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Rick Graham: Melodic Minor/Hybrid Arpeggio Pattern - more stunning playing!

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5) Rick's Quick Instagraham Licks - Melodic Minor/Hybrid Arpeggio Pattern Pattern

Tom Hess: How To Become A Better Guitar Player By Learning From Steve Vai - Part 2

Tom Hess
How To Become A Better Guitar Player By Learning From Steve Vai - Part 2

by Tom Hess
Begin to analyze guitar players like Steve Vai and soon you will learn lots of thing…IF you know what to look for. Like any other great guitar player, Steve Vai’s musical greatness was NOT the results of his perfect guitar playing technique alone, but due to his ability to express himself with music.

Before you read the rest of this article, check out the first three guitar secret lessons from Steve Vai. Here are three more:

Why Steve Vai Has Achieved Greatness - Reason #4: He's Had Total Commitment To Becoming An Incredible Player

Everybody knows how intense and dedicated Steve Vai's guitar practice routines have been... not to mention the huge amount of hours he's invested into becoming one of the best guitarists ever. However, Vai didn’t achieve his musical greatness as a “result” of the amount of hours he practiced, or because of the difficulty of his guitar practice routines. Discipline and natural talent have nothing to do with this. Instead, it was Vai’s passion - his true love and burning desire for become a master of guitar - that motivated him to practice every single day. That is the behind-the-scenes secret that has allowed Vai to achieve his unbelievable guitar playing level. Learn how to transform yourself as a great guitar player.

How to use this to improve your own guitar playing:

To achieve musical greatness you don’t need to invest crazy amounts of hours into practicing guitar. Let me show you how you can easily accelerate your progress towards becoming a great guitar player... Here is exactly what you have to do:
  1. Increase your desire for becoming a killer guitar player.

  2. Learn how to make your guitar practice routine effective and fun.

  3. Don't practice guitar without direction. You MUST understand which exercises are most important for your practice routine and which ones need to be left out. Discover how to manifest your guitar playing goals by taking this test.
Why Steve Vai Has Achieved Greatness - Reason #5: He Uses Several Songwriting Approaches To Compose Great Music

Steve Vai is well-known for his amazing ability to create great music. Vai can take a single technique (like a slide) and implement it in many different ways to create a unique sound. Furthermore, the true secret of Vai’s songwriting skills is in the variety of musical styles and techniques he has mastered. This allows him to use multiple approaches when writing music, so he doesn't have to rely exclusively on his guitar as his main songwriting tool.

How to use this to improve your own guitar playing:

Having only one songwriting approach will always be a limiting approach if you are trying to compose innovative pieces of music. Start learning many other songwriting methods so you can use them to fully express yourself in music – Take a look at this articles about how to become creative at songwriting.

Why Steve Vai Has Achieved Greatness - Reason #6: His Ability To Turn Difficult Rhythms Into Great Music

Vai can easily make uncommon rhythms sound simple and catchy. Instead of trying to impress the audience by playing overly-complicated rhythmic ideas, he turns complex ideas into easily accessible music.

How to use this to transform your own guitar playing:
  1. Great rhythm skills (like any other guitar skill) don't develop for you unless you actively practice them. Do NOT neglect this key area of your guitar playing - include it into your daily practice routine.

  2. Don’t lose your focus by playing mindless rhythm guitar exercises. Instead, center your attention on developing the two key factors for great rhythm guitar playing: precision and articulation.

  3. Challenge yourself to practice playing over unusual time signatures. Pick some of your favorite songs that are in 4/4 time and play them over several different time signatures, like 7/4 or 5/4. By doing this exercise, your mind will start to think differently and begin getting used to complex rhythms.
Read this rhythm guitar article to get more creative ideas for writing guitar riffs.

Now, you have a deep understanding of Steve Vai's guitar playing greatness, and is up to you to start implementing these lessons into YOUR practice routine and start growing yourself as a great guitar player. To achieve massive results in your guitar playing, work with an electric guitar teacher who can help you in the journey towards reaching your musical goals.

