Friday, 29 August 2014

Brian Carroll: Buckethead -Twilight Constrictor - surely on the way to the most number of albums released in one year

Brian Carroll: Buckethead -Twilight Constrictor 
One more release from the fertile mind of Brian Carroll: Buckethead

1. For Your Safety 04:08
2. All Limbs 04:58
3. Inside 03:34
4. Twilight Constrictor 17:35

Joe Bonamassa: playing with The Muddy Wolf Band 2014

Joe Bonamassa & The Muddy Wolf Band - 8/27/14 Cheyenne, WO 15 videos 1 hour, 20 minutes

Javier Viñas: excellent new solo album - one to check out for sure

Javier Viñas:  Javier Viñas

1. Gemini 05:13
2. Bad Timing 05:42
3. KX Jam 05:46
4. 2nd Chance 04:59
5. Viaje 04:44
6. Hipster Bluz 05:22
7. I Want You (She's So Heavy) 06:50
8. DVL Inside 04:01
9. CRJ 04:15

released 29 August 2014

Guitar oriented rock from Buenos Aires, Argentina, featuring guest perfomances by: Dug Pinnick, Joel Hoekstra, Doug Rappoport, Santiago Pagura, Hector Pomo Lorenzo & Federico Navarro.
Produced by Javier Viñas & Charlie Giardina
Mixed by Javier Viñas, Charlie Giardina & Leandro Bordicelli
Mastering by Guillermo Porro
Ph & cover art by Ornella Capo

Joe Bonamassa,Kirk Fletcher: The Muddy Wolf Band - Evil

Joe Bonamassa & The Muddy Wolf Band at the Cheyenne Civic Center in Cheyenne, Wyoming (filmed by Natasha in HD)
Joe Bonamassa - Guitar & Vocal
Kirk Fletcher - Guitar

Joe Bonamassa & The Muddy Wolf Band - Evil - 8/27/14 Cheyenne Civic Center - Wyoming

Jason Becker: Not Dead Yet 3 - ticket giveaway contest

Jason Becker

So, with the gracious purchase of a bunch of tickets from our wonderful corporate sponsor Cytokinetics, I am going to run a ticket giveaway contest for my San Francisco Bay Area-based fans beginning immediately and ending by either the time we run out of tickets or 3pm PST, Friday, August 29; whichever comes first.

Purchase tickets online after 2:30pm PST today, Thursday, August 28, at the Great American Music Hall's ticket link below, and email a screen shot of your online purchase receipt to me through my Facebook page (please, don’t post it to the Wall). A random 20 people selected will get one additional FREE ticket to bring another buddy, bro or babe to the show on Saturday night, August 30.

We’ll post all the winners here on the Facebook page by 4pm PST on Friday, August 29… so you can gloat and brag to your friends.

• One entry per person.
• If you’re selected, one ticket will be awarded per contest entry.
• Please advise the name of the person who should receive the winning ticket, and that person’s name will be on the WILL CALL list.
• Please be sure to include your email address when submitting your entry, because if you win, you will be emailed a confirmation that you need to print and bring to the venue to insure entry.
• Your confirmation email will come from my publicist, Christopher atPRThatRocks… yes, that semi-naked knucklehead who poured ice cold water down his shorts in his own ALS challenge on my behalf.

Ready, set, GO!... and thanks for playing.

Mattias IA Eklundh: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Mattias Ia Eklundh

Nominated by Kris Claerhout, IA sinks his head into the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge (‪#‎ALSIcebucketchallenge‬) and in turn nominates the mightyJuanjo Guarnido, Panzerballett's Jan Zehrfeld and Christophe Godin (Godin Christophe) to participate and raise awareness for ALS.Mattias IA Eklundh ALS Ice Bucket Challenge