Sunday, 13 April 2014

Reb Beach: Bike Night!! The Reb Beach Project is gonna rock the house!

Reb Beach

Hey Everyone!!
Come on out to Jergels on Tuesday night for Bike Night!! The Reb Beach Project is gonna rock the house! The great Donnie Iris will be guest bar tending. Hope to see you there!!


Eric Clapton: 1985 Comeback Album 'Behind The Sun' Released on Hybrid SACD

Camarillo, CA - Eric Clapton fans are buzzing with excitement over the release of his critically acclaimed 1985 comeback album 'Behind The Sun' on limited numbered edition Hybrid SACD on Marshall Blonstein's Audio Fidelity! The musical climate had changed dramatically from the days Eric Clapton had topped the charts in the '70s. 'Behind The Sun' is not his first album of the decade, but he obviously understood it was time to modernize his sound. After signing with Warner Brothers in 1983, Clapton bounced back on the music charts for the first time in five years, and solidified his return in 1985 with the instant success of 'Behind The Sun' his ninth album.

Backed with a line-up of stellar musicians and producers Lenny Waronker, Rod Templeman and Phil Collins, Clapton for the first time in years now had several songs that reached a wider audience scoring Top 40 hits with "Forever Man" and "See What Love Can Do." He didn't abandon his old music, he just blended it more effectively and brought the flavor up to date by mastering the more electronic sound of '80s radio.

This album also had a heavy soul flavor with a really well produced version of Eddie Floyd's "Knock On Wood" and Clapton remained true to the blues with a brilliant eight minute track, "Same Old Blues" which contains some of his most electric playing of the era.

The sessions featured Toto guitarist Steve Lukather and former drummer Jeff Porcaro, as well as Clapton's long-time collaborators, drummer Jamie Oldaker, bassist Nathan East and keyboardist Greg Phillinganes. Clapton's voice had a rich new depth, like whiskey aged to perfection. The recording showcased blistering guitar solos, a high-octane R&B beat and a slick synthesizer-backed production, that was well-suited for the pop-rock market - The Guitar God was now serenading to a new generation of admirers and fans alike.

“Back in the spotlight...this comeback album is an underrated classic - Don't miss out on this gem!”

Eric Clapton's 1985 Comeback Album 'Behind The Sun' Released on Hybrid SACD

She's Waiting
See What Love Can Do
Same Old Blues
Knock on Wood
Something's Happening
Forever Man
It All Depends
Tangled in Love
Never Make You Cry
Just Like a Prisoner
Behind the Sun

Philly Guitar Kid: Wonderful Slippery Thing/Wave Of Babies - check out the dog on the latter... oh and 12 years old!

Back to my 6 strings. This my cover of Wonderful Slippery Thing by one of my favorite guitarist Guthrie Govan. I decided to do a guitar and bass cover just to change things a bit and be different than the other covers. I also did the drum track so if you want a copy of the backing track, just Like my page on facebook and send me a message. Please click the Like button, Subscribe, Share, or leave a comment if you like my video. Thanks for watching!

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Wonderful Slippery Thing by Guthrie Govan (guitar and bass cover by 12yr old PhillyGuitarKid)

Me trying to play Wave of Babies by Tosin Abasi/Animals As Leaders. This is just my 2nd guitar cover video using my 8 string guitar so it's not perfect yet. I used Guitar Rig as my effects so I can simulate the clean and distorted parts. I also made the backing track because I couldn't find one on the internet, so just Like my page on facebook and send me a message there if you want a copy. Comment, Subscribe, Like, and Share if you like this video. Thanks for watching!

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Wave of Babies by Tosin Abasi/Animals As Leaders (cover by 12yr old PhillyGuitarKid)

James Theobald: My tribute to Allan Holdsworth. 'Fred' in a volume swell improvisation with freeform drums

My tribute to Allan Holdsworth. 'Fred' in a volume swell improvisation with freeform drums. I play some of my favorite gary husband cadences here, especially the one at the end 'Out From Under'.

Fred, Part II

Greg Howe: Matt Blackett interview for guitar player magazine

You’ve had a lot of big sideman gigs over the years. You said you got the call for the Michael Jackson gig on a Monday and you had to be onstage in Amsterdam that Wednesday. That seems impossible. Had you at least been woodshedding the tunes prior to that?