About The Author: Tom Hess is a very successful guitar trainer and recording musician. He assists people from all over the world in his rock guitar lessons online. Check out his website to get free guitar playing tools and to read more guitar playing articles.

Fabrizio Leo: Bicio - DV Mark - Scintillating shred from a master technician

Scintillating from a master technician

Fabrizio "Bicio" Leo - DvMark (2015)

Niko Tsonev: Lifesigns UK tour dates

Lifesigns Live are:
John Young (keys & vocals)
Jon Poole (bass & vocals)
Frosty Beedle (drums & perc)
Niko Tsonev (guitars & vocals)
Steve Rispin (engineering and production)

Lifesigns the CD (featured)
John, Frosty, Steve and the masterful
Nick Beggs (bass, chapman stick & vocals)

Steve Hackett (guitars)
Jakko Jakszyk (guitars)
Thijs Van Leer (flutes)

The Gig Guide

• Thu, 19th March – The Zanzibar Club, Liverpool, UK

• Fri, 20th March – HRH Prog Festival, Pwhelli Butlins UK

• Sun, 22nd March – Port Zeelande Center Parcs, Marillion Convention, Netherlands – SOLD OUT

• Sun, 5th April – Prog Dreams IV Festival, Zoetermeer Boerderij, Netherlands

• Tue, 7th April – Spirit of 66, Verviers, Belgium

• Fri, 10th April – Talking Heads, Southampton UK

• Fri, 17th April – Craufurd Arms, Milton Keynes UK

• Wed, 6th May – Electric Theatre, Guildford UK

• Fri, 12th June – Trading Boundaries, Fletching UK

• Sun, 15th-Thu, 19th November – Cruise to the Edge, Miami, Florida USA

• Fri 4th December -- Musician,Leicester UK (Danfest)

• Sun, 6th December – Zephyr, Leamington Spa UK

• Fri, 11th December – The Railway, Bolton UK

• Sat, 12th December – Fibbers, York UK

• Sun, 24th January 2016 – Robin 2, Bilston UK

Lifesigns - Telephone Radio Edit

News: Motörhead's Motörboat will embark on its second voyag




“…a metalhead’s dream. Think Hard Rock Hell-with-hot-tubs.
On the high seas. With a hard on.”
--Classic Rock, October 2, 2014

Motörhead's Motörboat will embark on its second voyage September 28 through October 2, 2015 on Norwegian Sky, departing Port Miami, with stops in Nassau and the private picturesque island of Great Stirrup Cay in The Bahamas. The Loudest Boat In The World will feature performances from some of the greatest heavy rock bands in the world, including Slayer, MotörheadAnthraxSuicidal Tendencies, HatebreedExodusCrobotPhil Campbell’s All Starr BandMotor SisterKyngFireball MinistryHuntress, and more.

Motörhead's Motörboat offers guests a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share an experience with their favorite bands and to see unforgettable performances on various stages throughout the ship and on the island of Great Stirrup Cay.

Staterooms go on sale Wednesday, March 25 at 2:00 PM ET at

Motörhead founder Lemmy Kilmister says, "And so the Motörboat sets sail one more time - better get your tickets now, or be left sobbing on the dock! Oh - and we promise not to run out of beer this time!"

Slayer’s Kerry King says, “Slayer is crashing the Motörboat party!! I, personally, will be keeping the bar in business. Hell will be coming with us. Light it up!!!”

Motörhead--the world’s biggest and baddest rock & roll band of all time--are celebrating their 40th anniversary and recently returned to the studio to begin work on their 22nd studio album. The band’s song "Heartbreaker"--from their mammoth Aftershock album, which debuted at #22 on the Billboard 200--was nominated in the "Best Metal Performance" category at this year's Grammy Awards. In 2005, Motörhead won the Grammy in the same category for the song “Whiplash.” Through tenacity, hard work, and a deep-seated ability to produce an original, face-melting sound, Motörhead--Lemmy Kilmister (bass, vocals), Phil Campbell (guitar) and Mikkey Dee (drums)--has become one of the most popular bands in the world with a fanbase that is second to none.

