Friday, 31 October 2014

Jake Guy, Sam Bell: Chop Pizza 2 - the return of the thin crust frizzle fry.

Here's a Rocking new jam with master guitarist and all round cool dude, Sam Bell! Had lots of fun soloing/filming/editing this tune. Hope you all enjoy it too, and feel free to share the clip about if you dig the track, cheers everyone!

Music written & recorded by Sam Bell
Guest solos and video editing by yours truly!

Awesome links:

Chop Pizza 2 - Sam Bell & Jake Guy (New Track!!!)

Jake & Sams Chop Pizza (Feat: Jake Guy & Sam Bell)

Rabea Massaad: 20 Awesome Melodic Prog Rock Licks

Get learning these superb licks here:

Being able to create licks that have great melodic phrases is one of the most difficult things to achieve on the guitar. It is a very tricky skill! Let's be truthful....the tracks that get stuck in your head are the ones that have melody to die for. And this is where Rabea steps in to help you out!

Rabea has melody coming out of every note, and with his new 20 Progressive Rock Licks series he teaches you just how to get melodic phrasing into your playing. These licks are going to fill your playing with tonnes of ideas and phrases that you will be able to use time and time again.

Rabea says:

'So what is different between this series and my last? Well, with this series of licks we can be a bit more melodic, using more modal application but still maintaining that pentatonic foundation we know and love. We are also playing in 7/4, which is a slightly odd time signature, making the rhythmic phrasing a little more tricky'

As ever, we have accurately transcribed every note and included the TAB/notation in the download, alongside the fast and slow video playthroughs, backing tracks, audio solos and lick notes.

Download right now, or members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!
20 Awesome Melodic Prog Rock Licks by Rabea Massaad...Check this out!

Misha Ryazhenka, Dmitry Maximov: Mohican powered Isotope at clinic performance

Misha Ryazhenka - guitar -
Dmitry Maximov - bass -

United Store, Moscow - 25.10.14

Isotope (Joe Henderson) 25.10.14

Eduardo Barrios: 1st Place in Colombia Sibelius Fest 2014

Eduardo Barrios, 1st Place in Colombia 2014 edition.
Original Theme. Acknowledgements - Ozzy Rock Bar. - Full Note - Sound Studios B. - Pedals PAL. - Miniature Guitars Venezuela. Camera: -. Leidy Soto Video editing: - Rafael Rivas. sibeliusfest

Col Sibelius Fest 2014 - Eduardo Barrios (1st Place).

Jakko Jakszyk: Stunning King Crimson custom PRS P24

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King Crimson's Jakko Jakszyk on his custom PRS P24 electric guitar

Lin,Gen: Abstracts - Twilight performance play through

The new song "Twilight" from abstracts featuring Mark Holcomb (Periphery) from 3:36 - 3:56

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Signal chain:
Strictly 7 Guitars Cobra Std7(DropC) - Pro Tone Pedals Bulb Overdrive Deluxe - Focusrite Saffire PRO 40 - Positive Grid BIAS Desktop

Filmed and Edited by seku
abstracts | Twilight [Guitar Playthrough]

Masahiro Aoki: Abstracts  Debut Album Released 15 October 2014

Guitarists "lin" and "gen"

Abstracts is a progressive metalcore band debuted from my label ViViX. And the self-titled album "abstracts" is their first release, which will be available on Oct 15th. The album features some top-notch talent in the world such as Mark Holcomb (Periphery), Acle Kahney (TesseracT) and Marcel Gadacz (Dream on, Dreamer). But what I'm most proud of is the band's songwriting skills. When I first listened to their composition, I immediately decided to make some great music and the next scene with them. Their music is cutting-edge.

Mark Holcomb gave us an intelligent guitar solo in track 6 "Twilight" 3:04~3:23, and Acle did an excellent mastering for the album. Marcel drew a perfect cover art for us. Besides, Oka Satoshi and Seku from G.O.D.II played cool solos in "Ancient" and "Aurora".

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01 ) The Whole
02 ) Frost (ft.Shoohey)
03 ) Wind (ft.Brandon Shelton)
04 ) Siena
05 ) Skylight (ft.Brandon Shelton)
06 ) Twilight (ft.Mark Holcomb)
07 ) Ancient
08 ) Aurora
09 ) The Fall

abstracts | Self-titled Album [OFFICIAL TEASER]

abstracts - Frost [Official Lyric Video]