Sunday, 30 November 2014

Marty Friedman,Takayoshi Ohmura, Gus G: LIVE2014 大村孝佳

Marty Friedman LIVE2014 Takayoshi Ohmura Takayoshi Ohmura Marty Friedman Gus.g

Marty Friedman LIVE2014 大村孝佳

Tomasz Andrzejewski, Brett Garsed: laying down majestic solo for Andrzejewski's new project

Tomasz Andrzejewski very kindly asked me to play a solo for his upcoming album so here it is. I really do need to get a better camera! Thanks Tomasz!

Brett Garsed solo for Tomasz Andrzejewski

Rusty Cooley: insanity soloing for George Kollias album

Big thanks to Rusty Cooley for shredding it up on my solo album!!!
Bonus version of Aeons of Burning Galaxies with more shredding will be included in the release!

George Kollias - Rusty Cooley's guest solo for "Aeons of Burning Galaxies"!

Hedras Ramos: Pop Solo - Sounding better than ever!

Stefan Sebastian, Producer @ b funk area production

This is a solo I recorded all improvised, as a side musician for a hiphop artist, I'm available as a recording musician on any style!

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Hedras Ramos Pop Solo

In case you missed it a solo for Pritesh Walia

Hedras Ramos Guest solo for Pritesh Walia

Derryl Gabel: offering 50% off goodies... extended an extra day

Guitar Friends,
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