds Jeremy Spencer doing what he does best, delivering quality blues. It's a great album filled with many exceptional cuts, once again assuring that Spencer will forever be remembered as one of the greats. And what's best? He is far from done. Be ready for some more music to surface in time to come.” - Mark Kadzielawa, “69 Faces of Rock”

“In following up “Precious Little,” his notable 2006 comeback, Jeremy Spencer has crafted his fifth and finest solo release. Maybe “Precious Little” was Spencer’s way of getting his studio legs back after a nearly three-decade absence from recording. Or perhaps choosing to make “Bend in the Road” a collaboration gave it that extra oomph. Then again, it could simply be — as he told The Oakland (Mich.) Press in January 2010 — that “I’ve got so much material ’cause I’ve just been, like, dormant. I just turned 61, so you do kind of want to get it out while you can and show people what you’ve got.” Whatever the reason, “Bend” is a startling achievement for the founding Fleetwood Mac slide guitarist.” – Peter Hund, “Good New Music”

Jeremy Spencer tour dates:

Feb 12: Fingerprints Long Beach, CA - In Store
Feb 13: Largo at the Coronet, Los Angeles, CA
Feb 14: LeStats, San Diego, CA
Feb 15: Westwood Music Workshop
Feb 16: Soho, Santa Barbara, CA
Feb 17: The Chapel, SF, CA
Feb 19: Moe's Alley, Santa Cruz, CA
Feb 20: Minor's Foundry, Nevada City, CA
Feb 21: Palm's Playhouse, Winters, CA
Feb 22: Freight & Salvage Workshop, SF
Feb 28: Winchester Hall, Cleveland, OH
Mar 1: Callahan's, Detroit. MI
Mar 2: The Ark, Ann Arbor. MI
Mar 6: Shank Hall, Milwaukee, WI
Mar 7: Buddy Guy's Legends, Chicago, IL
Mar 8: Rosas Lounge, Chicago, IL
Mar 9: Empty Bottle, Chicago, IL
Mar 12: Love & War, Plano TX
Mar 13: Yard Dog Gallery, Austin, TX
Mar 20: Regatta Bar, Cambridge MA
Mar 21: Black Eyed Sallys, Hartford, CT
Mar 22: Passim Workshop
Mar 22: Bearsville Theater, Woodstock NY
Mar 23: Turning Point, Piermont NY
Mar 24: BB Kings Blues Bar, NY
Mar 25: Blues Alley, Washington, DC
Mar 27: Sellersville Theater, Sellersville, PA
Mar 28: Splatter Concerts, NJ
Mar 30: Jalopy Theater, Brooklyn, NY

Yngwie Malmsteen: Prelude to April HD - with orchestra

Yngwie Malmsteen - Prelude to April HD

Classical rendition by Yngwie Malmsteen - Prelude to April HD - with orchestra

Denis Chang,Jason Becker: Mike Blackburn Sits with Denis Chang to discuss The DC Music School

Denis Chang Jason Becker Interview
Mike Blackburn Sits with Denis Chang to discuss The DC Music School.

Tom Quayle: Melodic Improv - the smooth just got smoother!

Melodic Improv
Hey guys - just messing around over a new track I've been working on with a really chilled out vibe. Sorry - no backing track this time. Playing my archtop this time - Ibanez AS-103 into Axe Fx II clean patch.

Aaron Marshall: Intervals / A Voice Within / Album Preview

Intervals / A Voice Within / Album Preview
Pre-order "A Voice Within" now over at:­m/Intervals-US

Album Release Date: Tuesday March 4th 2014

North American Tour Dates Coming Soon!!

Ryan Knight: Tapping & String-Skipping - inspired by Derek Taylor!

The Black Dahlia Murder / Ryan Knight: Tapping & String-Skipping
TABS HERE: http://www.guitarmessenger.­com/the-black-dahlia-murder-ryan-knight-lesson-series/ - Ryan Knight of The Black Dahlia Murder demonstrates a technique Derek Taylor coined the 'Spock Technique,' whereby both the middle and ring fingers of the picking hand are used for tapping, while the thumb and index finger hold on to the pick.

Stay tuned for new Ryan Knight lessons in the coming weeks!

"In Hell Is Where She Waits For Me' Solo:

Emin7 Lick: Coming 1/21
A7 Lick: Coming 1/28

Rick Graham: Improv over a new BT

Improv over a new BT - Rick Graham
If you like what I do, the best way to show your support is to checkout my HD guitar lessons here:

Nick Barrett: Pendragon Tour News 2014

Pendragon Tour News 2014

We are pleased to announce the first half of the new Pendragon album tour later this year. The tour will coincide with the release of a new studio album, for which more details will follow soon.

