Friday, 13 February 2015

Paul Gilbert: on "Love, Love, Aishiteru" - Japanese TV show

This Japanese guy is brave enough to play with Paul Gilbert!

Paul Gilbert on "Love, Love, Aishiteru"(Japanese TV show)

Lari Basílio: Testing my brand new rig.

Testando alguns equipos novos :)

Testing my brand new rig.

Richard Daudé: Super tasty soloing over new track

Soloing over a new track using EZdrummer 2 with Cubase Elements ; Line 6 PodFarm Platinum Edition and Vigier guitars Bumblefoot signature model , and Excalibur custom :) filmed with the Canon EOS 700D

Soloing over new track

Bunny Brunel: Invent Your Future with Frank Gambale, Virgil Donati, Chad Wackerman and more!

Bunny Brunel: (Bass & Keyboards); Patrice Rushen: (Piano, Keyboards) ;Patrick Moraz (Keyboards); Dayramir Gonzales (Piano); Austin Peralta (Piano); Nick Smith (Electric Piano); Haakon Graf (Electric Piano); Sandeep Chowta (Keyboards); Bernie Torelli (Rhythm Guitar & Special Created Loops); Tony Mac Alpine (Guitar); Frank Gambale (Guitar); Wahwah Watson (Rhythm Guitars); Julia Kosterova (Guitar); Kaylene People (Flute); Al Vizzutti (Flugelhorn); Doug Webb (Sax); Alex Perdigon (Trombone); Joel Chausse (Trumpet); Christian Moraga (Percussion); Clayton Cameron (Drums); Virgil Donati (Drums); Jimmy Branly (Drums); Tom Bretchlein (Drums); Chad Wackerman (Drums); John Wackerman (Drums)

Releasing March 17, 2015.

Inventive, magical, inspiring ... Legendary fusion bassist Bunny Brunel has done it again with his newest release Invent Your Future. Featuring Jazz Fusion notables Patric Moraz to Virgil Donati to Patrice Rushen, and many more, Brunel wows us with his virtuoso bass playing, imaginative arrangements, and exciting compositions by both him and Chick Corea.

This masterful creator also shares his own spotlight by featuring a song by Jaco Pastorius, as well as other thoughtful yet famous song collaborators. Invent Your Futurepromises lucky listeners a fantastical, radical ride; and an unbelievable listening experience!

Track Listings:

1. Invent Your Future
2. Herbert
3. Fickle Funk
4. Continuum
5. Night Streets
6. Armando
7. Austin
8. Hymn of the 7 Dwarfs
9. Essassani
10. March Seventeen
11. Twang
12. Herbert 2

Dweezil Zappa: K for Musicians Interview - NAMM 2015

Live from the QSC booth at NAMM 2015 Dweezil Zappa talks about using his early years growing up as a son of a rock star, becoming a celebrity and why he uses five KW122's with his current guitar rig.

NAMM 2015 K for Musicians Interview with Dweezil Zappa

Nick Bowcott: Marshall 2555x Silver Jubilee Amp Demo

NAMM 2015: Nick Bowcott from Marshall Amps shows off the reissue of the Marshall 2555x Silver Jubilee amp. This is a 100 watt/switchable to 50 watts amp that was originally created to celebrate 50 years in business and 25 years of Marshall. Nick shows off the 100 watt and 50 watt side of things on this amp.

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Equipment Used: Marshall 2555 Silver Jubilee, Charvel Guitar, Sennheiser e609 Silver, Sennheiser Lav Wireless, Zoom H6, Canon Mark II 5d

Video By: Scott Sill

Shot at the Winter NAMM 2015NAMM 2015: Marshall 2555x Silver Jubilee Amp Demo With Nick Bowcott

Paul Masvidal: "Masvidalien" NAMM 2015

Paul Masvidal demo his signature Masvidalien guitar at the strandberg booth at NAMM 2015.

Sorry for the audio quality. At least the sound was loud enough.

Paul Masvidal "Masvidalien" NAMM 2015

Alex Skolnick: from Testament interview during NAMM 2015

got a chance to interview Alex Skolnick from testament at NAMM 2015 and he explained a little about his guitar playing and some personal opinions

Alex Skolnick from Testament interview during NAMM 2015

Eddie Van Halen: Is Rock 'n' Roll All About Reinvention?

Is Rock 'n' Roll All About Reinvention?: What It Means to Be American with Eddie Van Halen
from Zocalo Public Square PLUS 4 hours ago / via Final Cut Pro NOT YET RATED

The Smithsonian's National Museum of American History and Zócalo Public Square present Is Rock 'n' Roll All About Reinvention featuring Eddie Van Halen with Denise Quan

Is Rock 'n' Roll All About Reinvention?: What It Means to Be American with Eddie Van Halen from Zocalo Public Square on Vimeo.

