Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Bruce Bouillet: Black Sheep's Willie Basse getting ready for tour dates

Elena Hernandez, owner and principal of Excite Entertainment Enterprises is now booking live performances, including concerts, gigs, tours, radio and TV performances for  Willie Basse.

Basse is best known for his role as bassist/frontman with legendary metalheads, BLACK SHEEP who were mainstays on the Los Angeles Sunset Strip during the ‘80s metal explosion.

The band, best known for their technical prowess and precision, has boasted members that include SLASH, PAUL GILBERT, JAMES KOTTAK, MARSHALL HARRISON, RANDY CASTILLO, KURT JAMES and MITCH PERRY

Willie Basse's current touring line up features:

Bruce Bouillet - guitar (RACER X, THE SCREAM)
Scott Warren - keys (DIO, HEAVEN & HELL)
Anthony Biuso - drums (TSOL, HED PE)

News: Learn To Play Day embraces mobile technology with Guitar playing app - and giveaway 10,000 songs

Learn To Play Day to giveaway 10,000 songs

Learn To Play Day embraces mobile technology with Guitar playing app - FourChords

On Saturday 12th April 2014, the UK’s National Learn To Play Day returns to invite the general public to participating music stores and venues across the country to have a free "taster" lesson on a musical instrument.

This year, Learn To Play Day has teamed up with mobile guitar app FourChords, to give away 10,000 free songs to help budding guitarists play on the day.

FourChords Guitar Karaoke, developed by Finnish music app developer Musopia and available on the iPhone and iPad, is an app which presents songs in four easy-to-play chords. Recently passing the 1,500,000 plays from its extensive songbook of the latest chart-toppers and well-loved classics, FourChords helps people enjoy playing the guitar quickly and easily.

Organised by Music for All, the charity of the UK musical instrument industry. Learn To Play Day works hand in hand with its partners, instrument manufacturers, music shops and other venues, celebrities, musicians and many more, to encourage everyone to join in this unique musical learning experience.

Jools Holland is the patron of the Music for All charity, and partners for the event include the Musicians’ Union, the Arts Council England’s Take It Away scheme and

Paul McManus, CEO of Music for All and organiser of Learn To Play Day said; “Our goal is to inspire people to learn and enjoy musical instruments and having Musopia’s support with the 10,000 FourChords songs is a great opportunity to reach more aspiring musicians. Many consumers are using smart devices for leisure activities and now having the ability to help them learn an instrument through an app is a great fit for Learn To Play Day.”

Paula Lehto, CMO of Musopia said; “Over 80% of guitar beginners give up within 6 months, but with FourChords we help them to play their favourite songs almost immediately and keep them playing. Learn To Play Day is a fantastic event which we’re thrilled to be involved in and which shares our key objective – to get people playing, and enjoying, music.”

The 10,000 song downloads will be available for free within the FourChords App from Learn To Play Day on the 12th April 2014. For more information, visit

Bernhard Beibl: very sad to announce, that he's not touring with Tangerine Dream

Bernhard Beibl

Dear TD fans,
I'm very sad to announce, that I will not be touring with Tangerine Dream this year.
After more than 7 years giving my best on stage and in the studio this is a very difficult step I have to take.
I have been continuously asked by TD to play for very little money since 2010 because the so called "promotion-gigs" didn't have that much budget.

This was never a problem for me as long as I could help the band I always felt very proud to be a part of.
But this year TD decided to cut the fees even more - although the final "Farewell Tour" simply can never be classified as a "promotion tour" IMHO - and go down to a level where I would lose money when going on tour instead of staying at home and doing my job as a guitar teacher.

In an email they sent me 2!!! weeks ago they offered an extremely low compensation and requested an answer if I would agree or not. 

I replied with a detailed break-down of what I would lose by accepting those terms and offered a counter proposal.

I didn't ask for much more - just the same amount of money I got for the last "promotion - gigs" which as I already mentioned was actually very low.

But instead of trying to find a consensus with me that's maybe somewhere in the middle of both worlds they just sent me a short email that TD will go on tour without me. Good luck. Goodbye.
No more conversation...

Disappointing after that long time I've been working for and with Edgar, wouldn't you agree?
I'm still very much shocked because as I wrote before this all happened 2 weeks ago when I had already been practising very hard for the upcoming concerts and was full of anticipation.

I was looking so much forward to seeing and meeting all the nice people - fans, crew members and close friends I had the privilege to get to know over the years.

I hope you all understand that it was never my plan at all to stay at home and that I'm really very sad about it.
Hope to meet you all again somewhere in the close future.

Maybe at a concert of one of my bands or maybe just for a coffee? 

BTW, the only positive thing is that I will finally have more time now for producing online guitar lessons with my friend Marko, for my own music and for finishing my singer songwriter solo album as soon as possible.
Actually, Martin Weninger and me are also working on a follow-up of our very successful instrumental EP 2012!

Stay in touch!
Best wishes,

Bernhard Beibl: Bernhard Beibl