The Chicago Tribune's Greg Kot wrote that the five-time-nominated, two-time Grammy winning Slayer is "one of the great American rock bands of the last 30 years, forget about genre." Indeed, few bands come close to matching the intensity that Slayer brings to its live shows, having been named "Best Live Band" by numerous media outlets including RevolverSPIN, and Metal Hammer. With songs that mirror the turmoil and aberrations of our society, Slayer remains crushing and brutal, steadfastly refusing to cater to the mainstream. Slayerrecently formed its own label imprint that will be distributed worldwide through Nuclear Blast, and plans to release a new album in 2015. Slayer--Kerry King (guitar), Tom Araya(bass/vocals), Paul Bostaph (drums) and Gary Holt (touring guitarist)--will tour extensively to support the new music.

2015 marks the first excursion on Norwegian Sky for Motörhead's Motörboat. The contemporary ship offers 13 complimentary and specialty dining options, 12 bars and lounges, a coffee bar, an outdoor pool, and five hot tubs. While onboard, guests can try their luck in the Sky Club Casino, relax in the onboard spa and get their heart pumping in the fitness center or full basketball court. 

For the debut Motörhead’s Motörboat cruise in 2014, an international, multigenerational audience from over 30 countries came together to celebrate the legacy of the cruise's iconic namesake and escape into five days of true rock ’n’ roll living with no holds barred. Highlighted by a pair of ear-splitting performances from Motörhead themselves, Motörhead's Motörboat 2014 featured more than 30 performances by 15 of rock and metal’s top artists, including heavy metal all-star band Metal Allegiance, Anthrax, Testament, Down, and Zakk Wylde.

Writing about last year’s experience, proclaimed, “Anthrax, Lemmy Kilmister, hundreds of metalheads and a naked, inflatable doll make the Motörboat cruise completely unforgettable…Motörboat brought heavy metal to the high seas and featured a previously unseen combination of gambling, belly-flopping, shirtlessness, guitar soloing and even yoga [September 29, 2014]."

2014 Video Flashback: 

Elmo Karjalainen: shredding classic rock JTC Solo Contest 2015

JTC Solo Contest 2015 'Elmo Karjalainen'
Elmo Karjalainen
JTC Solo Contest 2015. Mmm...solo contest...
'Like' the video (assuming you like it), and share the living daylights out of it.
Recorded using the Fractal Audio AxeFX II, my custom Rising Horse Strat, and a good dose of sillyness.
Crummy video quality included for free.
For my official website, visit

JTC Solo Contest 2015 'Elmo Karjalainen'

Frank Gambale: introduces the DV Mark - MULTIAMP FG special edition

Frank Gambale introduces the MULTIAMP FG special edition
DV Mark
Frank Gambale and DV Mark worked together to develop an all-in-one amp that compliments his remarkable sound and technique.
The incredible tones of Frank’s signature amp called Ampli-tude are added to the virtual amps, incredible effects, features and programmability of the Multiamp. Plus, there are 20 finely crafted presets by Frank built in also.
The result is the special edition MULTIAMP FG.

Zendhy Kusuma: JTC Solo Contest 2015

Zendhy Kusuma: JTC Solo Contest 2015... interesting name and interesting soloing, with a very dry tone.

JTC Solo Contest 2015 Zendhy Kusuma

Fuhito Nakamura: Guitar recording for "In The Season Of A Moment"

Fairy Of Astral "In The Season Of A Moment"

Fairy Of Astral Line up,
Stanislav Soloviov - Lead Vocals
Fuhito Nakamura - Guitars & Bass
Ivan Kuznetsov - Keyboards
Guitar recording for "In The Season Of A Moment" by Fuhito

Eric Calderone: The Simpsons Meets Metal

Hey guys!

