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Fabrizio Leo: Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014
Bicio's "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014 Get the backing track, record your improvised lead parts on video and win great prizes. Rules and download links: get Deadline to submit July 10, 23:50 GMT+2 Sponsors: DVMark, Riffstation, jellybeard records, TruthInShredding. Special thanks to Sally Cangiano for the video editing

Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014

Kosta Vreto, Jason Becker: Perpetual Burn - insane picking technique

For Jason Becker: Jason, insane picking technique from Kosta Vreto. I think you'll love it

Jason Becker Fantastic! Thank you for sharing.

Jason Becker - Perpetual Burn (excerpt)

Sergey Golovin: Positive Grid Acoustic Simulator

Sergey Golovin - Positive Grid Acoustic Simulator
Sergey Golovin

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Rick Graham: The Guitar Gym: Arpeggio Workout

The Guitar Gym: Arpeggio Workout - Rick Graham
Rick Graham

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Walter Trout: Q & A: The Road to Recovery

Walter Trout Q & A: The Road to Recovery
Walter Trout talks with his wife Marie post-liver transplant about what helped him get through the tough times. And now what his plans are for the future as he begins his road to recovery.

George Marios: Cornwall summer courses

George Marios-CORNWALL SUMMER COURSES announcement
George Marios
"Hey guys,
I am really pleased to announce that i will be running two summer courses, as part of the Guitar Getaways tutoring services.
Beginners course 19/7-20/7:
This is going to be two days of getting to work on some of the fundamental elements of learning the guitar.
I am a firm believer that the learning experience should be a fun one and i have mapped down two days of a lot of team work, jamming and overall music.
5 day Course 18/8-22/8:
This is a great opportunity to really focus on your guitar playing and music, while getting to know some fellow guitar enthusiasts and hanging out in Cornwall.
There is going to be a lot of jamming, learning and exploring this beautiful place.
Last year , was one of many breakthroughs for the attendees.
So bring on this years' course!
For infos on booking/fee's etc email
See you there,
George Marios "

Eric Gales, dUg Pinnick,Thomas Pridgen: Pinnick Gales Pridgen - "Every Step Of The Way"

Pinnick Gales Pridgen - "Every Step Of The Way" (stereo version)
Pinnick Gales Pridgen is:
• dUg Pinnick - Bass and Vocals (King's X, KXM)
• Eric Gales - Guitar and Vocals (Eric Gales Band, Lauryn Hill)
• Thomas Pridgen - Drums (ex Mars Volta, Suicidal Tendencies)

dUg Pinnick, Eric Gales and Thomas Pridgen loved the experience of collaborating so much that they quickly headed back into the studio to record a second album of psychedelic blues, hard rock, and progressive soul/R&B together.

Magna Carta's Peter Morticelli and Mike Varney dreamed up the team and brought them together to collaborate on this second album just months after the first album was released to such critical acclaim among the press and the fans.
As for the chemistry between the three, Gales said it all clicked almost instantly. "There was a lot going on and it was really exciting. We got together, collaborated and just pulled and tugged at each other and that's what came out. It was a beautiful outcome."

Daniele Gottardo: Rimsky's Beard - performance play through

Rimsky's Beard is the first track on the second album of Daniele Gottardo, Non Temperato. You can order your signed copy at

About Rimsky's Beard
This track is a humble tribute to one of my favorite composers, Rimsky Korsakov, whose harmonic approach and orchestration techniques I have studied extensively. I used some of the harmonic effects that he developed in his compositions, including the use of octatonic harmony. Examples are heard in the main riff, the first theme, and in the central section. Additionally, in the main theme I referenced Rimsky's signature use of a chromatic harmony, full of harmonic digressions, but always linked to a tonal center. I wanted not only to write in Rimsky's harmony vocabulary, but also incorporate elements of his orchestrations, such as the use of the tremolo on octatonic harmonies and the use of woodwinds opposing the strings.DANIELE GOTTARDO'S PHYSICAL SIGNED CD AVAILABLE NOW! VISIT DANIELE GOTTARDO'S OFFICIAL SITE! "Non Temperato" is a joining of the electric guitar and a classical orchestral ensemble. It is a hybrid of European-derived harmonies and the distorted sound of American rock music. It is a blend of elements explored in a unique and systematic way. Sound, composition, and imagination create a world of colors for getting lost in the listening.

Daniele Gottardo
Daniele Gottardo - Rimsky's Beard

Jake Hertzog: Trio Live "Oberon" - live fusion performance

A live version of a song from the first JH album "Chromatosphere".Live at The Triad Theater in New York, December 2013.

Jake Hertzog - Guitar
Harvie S - Bass
Victor Jones - Drums

Music by Jake Hertzog (Thats Out Music/BMI)

Jake Hertzog Trio Live "Oberon"

Chris Geden: Killing Time on a gorgeous Candy Apple Red Fender Stratocaster

Chris Geden: Killing Time on a gorgeous Candy Apple Red Fender Stratocaster

Killing Time

Jam Tracks Central "Orange Jam" - Too Many Notes and Not Enough Ideas

Irene Ketikidi: Diggit performed at Lizzard Studios, Athens, Greece

Irene Ketikidi

My first live studio session on camera!! Happy and smiling like a kid with a bag of sweets!

Live studio session for fusion track written by Andre Forbes in 7/4 and 5/4, Irene Ketikidi on E.Guitars, Michael Evdemon on bass, Panos Vassilopoulos on drums.Sound: Dimitris KarpouzasCameras: Damian Aronidis and Panos VassilopoulosVideo editing, production: Panos Vassilopoulos

Diggit performed at Lizzard Studios, Athens (Greece)

Dave Kilminster,Irene Ketikidi - Shut and Play Competition

Guthrie Govan: signature series

Signature Series

When we arranged for Guthrie to come back to JTC HQ to film a new set of tracks we decided it was time that we prised out his closest guarded secrets. In order to coax out these nuggets of pure genius and really see exactly how his mind works we simply had to challenge him with the most difficult jam tracks we could create. We spoke to our friends over at Yellow Boat Studios and they got to work, analysing Erotic Cakes and The Aristocrats before creating 3 incredible tracks to test Guthrie to the max! Plucky Seven is in 7/8 time, Man Alive is in 5/4 time and 'Five To Three' is in 4/4, although has a 5+3 feel, which Guthrie taps into a you can see why it is called the Signature Series!

It turns out that our plan worked....and now it is time for you to found out exactly how Guthrie works! He rose to the challenge and defeated it...and now it is your turn to dissect his brain, learn some of his magic and find out the genius of Guthrie Govan!

Whether you learn a few licks or a full track, these 3 tracks will be one of your biggest challenges, but the reward of learning from the master himself will overcome any fears you have before you start!

As ever, the JTC package comes with the full live solo tracks and videos, backing and jam track and TAB/Notation. We have also included some track notes to help you approach these tracks on your own!