Please note that this is only the 1st half of the tour so far, we are still working on the 2nd half which we hope to announce as soon as the dates are more solid [to include Spain, France and the UK]

Also note that we will let you know as soon as tickets go on sale, [Boerderij tickets are already available] if you want to check the venue websites some others may already have them for sale.


4th Sat and 5th Sun Megadaze Weekend Riffs UK

Fri 10th Spirit Of 66 Verviers, Belgium
Sat 11th The Boerderij Zoetermeer, Holland
Sun 12th Turock Essen, Germany
Mon 13th Bergkeller Reichenbach, Germany
Tues 14th Blue Note Poznan, Poland
Wed 15th Kuznia Bydogoszcz, Poland
Thurs 16th Rialto Katowice, Poland
Fri 17th Das Rind Russelsheim, Germany
Sat 18th Z7 Pratteln, Switzerland
Sun 19th Il Giardino Verona, Italy

Rex Brown: Pantera/Kill Devil Hill at the Dean Markley NAMM Booth #5766

Jack Lue is a pro photographer and can be found on Facebook All rights to images remain with Jack Lue and any posting requires appropriate attribution
Kill Devil Hill photo gallery Full Series

Dean Markley announces a meet and greet opportunity with bassist Rex Brown at 1:00PM on January 25, at booth #5766 during NAMM. Best known as the bassist for the GRAMMY nominated, platinum selling band Pantera, he founded his latest band Kill Devil Hill in 2010. Appearing with Rex will be Kill Devil Hill guitarist Mark Zavon.

For more information on Dean Markley strings, please visit

To learn more about Kill Devil Hill, please visit

About Dean Markley USA
Established in 1972, Dean Markley USA is recognized as an innovator and leader in the world of musical instrument strings. Over the years, the company has expanded its product line to include pickups and accessories. Celebrated by retailers for their sales performance and endorsed by an elite caliber of musicians, Dean Markley USA products are the smart choice.

Mike Keneally: Dethklok’s string stretcher at the Dean Markley NAMM Booth #5766

Dean Markley announces a meet and greet opportunity with guitarist Mike Keneally at 1:00PM on January 25, at booth #5766 during NAMM. Keneally has been hailed as “the leading progressive rock genius of the post-Zappa era” and his resume leaves no doubt. His first professional gig was touring with Frank Zapa on keyboard and guitars which then lead to six years with Steve Vai before embarking on a slew of solo projects that are now scheduled between work with Joe Satriani, and Dethklok, the live band version of THE animated cartoon series Metalocalypse.

For more information on Dean Markley strings, please

To learn more about Mike, please visit

News: Mockingbird Plus FR From B.C. Rich Takes Flight at NAMM

Mockingbird Plus FR From B.C. Rich Takes Flight

HEBRON, KY – B.C. Rich debuts the latest addition to one of their bestselling lines, the Mockingbird Plus FR. The new model will make its first appearance at the 2014 NAMM (National Association of Music Merchants) Trade show this January in Anaheim, California. Inspired by the successful Mockingbird ST, the new Mockingbird Plus FR delivers the features which attracted players at nearly half the price.

Growing demand for a Mockingbird with a Floyd Rose bridge fuels the release of the new model. As one of the most in demand body shapes in the B.C. Rich line, the Mockingbird Plus FR is designated to be a top seller. Production models are being delivered to key dealers in January 2014.

The Mockingbird Plus FR features a mahogany body with a black vapor finish to highlight and detail the figured maple top. Complementing the 25 5/8” maple set-neck is a 24 fret ebony fretboard with a 12” radius, diamond inlays and the traditional B.C. Rich three on three headstock. The new set-neck design features a contour delivering the sonic advantages of a set-neck design with a comfortable neck joint normally only seen on neck-thru designs.

Additional highlights of the new model include the traditional Mockingbird electronics configuration of dual humbuckers with a master volume control, a master tone control and a three way toggle switch for maximum tone versatility. The Floyd Rose bridge, control knobs, strap buttons, locking nut, and die-cast tuners are all finished in a high gloss black to complement the black vapor finish.

Originally released in 1976, the B.C. Rich Mockingbird is ranked as “The Coolest Guitar of All Time”. With its eye catching design, the guitar has a noted list of users that include Slash, Josh Homme (Queens of the Stone Age), Chuck Schuldiner (Death), Paolo Gregoletto (Trivium) and Rick Derringer.