I had gone through the stuff a little bit. Jennifer Batten was really helpful in getting me not only all the material, but getting it from the perspective of the microphone on her cabinet. She recorded herself at rehearsal, so I could hear the band, but I could hear her guitar parts loud and clear. So I did a little bit of work on the tunes, but no one could tell me if or when I was going to get the call. Months went by and I really wasn’t listening to his stuff at all. So, when they finally did call me, it was completely out of the blue and a little scary. They called me Monday night and I had to be on a plane at 6:00 in the morning Tuesday. The airport was about two hours from where I used to live, and I had to be there two hours before my flight. So I really had to be at the airport by 4:00 AM, which meant I had to leave my house at 2:00. So I only had about six hours to pack and learn the songs from the time I got the call. There was also a lot of switching of patches on my DigiTech unit, and choreography I had to learn by Wednesday morning. I had this gigantic, poster-sized cheat sheet that surrounded my pedalboard. It had notes that said, “Song 1: preset 14 verse, chorus preset 57, end of second verse, step out, spin around, wait for Michael, wait for dancers to pass by, guitar solo, preset 71.” It was very stressful, but it went okay.

Full interview

Mike Zito: Working Man - Royal Southern Brotherhood

The YMCA Boulton Center for the Performing Arts - Bay Shore, NY
Cyril Neville, Mike Zito, Devon Allman, Yonrico Scott, & Charlie Wooton
Filmed in HD by Joan Mallotides aka BluesBroad

March 20, 2014

"Working Man" Royal Southern Brotherhood 3-20-14

Panos Arvanitis: Uli Jon Roth style lick lesson

Lick of the week #007 Uli Jon Roth style
Panos Arvanitis
Another free lesson in the style of Uli Jon Roth.Free tabs and backing track .Links below.This is in the key of A major /D Harmonic Minor.WATCH IT ON HD.
i Hope you enjoy it.Comment,like,share ,subscribe for more free lessons.
Gear used :Fender Heartfield Talon frost red 1993 MIJ
POD XT Pro Rack Line6.
Tab link:

Backing track link:

Sam Bell: "Thank You" - the 4000+ sub jam - Ibanez, Laney, Gruv Gear and Pro Tone pedals

I have noticed I have over 4000 subs on this youtube channel now, i would like to say a MASSIVE thank you to everyone who has supported me so far. It really means so much! I would also like to thank Ibanez, Laney, Gruv Gear and Pro Tone pedals for supporting me in what I do! THANK YOU! :) I JUST got back from an awesome holiday in Marrakech, haven't played in a few days. Getting back into the spirt of things with a fun jam over a track I put together this morning! Enjoy! If you like please click like and subscribe! :)

Over 4,000 Subs! Thank you! Improvisation - Sam Bell

Kirk Fletcher,Dudley Ross: the masterful blues player heads over the pond to the UK - catch him whilst you can!

Richard Dunning

18th October... It'd be so wrong not to go to this. Be among the lucky and grab a ticket now!

Yes that is right... Kirk Fletcher: the masterful blues player heads over the pond to the UK - catch him whilst you can!

Kirk Fletcher and my good friend David Zuckerman at NAMM 2014

Masahiro Aoki: Godspeed Vivix - Cloudia - full length performance from Project's 3rd album "G5 2010"

Masahiro Aoki aka Godspeed Vivix caught by Truth In Shredding!

Masahiro Aoki

I've uploaded the full length performance of my song "Cloudia". Cloudia was originally included in G5 Project's 3rd album "G5 2010", and will also be included in my upcoming release "NEXT". I used 4 HD video cameras to shoot this video. Hope you enjoy it!

"Cloudia" from my new album NEXT.
Suhr Standard #1831
Kemper Profiling Amplifier
recorded at BASS ON TOP UMEDA 1st
//NEXT Basic info
スペースは第一展示場S-16ab "MintJam/ViViX"で、

For more information, visit our web site at
Godspeed - Cloudia (from NEXT)

Godspeed Vivix: G5 Project 4th album "G5 2013"

Godspeed live performance at G5 Clinic 2014