So another one that recently just blew up my inbox. Sad to say we lost another great mind, RIP Sam Simon. As many of you may or may not know, I am a HUGE Danny Elfman fan, so whenever you guys give me the opportunity to give his music a shot, you KNOW I'm down. The Simpsons has basically been around for my whole life, what a run! As always, thank you guys so much for everything. It means the world. Big BIG ups for ALWAYS rocking my casbah!

Best to ya



Eric Calderone: The Simpsons Meets Metal

Dudley Ross: Vigier and Kemper Proflier in a Blues Baby Context

Dudley Ross: Vigier and Kemper Proflier in a Blues Baby Context

Dudley Ross: Using A Kemper Proflier in a Blues Context

Remy Hansen: Ibanez and Hughes & Kettner PGM80P with some tasty soloing

Remy Hansen demos the Ibanez and Hughes & Kettner PGM80P at a recent clinic

Ibanez and Hughes & Kettner Clinic at Mupo Music

Morten Faerestrand: Scott Henderson-Jazy,Juicy&Bluesy (And Outside)

GUITAR LESSON-Scott Henderson-Jazy,Juicy&Bluesy (And Outside)
Morten Faerestrand
Smokin' hot licks by Scott Henderson on Chick Corea Electric Band's hit-single "Got A Match"
Get all the bells and whistles here: http://www.mortenslessons.c­om/free-lessons
Awesome juicy, bluesy and outside stuff!

0:00 Introduction
0:27 Chords analysis
1:12 Scott Henderson's Solo (video)
1:50 Morten playing the solo part
3:13 Solo analysis
11:36 conclusion

Scott Gailor: Technicolor/Monochrome - Scott talks about his latest release

Scott Gailor: Technicolor/Monochrome 

Scott Gailor is from Saratoga Springs, USA. Scott made a name for himself  on the New York City club circuit playing over 2600.  Along with the live experience Scott has been involve ins ome of the bigger US guitar competitions, coming 4th out of 750 players in the Guitar Wars Semi-Finals. Scott was also a regional runner-up in Guitar Center's Guitarmageddon competition.

His guitar playing has been featured in the bands Scrooge, Union Jack, Kidd Havok  and Lauren Krothe. Scott has also opened for bands such as Yngwie Malmsteen, Dokken, Extreme, and Sebastian Bach.

Mini Review

With a long career history with bands and touring Scott has taken some time out to capture some Rock and Blues soul.  The album does just that, with ten tracks of classic rock guitar, with a lot of groove and bluesy feeling. There's even some time for a little Led Zep / Zebra feel with the acoustic track entitled The Paddock.

The opener G Body Shuffle is a example of the fine rocking nature of this album. The production is raw and ready to rock, rather than overly compressed and thin atmospheric tones that you find on the the recent cop of technical metal albums.

Bodhisattva, probably my favourite track, but not to be confused with the Steely Dan or Toto tracks, opens with some beefy over driven guitar, segueing into a more rock orientated eastern groove, peppered with Scott's fiery solo fusillades.

Chickenwire and sawdust is more a country/rock boogie affair with hints of Hendrix thrown in for good measure and packed with rocking hot soloing.

Greed Guilt/Grace opens with a higher temp Iron Maiden wasted year lick. Then moves to a slower pace to enable Scott to splash his signature clicks in high enough quantities for guitar fans to appreciate the digital dexterity.

All the tracks are built like songs/tunes, with a strong sense of melody rather than lick driven shred affairs. For me the tone and blend of music reminded me more of classic 70's, 80's bluesy, rock and metal tunes, a million miles away from the current crop of extended range guitar tunes that are the staple of the current time.  

