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Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson, Neil Peart: RUSH reissue 1974 self-titled Moon Records debut on vinyl to mark 40-year recording career

RUSH reissue 1974 self-titled Moon Records debut on vinyl to mark 40-year recording career

In March of 1974, Rush released their self-titled debut through the band's own indie label, Moon Records in Canada, and quickly sold out of the initial 3500 copies originally pressed. Moon Records would soon become Anthem Records, which launched in 1977, and continues to serve as the band's only Canadian record company.

To mark the band's 40-year recording career, on April 15, 2013, Universal Music Enterprises (UMe) will celebrate with the vinyl reissue of the original Moon Records (pre-Mercury) release of Rush, as part of Universal's reDISCovered vinyl series. Housed in a sturdy, custom box with a lift-off top, this landmark album is pressed on 200g, audiophile grade vinyl, from the original 1974 analog stereo masters, cut to copper plates using the Direct Metal Mastering (DMM) process at the legendary Abbey Road Studios. Rush also features the original Moon Records jacket art, complete with the original MN-100-A/B Matrix etching, and will include a 16"x22" reproduction of the first Rush promo poster, three 5"x7" lithographs of Geddy Lee, Alex Lifeson and John Rutsey, a 12"x12" Rush Family Tree poster, and a digital download card for a free digital copy of this newly remastered release.

Featuring the band's original line up, Lee, Lifeson and Rutsey, Rush's eponymous 1974 debut features eight hard-hitting rockers including "Finding My Way," the fast-paced "Need Some Love," "Take A Friend," "What You're Doing," the southern rock vibe of "In The Mood," and their U.S. breakthrough anthem "Working Man" which was made famous by Cleveland, Ohio's WMMS radio station. Other tracks include the more melodic "Here Again" and the atmospheric "Before and After," which gradually builds into a burst of power chords and heavy guitar riffs.

Rush Rediscovered LP Box Set will be limited, pre-order your copy now:



Ivan Felipe Velasco: transcribed by ear - Andy James - Time and time again

Kudos to Marie Takahashi

Hey guys. Finally a new video, please check out the vid in HD. This time I'm playing along with an Andy James song: "Time and time again" this song is so complex but it's just beautiful. I've transcribed the whole song by ear. Once again, this is one of the hardest piece of music I ever attempted to play, it was a real challenge and I almost gave up, but here is the message for you: never give up you're more than any challenge!

Youtube seems to "stabilize" the video making the starting so blurry, in my pc the video is perfect, I don't know if this will ever be fixed by youtube, but if it is not, I'm so sorry guys I don't how to fix it. :'(

Andy James is my favorite guitar player ever, or me he is the best of all ! his technique and velocity are out of this world, not to talk about his compositions which are always incredible.

My Ultimate-Guitar profile:

Tuning: E standard

Guitar: Jackson PDX demmelition King V.

Effects: Line 6 Pod 2.0. Note: Tone made by mua!

Strings: "La Bella"

Cheers, and thanks a LOT ! for watching this video.
Your metalhead friend: SoundSolemn.

I do not right any of the background music in this video, it is the property of "Andy James" thanks a lot.

Andy James - Time and time again (Guitar Cover)

Lyle Watt: New Strat Day - Tasty soloing

LOOK AT THAT FRINGE! Damn, I need a haircut.

Anyway - I bought a new Strat last week. It's a Fender FSR American Standard V Neck Strat, and I've finally gotten round to recording a video with it. Tom Quayle released some great backing tracks a while ago, and I was really drawn to this one, so I recorded something with it. Hope you enjoy it!

Usual gear for this one: IK Multimedia Amplitube 3, with a bit of reverb added afterwards in Logic.

