Thursday, 24 July 2014

Stephen Ross: Adie's Song - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Hi Everyone. The name of this song is Adie's song and it will be on my upcoming instrumental release.

Thought it would be fun to enter it in Guitar Idol. If you dig it, please vote for me.

Check out my website at for latest info

Check out Stephen Ross jamming over the Bicio DV Mark "Alien Abduction" Guitar Competition 2014 track

A little jam over the great Fabrizio "BICIO" Leo backing track. I did about 3 takes over it and this was my favorite one. I am using a Sony high def camcorder and the Roland Eband or the sounds. I love the EBand because it is nice and easy to work with. Just load the backing track and you are off the races!!

Guitar Idol 4

Antonio Saluena: Guitar Addiction VOL.2 – Guitar Solo Contest 2014 - smoking Guitar Solo Contest 2014 - Antonio Saluena

also Guitar Idol Guitar Solo Contest 2014 - Antonio Saluena

Guitar Addiction VOL.2 – Guitar Solo Contest 2014

Igor Nembrini: Endless Circle - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Preview from "Rush Light" available on iTunes

"Rush Light" is an instrumental album "guitar oriented" it doesn't want to be guitarist's virtuosism but try to bring the listener in a "unusual" atmosphere.

Mixed and mastered in Germany in the Brainworx Studio by Dirk Ulrich international producer of James LaBrie,Pro Pain with "state of the art" technology produced by Brainworx for the simulation or guitar amplifier.

Endless Circle

Guitar Idol 4

Miro: Edinburgh Rhapsody - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

If you like, please vote for me!

Inspired from the journey of 2011. It starts from Military Tattoo rehearsal in the Castle, then goes to the circus(Royal Mile).

At 1:40, it's getting dark and begins to rain. The music takes us to Portobello area(just walk in the alleys--then maybe beach).

Before 4:00, you will go back to South Br., quickly walk through the crowds, then get to Princes St.(the rain already stopped), we see the Castle again...
Edinburgh Rhapsody (Neo Classical Metal) by Miro

Deniz Demiröz: All Alone - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Yönetmen:Deniz Demiröz
Görüntü Yönetmeni:Gül Demiröz

Yorum:Deniz Demiröz
Backing Track: Sad Melodic Guitar Backing Track In B Minor / D Major

Prodüktör/Düzenlemeler/Kayıt/Mix/Masteri­ng:Deniz Demiröz
Deniz Demiröz - All Alone - Guitar Idol 4 Entry

Guitar Idol 4

Chinatology: Illucinati "guitar idol 4" - a guitar duo

CHINATOLOGY saat tampil di acara #gitarisINA on TV dan Live Streaming on pada tanggal 20 Maret 2014

Guitar Idol 4

Frank Steffen Mueller: Bird - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Hi, this is my entry for Guitar Idol 4.It's an original song called "Bird". If you like it listen and watch it, enjoy it, share it and spread the world. Thank You :) Hope you had a great time :)

Gear used: Ibanez RG550 from 1993 loaded with DiMarzio Evolution, Megatone classic overdrive, RMC Wah, Moen FX GEC8 Live pedal switcher. Sommer Cable, Gravity Picks, Positive Grid JamUp software amp, Canon Eos 600D

Bird - Frank Steffen Mueller - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Guitar Idol 4

Georgi Stanchev: Time - Guitar Idol 4

Original Composition Georgi Stanchev

Time - Georgi Stanchev - 'Guitar Idol 4'

Guitar Idol 4

Xander Demos: Right Angles - Guitar Idol 4 entry

A little bit of shredding from Xander Demos: Right Angles - Guitar Idol 4 entry

Xander Demos Right Angles McNaught Shred

Guitar Idol 4

Cameron Allen: live in studio - "Jackknife on a Hairpin" - Guitar Idol 4 entry

This is the first track from my album Between The Lines, entitled "Jackknife on a Hairpin". The album is available on iTunes,, and! This video is the raw footage from my first JamLesson video for BendNote! The video will be live on their site soon!

Cameron Allen live in studio - "Jackknife on a Hairpin" (full song)

Guitar Idol 4