Steve Hackett: Wolflight intro and UK tour dates

Out Of The Body
Love Song To A Vampire
The Wheel’s Turning
Corycian Fire
Loving Sea
Black Thunder
Dust And Dreams
Heart Song
Oct 06: Guildford GLive

Oct 07: London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire

Oct 09: Northampton Derngate

Oct 10: Cardiff St David’s Hall

Oct 11: Southampton O2 Guildhall

Oct 13: Basingstoke Anvil

Oct 14: York Barbican

Oct 16: Aberdeen Music Hall

Oct 17: Gateshead Sage

Oct 18: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall

Oct 20: Leeds Town Hall

Oct 21: Llandudno Venue Cymru

Oct 23: Liverpool Philharmonic

Oct 24: Leicester De Montford Hall

Oct 25: Salford Lowry

Oct 27: Ipswich Regent Theatre

Oct 28: Bristol Colston Hall

Oct 30: Birmingham Symphony Hall

Oct 31: Southend Cliffs Pavilion

STEVE HACKETT - Wolflight (Trailer)

Gerardo Nez: Asturias (Leyenda) - Isaac Albéniz - Impressive Guitar Tapping

Isaac Albéniz - Asturias (Leyenda) 1892
Suite Cantos de España (Op. 232)
Suite Española (Op. 47)
Arr. - Gerardo Nez

Asturias (Leyenda) - Isaac Albéniz - Guitar Tapping - Gerardo Nez

Alex Hutchings: Afraid to Love - Blue burst AH6 WAGHORN guitar

Inspired by the new Blue burst AH6 WAGHORN guitar Alex performs his latest track AFRIAD TO LOVE.
With special thanks to John Pearce - Violins, Bill Banwell - Bass and Pete Riley - Drums


Nita Strauss: Alice Cooper - As soon as Nita got her spot, she would run up to the front and just kill

Alice Cooper added: "Normally, I have to take somebody that's been in other bands and I have to say, 'Okay, now it's Alice Cooper… I know you can play. Now you've gotta perform. It's not just standing up there and playing; we know you can play. Now I need for you… When I come back, you've gotta take over the front, and that means you've gotta sell this. And I have to usually tell that to… With her? She was there. As soon as she got her spot, she would run up to the front and just kill, and then drop back. And I said, 'Okay. All right. So I don't have to teach you that. You already know that.' [Laughs]"

Alice Cooper Schools out for Summer Austin City Limits-Live

Alice Cooper Raising the Dead

Dmitry Andrianov: Fusion Jam - Kind Merlin Strat - Torpedo C.A.B.
Kind Merlin Strat
SBE King Screamer
Piod What You Want (distortion)
GNI Analog Delay
Boss RV-5
Torpedo C.A.B.
Fusion Jam by Dmitry Andrianov

Derek Furr: Improv over a Rick Graham Backing Track

Was about to delete some old vids from my recorder and saw this one in there. I figured i might as well put it up before deleting it. I love playing over grooves like this, where there is only a root note and no progression to follow. Many possibilities!

Improv over a Rick Graham Backing Track

Joanne Shaw Taylor: Session from Rams Head - Annapolis, MD 2015

(Filmed by Natasha in 1080 HD)
Joanne Shaw Taylor performing at Rams Head in Annapolis, MD.
Joanne Shaw Taylor - Guitar & Vocals, Paul Lamb - Bass, Layla Hall - Drums

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Diamonds In The Dust - 2/11/15 Rams Head - Annapolis, MD

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Just Another Word - 2/11/15 Rams Head - Annapolis, MD

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Watch 'em Burn - 2/11/15 Rams Head - Annapolis, MD

Joanne Shaw Taylor - Jump That Train - 2/11/15 Rams Head - Annapolis, MD

Tomo Fujita, Eric Gales: Little Wing NAMM 2015 Eric Gales jams with Berklee College of Music professor Tomo Fujita at the Eminence booth at the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California.

NAMM Show 2015 Eric Gales Little Wing with Tomo Fujita

Greg Koch, Roscoe Beck: Blues Jam for NAMM 2015 One of our favorite guitarists, Greg Koch, lays down a serious blues shuffle jam with Roscoe Beck. shot this video at the tc electronic booth at the 2015 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California. Don't miss our other NAMM Show 2015 videos, and our three other Greg Koch and Roscoe Beck performance videos.

Check out our in-depth interview with Greg at

NAMM Show 2015 Greg Koch Roscoe Beck Blues Jam