Monday, 7 April 2014

Tomo Fujita: blues funk jam NAMM 2014

Tomo Fujita: In my private lessons and blues/funk labs, I teach fundamental techniques for playing good music—getting a good tone from the guitar and keeping a good rhythm. But I try to teach something more valuable for the future, so I really emphasize feeling. Especially in blues playing, I emphasize expression, tone, and time. Sometimes these simple things are really difficult to achieve with quality and detail. So I teach a lot of grooves and rhythm."

Tomo Fujita: blues funk jam NAMM 2014

Paul Gilbert: the Ditto X2 Looper - "Yuzu Kosho", "Daikon Aji", "Ponzu Sauce", and "Bluezu Kosho"

Paul Gilbert: the Ditto X2 Looper - "Yuzu Kosho", "Daikon Aji", "Ponzu Sauce", and "Bluezu Kosho"

Paul Gilbert: the Ditto X2 Looper

Andy Wood: TC Electronics - interview and Ditto Looper pedal demo

Andy Wood interview

In this video Andy Wood demo's the Ditto Looper pedal from TC Electronic.

Andy Wood demo's the Ditto Looper pedal

Guthrie Govan: TC Electronics - "Dotted Eighths" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay pedal

Guthrie Govan demos his "Dotted Eighths" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay pedal from TC Electronic.

Flashback Delay product page:

TonePrint page:

Guthrie Govan artist page:

Guthrie Govan demos his "Dotted Eighths" TonePrint for the Flashback Delay pedal

Guthrie Govan creates his "Bob" loop for the Ditto X2 Looper

Guthrie Govan demoes his "Louisville" Reverb TonePrint

Russ Parrish: Acousti-Satchel - Steel Panther - all you can eat press conference with assistance from Hustler

Late last week Steel Panther had a press conference at the Hustler Club in Hollywood to announce the release of All You Can Eat, and although we can't bring you the complete conference, here is a PG-13 wrap of what went down.



Ben Wilshire: Lick Of The Day! - Number 1 | With Tabs!

Hi Guys!

For the next fortnight I will be posting a new lick every day complete with a free tab available on my Facebook page. Lots of different licks from of varying techniques, difficulties and styles so I hope you enjoy them all!

Thanks for watching and please subscribe for more videos!


Ben Wilshire's Lick Of The Day! - Number 1 | With Tabs!

Strat Ballad Jam - Loads Of Reverb! | Ben Wilshire

Nita Strauss: US National Anthem - Honda Centre LA KISS 2014 - Great job!!



Jeff Loomis: doing his best postman pat impression for Conquering Dystopia

Hello everyone! We just wanted to give you a bit of an update on the status of the campaign perks. First off, we want to thank you again for your contribution. You made this album happen! You're probably wondering the status of your perk at this point. Some of the items have yet to be fulfilled, and have gone over the estimated date of delivery. Very sorry for the delays! We admit, it's been a tough challenge for our team to keep up with all of the people who contributed to our campaign. It was our first time trying a crowd-funding campaign, and we're working through this the best we can :)

We greatly appreciate your patience with us, and apologize again for the delay.

Some items are currently still being produced (DVD, Vinyl, etc.), and other items will begin shipping next week (t-shirts, pedals, picks, etc). However, due to the number of people who contributed, we are shipping the remaining items in “phases”. Each one of these shipments are packaged and taken to the Post Office by hand. There's a lot to ship! Other perks, such as lessons, album guitars, and VIP dinners are fulfilled. We greatly appreciate your patience; we’re doing everything we can to get your perk sent out to you as soon as possible. Thanks! -Conquering Dystopia

Al Di Meola,Tina Guo: insane recording for Tina Guo's Metal Album!

Guest Guitarist on Tina's cover of Sanitarium by Metallica
Al trading solos with Electric Cello

Al Di Meola Recording for Tina Guo's Metal Album

Nenad Kukic: Book Of Memories - From the TV show "Rock 'n' Roll Ride"

Nenad Kukic - Book Of Memories //Video 2014//
Nenad Kukic
Iz emisije "Rock 'n' Roll vožnja" sa Zlatkom Manojlovićem

From the TV show "Rock 'n' Roll Ride" with Zlatko Manojlovic

Anna Greta Giannotti: caution hot work in progress - SHG Napoli 2014

pic by l'unico e inimitabile Il Teo !!!

SHG Napoli 2014 Work in Progress
Anna Greta Giannotti

Dallton Santos: Rock Latin Fusion Guitar - Original composition

Rock Latin Fusion Guitar
Dallton Santos

Jani J Szentkiralyi, Ricky Wolking, Atma Anur: Emir Hot check out the explosive new track Kalajdzisko Oro

Emir Hot

New video with king of drums Atma Anur, Hungarian shredder Jani J. Szentkiralyi and amazing bassist Ricky Wolking. This time we've done Macedonian traditional song "Kalajdzisko Oro" in Metal/Fusion style inspired by Vlatko Stefanovski's version.

Atma Anur - Kalajdzisko Cover (Metal/Fusion version)

Joe Satriani: celebrating three decades in the music business by releasing a super cool 15-CD Box Set!!

Joe Satriani
Joe is celebrating three decades in the music business and is releasing a 15-CD Box Set also available in this awesome Chrome Dome! The box set includes a full disc of previously unreleased tracks too! Check out the interview released today on +Billboard

Petey Graves: Red Seas Fire | Confrontation | Full EP Stream

Download the EP from:

Find us on Facebook:

Red Seas Fire | Confrontation | Full EP Stream

Dragianni: more great players announced for Klavitara Zagreb Festival

KLAVITARA Zagreb Festival will be held in Zagreb (Croatia) on June 7th 2014 at the Sax Music Club ( featuring over-the-top Rock/Metal Guitar and Keyboard players:
Dragianni (guitar), Emir Hot (guitar), Fabrizio 'Bicio' Leo (guitar), Ivan Mihaljevic (guitar), Mistheria (keyboard), Damjan Pejcinoski (guitar), Nicolas Quinteros (keyboard), Roger Staffelbach (guitar), Muris Varajic (guitar).

Also, on stage for the evening concert:
Titta Tani (vocals), Dino Fiorenza (bass), John Macaluso (drums)

For more info, news, program, artists' announcements, please visit:

Rock Akademija - Music School (
Hit Produkcija - Music Production Studio (
Live4Guitar - Guitar community and Lessons (

DV Mark guitar amps (
Marskbass amps (

Gitare.Info (
Radio Student (
Radio 101 (

Glazbeni Oglasnik (

KLAVITARA: message from Dragianni

Jay Parmar: an hour long Google hangout with TGFMAF 2014

+Jay Parmar is one of the players who I've seen making effective us of the Google+ platform. I wasn't able to hang out myself, but you get a chance to watch an hour long hangout with Jay in full flow. 

Amazing, amazing evening yesterday hanging out with some awesome, awesome inspirational people! So good to see everybody's performances. And playing live was a bonus as well :) Thanks so much to +Matt Gibson +Hermine Ngnomire +Yashi Brown +Daria Musk +Rebecca Perl +Annika O'Brien +Neila Rey +Damon Marks Tim Coffey +Sudesh Solanki - apologies if I missed anybody out - and everybody else that I met yesterday online. Had a great time! Watch the performances peeps - they are fantastic! If you wanna ...

Jay Parmar TGFMAF 2014