Friday, 28 February 2014

Morten Faerestrand: Lesson on Augmented + diminished AND Tour of new Studio

Lesson on Augmented + diminished AND Tour of new Studio
Morten Faerestrand
0:30 - Simple idea coming from augmented and diminished both on a dominant chord, and on a regular Maj7 chord.
4:39 The making of my new studio, with before/during/after footage.

Gus Drax: - Advanced Technique Lessons #7 - Multi Finger Tapping

Gus Drax - Advanced Technique Lessons #7 (Multi Finger Tapping)
Gus Drax
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Hello guitarfellas.
Here is one more lesson for all of you. This time is 2 finger tapping pattern.
Hope you like it.
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Video Edit by Steve Drax

Jamie Glaser: Playing out of the box!! brilliant guitar lesson

Jamie Glaser uses his Gelvin J.G.2.0 for this improvisation lesson. Learn to play out of the box.
This video takes you through how to use scales melodically and find the chords that come from the scales.
Gelvin Guitars

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Gelvin Guitar's, Jamie Glaser - Playing out of the box!!( lesson)

Bruce Bouillet: Young Guitar Appendix DVD outtakes video

Bruce breakfast has been recorded in the March issue Appendix DVD 2014 years Young guitar sale now You can get a collection of outtakes playing the video of Ye!

Bruce Buie Bruce Bouillet YG Appendix DVD outtakes video

Jon Gomm: Rig Rundown With Boss UK

Jon Gomm Rig Rundown With Boss UK
Roland UK
Jon Gomm talks us through the pedals in his board and explains how he uses them to shape his sound.

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Watch Jon Gomm perform Passionflower live for Boss UK

Or watch John perform his new single, Telepathy:

John Petrucci, Jordan Rudess: Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside - Moscow

Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside (Stadium Live, Moscow, Russia, 28.02.2014)
Geor Geor
Dream Theater - The Enemy Inside
(Stadium Live, Moscow, Russia, 28.02.2014)

Dream Theater - On the Backs of Angels (Stadium Live, Moscow, Russia, 28.02.2014)

Dream Theater - Space-Dye Vest (Stadium Live, Moscow, Russia, 28.02.2014)

Steve Lukather: Toto - Hold the Line - 35th Anniversary Tour - Live In Poland

Toto - Hold the Line (35th Anniversary Tour - Live In Poland)
Eagle Rock
This spectacular live concert sees Toto celebrating their 35th Anniversary at the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland during their 2013 World Tour. DVD: BluRay: Deluxe: 2CD: and Digital formats to come. The show epitomises the combination of craft, heart and drive that has been Toto's trademark throughout their career in a set packed with hits and classic album tracks. The individual band members have played on many of the best known and most successful records in history but when they come together as Toto they create music that is uniquely special. This is Toto at their very best.

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Alberto Rigoni: announces new collaboration with Alusonic Aluminium Instruments

Alberto Rigoni announces new collaboration with Alusonic Aluminium Instruments

Italian bass player and composer Alberto Rigoni (solo artist, TwinSpirits, Lady & THE BASS, Vivaldi Metal Project, Kim Bingham) is proud to announce a new collaboration with Italian company Alusonic Aluminium Instruments.

“As many bass players, I’m affected by GAS but I’m also pretty eclectic: I’m always looking for innovative and exciting instruments. I had the chance to try Alusonic aluminum basses and I was really impressed. I never though aluminum could sound so amazing. Well... I was wrong! We are now working on a new bass project (see attached picture). What I can say for now is that the bass won’t be made just in aluminum… and that the project is focused on getting a superior tone for a competitive price. I’m proud to be in Alusonic family and glad to support my country!" - Alberto Rigoni

More news coming soon! - -

Alusonic J-Special “Thor"

Guthrie Govan: Master Class Clinic Tour - July 2014 - Thump Music

Thump Music would like to welcome you to a once in a lifetime opportunity to attend a never before seen Masterclass by Guthrie in Australia. With over 2hrs of solid teaching, Q&A, playing and empowering you as a guitarist and musician. Everyone here at Thump Music is excited to have this tour running in July 2014. Thump Music will be hosting Guthrie in the following states -- Perth, Brisbane, Sydney, Tasmania and Melbourne. South Australia will not have the clinic format as Adelaide International Guitar Festival is working with Thump Music and having Guthrie perform at their Festival. See for the Adelaide appearances.

This tour will be set in the format of our standard clinic layout. The artist will change each clinic depending on how they are feeling and crowd interaction however this is a true clinic and we believe that you will leave as you did with Satriani, Gilbert, Vai, Wooten & Miller excited about music and your instrument.

Grab your tickets as

Guthrie Govan Master Class Clinic Tour - July 2014 - Thump Music

Guthrie Govan Master Class Clinic Tour - July 2014 - Thump Music

Damjan Pejcinoski: Masterclass and concert in London announced

Damjan Pejcinoski
14th of March I will be doing a concert and masterclass in London,UK. If anyone interested contact me via PM.My buddy Ali Khan will join me also. It will be fun! See you there!

Jay Parmar: Lynch Lyck 8 for you and in this one I'm using my Spirit Dance Custom

Jay Parmar

Hey Guys,
Lynch Lyck 8 for you and in this one I'm using my Spirit Dance Custom in a video for the very first time! So check it out :) This one is an extended phrase in dominant pentatonic/melodic minor - a favourite of mine to play. Enjoy!!!

Lynch Lyck 8 groovers and shakers! :) Key of D (D flat/C sharp to be more precise as my guitar is tuned down a half step). Longer lick for you putting together some elements and licks that I like to play and which clip together well to create a very dynamic phrase. Tab link is below. Enjoy burning up the fretboard and see you next week!

You can download the tab at this link:

My guitar is tuned half step down to E flat - Eb, Ab, Db, Gb, Bb and Eb.

Any Qs or comments please leave them in the box below and I'll reply as soon as I can.