Over all I liked the production and I think the production is about right for this sort of rocking album. For me, the only downside was that the drums were programmed and not real, that said, they  Daniel Colombo does a good job in getting them down electronically.  That aside, If you looking for that classic 70's, 80's bluesy, rock with great soloing, then you are sure to enjoy this release.

Scott Gailor - G Body Shuffle - Technicolor/MonoChrome

We caught up with Scott to ask him in more detail about the production of his album.

[TIS ]How long did it take you to record the album?

[Scott Gailor] It was done over roughly a year and a half period. Lots of breaks, NAMM, playing show, my engineer going on tour.

[TIS ]How did you know when you had done enough to complete the album?

[Scott Gailor] I went in with 10 songs and really want most of the solos and melodies to be improvise. So the main thing was to have s complete take on something. When it was right it was done.

[TIS ]How do you know when a track is finished?

[Scott Gailor]  Once I felt the track was done. I would sit on it a few days and send it to a few select friends to get their opinions. Plus I like to listen to the tracks while driving. I seem to get a better feel that way.Then I would and listen back in studio and make any tweaks that might be needed.

[TIS ]How do you decide what is going into a track and how do you name it?

[Scott Gailor] I never name the songs till the entire CD is done. I have notes in my phone that I add song titles and stories etc in. Almost like a journal. Then I pick the CD title and go from there.

[TIS ]What equipment did you use in the studio?

[Scott Gailor]  I did 99% of the CD at IceMan studios and The Paddock at Signal To Noize. We re-amped all the tracks so we could control how things sat in the mix. Amps used Mesa Boogie MKIIB Coliseum 300 (1982) and a Mesa Boogie MKV. I only use 212 recto cabs with V30's in the studio. Mic'd with a 421 and a 57. Pedals, Ernie ball volume pedal/Dunlop volume pedal an EP Boaster, sparkle drive, a real 808,soul food a Clyde Wah an a Fulltone Octafuzz and a boss MIJ OC2 octave pedal. Guitars My Boulder Creek Solitaire, My Flower Tele, a 74 LP Std with humbuckers (not minis) my 91 heavily modded strat, Nashville Tele, my Red 86 Custom Shop Jackson, my Black Parts mutt Charvel (nicknamed the namm-o-matic) My 50's tribute LP Goldtop with P90's and my Ibanez USA Custom. It a PRO/Home studio lol. Oh and U87 On the acoustic

[TIS ] How did you record the drums for the album?

[Scott Gailor]  All the drums were programmed by Daniel Colombo using drum o gog for the samples and superior drummer. The logistics of getting all the drummers I wanted on the record wasn't going to work. Plus I wanted a consistent drum sound throughout the record.
[TIS ] Do you approach an album as though it is you Meister work or just a stepping stone to the next album?

[Scott Gailor] Both. I waited so long to do (probably too long). But I want to tour and gig again. Plus I need to have stuff to let people really hear how I play. this is not my last instrumental CD my a long shot

[TIS ] When the album is completed how do you feel about that moment?

[Scott Gailor] Amazing and excited. The early reviews have been great and it a whole new chapter. Plus I am going to play this live!

[TIS ] Did you have a budget for the album?

[Scott Gailor] Yes and no. I was lucky enough to sign with Malleable Records after the CD was done so that really helped offset some things. I would have done it much much quicker.

[TIS ] How did you go about your promotion strategy?

[Scott Gailor] Yes! Play out, play all the trade shows and guitars shows. Have my all endorsements help promote.promote. I'm sending CD's to all the guitar magazines and doing every interview etc. that I'm asked.

[TIS ] How did you decide what the album title and design would be?

[Scott Gailor]  The Title was something I had kicking around for awhile. So I wanted to the artwork to match, plus its a throw back to pre-Internet, YouTube etc.

[TIS ]What were your musical influences on this album?

Man that would almost change daily. Jimi, Danny Gatton, Jeff Beck, Steve Vai, Satch, Eddie, Carl Verheyen, Greg Koch, Jason Becker, Shawn lane. Man I could go on for days.

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