Lyle Watt - New Strat Day! (Tom Quayle BT)

Jacky Vincent: Brian Rademacher Interviews Falling in Reverse guitarist

2014 02 21 jacky vincent falling in reverse
Brian Rademacher Interviews Jacky Vincent 2/21/2014

Tracy G: Dio - Mob Rules - Live in London Hammersmith Apollo 1993

Dio - Mob Rules (Live in London Hammersmith Apollo 1993)
Eagle Rock
Filmed at London's Hammersmith Apollo on 12th December 1993 this previously unreleased concert film captures the then newly reformed Dio on the last night of their European tour in support of the "Strange Highways" album. DVD: BluRay: 2CD and digital versions coming soon. With a line-up of Ronnie James Dio (vocals), Vinny Appice (drums), Jeff Pilson (bass) and Tracy G (guitar) the band delivered a blistering performance on tracks from their new album, previous Dio classics and favourites from Ronnie's career with Black Sabbath and Rainbow. So take a ride on "Strange Highways" and be blown away by one of the greatest rock bands of all time.

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Keith Merrow: Schecter guitars artist has come along way!

Keith Merrow

A few years ago, if someone had told me that I would one day be printed in Guitar World, holding my signature Schecter Guitars, standing next to Jeff Loomis(my band mate and friend)... I wouldn't have believed it. Cheers!

Jeff Loomis - Guitar
Keith Merrow - Guitar
Alex webster - Bass
Alex Rudinger - Drums

Conquering Dystopia - Live at Grove of Anaheim ( Namm2014 & Schecter Afterparty)

Clinic tour in Europe

Schecter Guitars in partnership with Gold Music Italy and Westside Distribution UK proudly present Jeff Loomis and Keith Merrow guitar clinics. They will also be appearing and signing at the Schecter booth at Frankfurt Musik Messe March 14th 14:00 and 15th 14:00.

16th of March 2014 - Time 16:00
Strada Ribrocca, 2
15057 Tortona (AL)
Tel. 0131/821633

17th of March 2014 - Time 19:30
Vieri Niccolini presso Rock Heat Club
Via Luigi Galvani, 22
52199 Arezzo

18th of March 2014 - Time 19:30
Via D'Antona, 6/Q
60033 Chiaravalle (AN)

19th March 2014 19:00
Guitar Guitar Birmingham
100 hagley road
B16 8LA
Tel. 0121 456 1904

20th March 2014 19:00
Richtone Music
62 broadfield road
Sheffield S8 0XL
Tel. 0114 362 77 77

21st March 2014 19:00
Nevada Music
12 fitzherbert spur
Portsmouth PO6 1TT
Tel. (023) 9220 5100

Leonardo Guzman: Astral EXR Systems & Strandberg Guitarworks are beyond proud to announce that Leonardo Guzman has now joined our family

Astral EXR Systems

Astral EXR Systems & Strandberg Guitarworks are beyond proud to announce that Leonardo Guzman has now joined our family and will be rocking some bodens very soon.

Leonardo is in our opinion one of the very best talents we have seen in a long time and firmly believe he will be at the very top of the guitar food chain in no time. He is also one of the nicest, humblest and hardest working artists we know.

Leo, a huge welcome to our team. We very much look forward to working with you for a long time to come.

Leo, una gran bienvenida a nuestra familia! Saludos a un futuro lleno de buenisima musica y aventuras. — with Kris Claerhout, Laura Klinkert, Leonardo Guzman,Chrys Johnson, Allan Marcus, Paul De Maio and Ola Strandberg.

Thomas Bressel: covers Bumblefoot - Guitars SUCK

Hello, this is another Ron 'Bumblefoot' THAL cover ! i tried to play it as well i could ;) this song is infernal but it's a real pleasure to play it ;)
I did the backing track with a virtual drums, but all guitars and bass was recorded by me (vocals too)

BUMBLEFOOT - Guitars SUCK (Cover by Thomas Bressel)

RON THAL - Blue Tongue (Cover by Thomas BRESSEL)

Jordan Ferreira: Vigilant recording session, plus Elixir on Mute on EMGtv

VIGILANT- Jordan Ferreira Talks Gear & Recording the New Album

Elixir on Mute is an electrifying sonic assault led by the young guitarist Jordan Ferreira and former The Mars Volta drummer. . With former The Mars Volta drummer at the helm, Elixir on Mute performs their brand of heavy progressive rock at EMGtv. Watch this and other metal music videos at:
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Filmed at:

