Friday, 20 February 2015

Paul Wardingham: 2nd single from The Human Affliction - is coming out next week!

New Single SYNTHETIC MIND By Paul Wardingham

Just wanted to let you know that Synthetic Mind - the 2nd single from The Human Affliction - is coming out next week!

Inspired by our use of technology as a substitute for real life, this song is a personal favorite of mine. It continues the futuristic “Tron” inspired sound of Mindwarp from my debut album Assimilate Regenerate.

Stay tuned for my email next week!

Paul Wardingham
Future Metal Shred

Nat Janoff: Grateful Tomorrows live band performance

Nat Janoff - Guitar
Francois Moutin-Bass
Chris Carroll- Drums

Nat Janoff Group- 1/17/15-Grateful Tomorrows

Al Joseph: 20 Full Metal Drill Licks!

Download Now:

Al Joseph is back with 20 brand new full metal licks to drill your chops into shape! These licks are perfect as warmup licks or for full on shredding. Al says 'In this package I have created 20 licks that I've pulled from some of my favourite exercises that I use to either maintain or increase my technicality'.

These licks feature lots chop building techniques, such as alternate and economy picking and sweep picking at fast beat subdivisions to drill your right hand technique into shape. In order to keep up with Al's super-clean super-fast picking, your left hand and hand-synchronisation are both going to get a tough workout. You'll finish up in top shape if you can tackle and master these tough licks.

Melodically, Al is making great use of the Dorian, Mixolydian, Lydian Dominant, and Phyrgian scales as well as lots of triads and full arpeggios.

This pack also features 20 full breakdown video in the Deluxe Edition where Al will take you through his thoughts and tips to tackle every lick.

As ever, we have accurately transcribed every note and included the TAB/notation in the download, full backing tracks, audio solos and track notes.

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

*New* Al Josephs 20 Full Metal Drill Licks!

Adrian Weiss: ENGL TV - Powerball 2

Great demo of the amazing sounding Powerball 2 by ENGL endorser Adrian Weiss from the band Gloryful. He is playing his song "Aim To Please" from his second solo album "Easy Game". The delay pedal in the fx loop of the amp is a XVive V5.
ENGL TV - Powerball 2 demo by Adrian Weiss (Gloryful)

Mattias IA Eklundh: Rhythm with Konnakol

Mattias IA Eklundh demos his original Rhythm styling

Rhythm with Konnakol - Mattias Eklundh Guitar Lesson

Roberto Restuccia: with Coffee Break Grooves backing tracks

Guitar jam with a Smooth R&B backing track
Download the backing track

Backing Tracks for musicians
Coffee Break Grooves brings you an inspiring collection of instrumental backing tracks for both professionals and novices.

Recorded by top session players in a wide range of keys and tempos. Coffee Break Grooves backing tracks are all 15 minutes long giving you plenty of time to develop your creative ideas or simply nail those licks you’ve been working on.

All of our backing tracks are the highest quality 320 kbps MP3 files rendered from 24-bit master recordings and are available for purchase as instant downloads.

Our backing tracks come in a wide variety of styles including, Smooth Jazz, Blues, Rock, Jazz Fusion, Soul, Chill, Acid Jazz, Smooth R&B, Funk, Latin Jazz and Reggae.
Roberto Restuccia with Coffee Break Grooves backing tracks

Lucas Zembrzuski: Modal Jazz Funk

Lucas Zembrzuski playing some cool funk improvisations

Modal Jazz Funk

Francesco Artusato: Infinite Waves - smoking guitar play through

Google Play:
THE FRANCESCO ARTUSATO PROJECT - Infinite Waves (Guitar Playthrough)

Tom Quayle: playing Trevor Beckett's Tom Anderson!

Tom playing my Tom Anderson Short Classic in Bora to Trans Blue Burst at a masterclass in Sevenoaks.

Tom Quayle playing my Tom Anderson!

Martin Miller: f otage was taken on the film set for Der Sammler

Martin Miller
28 mins · Edited ·

This footage was taken on the film set for ECHO.MENSCH's video for "Der Sammler", hence the make up, epic lights and all the good stuff.

I ran through my solo part a couple of times and this was one of the takes. You're hearing the actual audio through the camera ON the set, while I was playing through my awesome little practice amp

echo.mensch feat. Martin Miller - DER SAMMLER [OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO] 1080p