MSRP: $640.00 USD

To learn more about B.C. Rich and the new Mockingbird Plus FR, please visit

Or, visit them at NAMM Booth #4878 Hall C

Derryl Gabel: talks about Skype lessons and guitar software!

Hi Guitar Friends,

Just wanted to let you know that I have a few openings for students. If you are interested I need to know the days and times that are good for you, your skype ID, how often you would like to take, and your location / timezone.

I know there's some of you out there that would like just one lesson to answer some questions etc... and that's fine. Others may be hesitant to take a lesson because they don't know how effective taking a lesson online would be because they have never tried it. My advice to you is just book one lesson to see if it is right for you.

Those of you that have my DVDs and are struggling to digest the material might need help with a practice routine and coaching. Maybe you've been able to digest the material but need help with application in improvisation and composition. I can help in that area as well. If you need help setting up a studio, filming, guitar sound settings, or learning and transcribing your favorite solos I can show you how.

Here's something that might interest some of you out there. Would you like to be able to slow down youtube videos of your favorite players so you can figure out the licks? I can show you how to do that too. Think about it. How many awesome players are there on youtube? By slowing down the video and audio (without changing the pitch) there's practically an unlimited amount of ideas just waiting for you.

Advantages to taking lessons online:
  • Use your own equipment
  • Take a lesson anywhere WIFI or internet is available
  • Be in the comfort of your own home
  • Convenience! Save gas and time 
Some tools that I use to make the lessons easier to follow and more enjoyable are on screen neck diagrams, standard notation and tab of the material covered, mp3 backing tracks for you to practice with, and multi camera angles and close ups when needed.

If you are interested, please email me to set up an appointment. You can schedule just one lesson if you like to see if this works for you.

In order to take lessons online you will need to download and install Skype which is free. Just go here to get Skype for Windows Skype for Windows

Go here to get Skype for Mac Skype for Mac

You will need a webcam with a built in mic if you don't have one already. I use this

Logitech C920 pro HD Webcam

Your dedicated guitar teacher,

Derryl Gabel

Speaking of software, I wanted to tell you about a new software I discovered recently called the Guitar SightReader Toolbox. This software is like a swiss army knife of guitar training and learning applications. Besides helping you to become a better sight reader it can do so much more. For example, learn your scales, modes and chords, see and hear everything, learn to play over any progression, develop your ear for relative and perfect pitch, design your own practice schedule, transcribe your favorite songs, export your favorite licks to a lick library, make custom neck diagrams quickly and easily, and the list goes on. Another cool feature is the Video Help built into it as well. If you are interested head on over to and try out the demo version. 

I think you will agree this is a "must have" for all guitarists.

Brad Gillis: Night Ranger’s guitar man will at the Dean Markley NAMM Booth #5766

Dean Markley announces a meet and greet opportunity with Night Ranger guitarist Brad Gillis at 3:00PM on January 24, at booth #2766 during NAMM. For over 30 years, Gillis has been playing and creating some of the most iconic guitar riffs and solos of all time and few, if any can match his mastery of a floating tremolo system. Most recognized as a member of the multi-platinum selling Night Ranger, Gillis has also toured as guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne and continues with various solo projects.

For more information on Dean Markley strings, please visit

To learn more about Brad, please visit

Fidel de Jesus, Karlo Li: Dark Crayola - Race With Destiny (single)

Hi everyone! You can now listen and download our single, Race With Destiny!

Just a short history about this song: it's the first song we've composed and performed live as a band, rerecorded it a couple of times with lots of revisions and finally come through with what you'd be listening to. :)

WE REPEAT! IT'S FREE FOR DOWNLOAD! Hope you enjoy and thank you for all your support! :)

Recorded at RJC Audio
Twitter: @rjcaudio

Rhythm guitars are reamped with the Triple Wreck by Wampler Pedals

More Dark Crayola goodies at these pages!
Soundcloud: @darkcrayolaislove
Amplify PH:

Download and listen to our Dark Crayola Medley ver.2 here!…a_Medley_ver._2.0.mp3

Thanks again for all your support guys! We love you all! Destroy! with love... ♥
Hope you enjoy! :)
-Dark Crayola (Fidel, Karlo, Francis, Tope)

Race With Destiny (single)

Brian Larkin: Far Enough Into The Void - choice album lands at TIS!

Brian Larkin

Far Enough Into the Void is out today! You can hear the entire album streaming at

If you like what you hear, please consider supporting me with either a digital download in the high-quality format of your choice, or by purchasing the CD from

Grab Your copy of this excellent album.