Elixir on Mute trio performs "Elixir" live on EMGtv

Elixir on Mute rocks Last Shadow live on EMGtv

Ron Thal,Jordan Ferreira: Bumblefoot talks to Jordan Ferreira & ElixirOnMute

Ron Thal,Jordan Ferreira: Bumblefoot talks to Jordan Ferreira & ElixirOnMute

Bumblefoot talks to Jordan Ferreira & ElixirOnMute

Steve Lukather,Richie Kotzen,Billy Sheehan: All headed for Baked Potato in Studio City

photo by John Zocco Photography

Coming up at the world famous Baked Potato in Studio City (LA area)...
Tonight and Saturday - Steve Lukather 
March 4th, Tuesday - Richie Kotzen
and next Friday, Saturday, and Sunday Billy Sheehan brings his band Niacin to The Baked Potato for 3 nights in a row (March 7th, 8th, & 9th).


Kirk Fletcher: special guest at Little Lou's jam 2 27 14

Dudley Ross 

Kirk Fletcher, I'm touring with him this year! Total bad ass!

Joe Bonamassa "Kirk is hands-down one of the best blues guitarists in the world.”

Sneak Peak of upcoming dates - these are still to be confirmed

Laurie Monk "this will be a must see show"

Aki joins Kirk Fletcher, special guest at Little Lou's jam 2 27 14

Christian Muenzner: Beyond The Wall Of Sleep - fundraiser

About "Beyond The Wall Of Sleep"

My name is Christian Muenzner, I'm a guitar player and composer from Bad Neustadt, Germany, I play for the bands Obscura, Spawn Of Possession and Paradox. In 2011 I released my first instrumental solo album "Timewarp", now I want to release my second album "Beyond The Wall Of Sleep".

The reason that I decided to go for a crowdfunding campaign is that in the small niche of instrumental music it is almost impossible to find a label which gives the necessary support to produce a quality album unless you're a really big name, which is why most instrumental albums feature drum computers and cheap artwork. Not to mention that even though my bands are popular, my name is an individual is not, which is another reason why a label won't take the risk to finance such an album in times of constantly declining record sales.

I want my album to be of the same quality as a serious band release, including real musicians, the best possible sound and production and a quality cover and artwork. If you agree with me on that, please help me to make it happen!

What I Need & What You Get

The money will be used to produce the album and the T-shirts and posters. The album production costs include:

- drum recordings

- mixing and mastering of the album

- the cover artwork and illustrations

- the pressing of the CD's

I intend no personal enrichment with the collected funds, any potential left overs will go into fees for the awesome musicians who despite their busy schedules invested a lot of hard work, time and energy to help me to record this album.

The album will feature 11 instrumental tracks which are a logical evolution from Timewarp, such as the track that can be seen and heard in the video above. Here is a compilation of various sections from the album. Since the mix and master is going to happen in March, these are just quick rough mixes:

The Line Up

Even though this is a solo album, it is performed by a complete band line up which consists of:

Jimmy Pitts (The Fractured Dimension, Spastic Ink, Pitts/Minnemann) on keyboards
Linus Klausenitzer (Obscura, Noneuclid) on bass
Hannes Grossmann (Obscura, Blotted Science) on drums
The album will be mixed and mastered by Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) in March 2014.

Orianthi: interviewed from Dean Markley Booth Namm 2014

ORIANTHI interviewed from Dean Markley Booth Namm 2014 - Guitar Gods and Masterpieces
ORIANTHI interviewed from Dean Markley Booth Namm 2014 - Guitar Gods and Masterpieces

Aaron Marshall: Intervals - The Siren Sound

Mike Semesky - Vocals
Aaron Marshall - Guitar
Lukas Guyader - Guitar
Anup Sastry - Drum
Official Stream - "THE SIREN SOUND" - Off the debut LP "A Voice Within" - OUT MARCH 4th!

New Album Pre-Orders: