Saturday, 17 January 2015

Andre Nieri: Bogner ATMA 18w

Playing through the brand new Bogner ATMA 18w. Amazing amp, superb cleans, hard rock rhythm/lead tones and everything in between. It's very small/portable and you can switch from 18w to 5w or 1w.
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Andre Nieri - Bogner ATMA 18w

Ola Englund: Guitar Lesson - seven-string chord playing

Swedish metal overlord Ola Englund talks about his approach to seven-string chord playing

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Guitar Lesson: Ola Englund

Francesco Marras: Close your eyes (Jason Rullo guest)

Close your eyes - music by Francesco Marras

Line - up:
Francesco Marras - guitars and bass
Jason Rullo - drums
Gianfranco Foddai - keyboards

Special Thanks: Jason Rullo, Mariangela Demurtas, Mattia Stancioiu, Marco Marini, Luigi Marras, Antonio Doro.

Guitars and bass recorded at screaming shadows studio, drums recorded at Jason Rullo's recording studio, keyboards recorded at AGF studio.
Mixed and mastered at Elnor Studio by Mattia Stancioiu.

Video directed by Luigi Marras, editing and post production by Francesco Marras.

Francesco Marras - Close your eyes (Jason Rullo guest)

Lorenzo Venza: Scott Henderson - The Big Wave
Stanco di rimanere nell'ombra?
MusicOff Talent Show - Mostra le tue performance a migliaia di persone!

Solo del grande Scott Henderson, il mio suono sopra al suo, su uno dei brani piĆ¹ divertenti dei Tribal Tech

Scott Henderson - The Big Wave | MusicOff Talent Show - Lorenzo Venza

Sean Ashe: Tom Anderson Guitarworks Angel - 'Gingerburst'

Hey everyone, it's been a while since my last upload.. So I'm excited to share this video demo of my newest guitar (as well as NEW music!) with you!

This is a short demo of my newest Tom Anderson Guitarworks guitar, which is an Angel model (24 frets).

I'm also excited to say that I've been *very* hard at work writing my full length debut album, and while I still have a ways to go, the music in this video shows some of my progress. Two songs featured here are 'Meteor Eyes', and 'Floating Thread'. But, I can't give the whole songs away just yet so... I just played some excerpts ;)

Hope you like it! I'm very proud of how the material is turning out, just for being demos even.

The guitar features a basswood body with a flame maple top, and a chocolate maple neck (yes, even the fretboard!). The finish is something I conceptualized but the wonderful people over at Anderson were able to get exactly what I wanted and more. The name 'Gingerburst' came from...well, the fact I'm a ginger :D Fun stuff!

A little about the signal chain of this video for you curious tone chasers:

Me - Bluechip Picks Jazz50 Guitar - Friedman Smallbox 50 - Friedman 2x12 (with a v30 and a creamback) - AKGC414 (on the v30) & SM57 (on the creamback) going into a Universal Audio Apollo Twin, and then into Logic Pro X. I'm using a Fractal Audio Systems Axe FX II XL for fx.

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Sean Ashe - Tom Anderson Guitarworks Angel - 'Gingerburst' Demo