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Jeff Hughell: Six Feet Under Bassist Releases Solo Album

AN JOSE, CA – Six Feet Under bassist Jeff Hughell announces his debut full-length solo album Chaos Labyrinth showcasing his unique skills as a preeminent bass guitar player. His technical metal roots shine through on tracks such as “Jagermeister Death Grind” and “Chaotic Implosion”, yet exceptional versatility is shown through calmer melodic songs such as “Still” and “Let It Go”. The album is an embodiment of all that can be done on a bass from awe-inspiring tapping to beautifully flowing melodies. Chaos Labyrinth is now available on ITunes and Amazon.

“Chaos Labyrinth is different because it’s a whole new level of sounds and dynamics from anything I have ever done” says Hughell. The album is composed of ten songs and is 43 minutes long. It succeeds a solo EP I Came To Hate that was released in 2009. Chaos Labyrinth was recorded at Castle Ultimate Studios by Zack Ohren. Artwork was done by Shaun McInnis, and photos by Jason Anaya at Anaya Photography.

Hughell brought in many guest artists to collaborate with on the album. The title track alone features bass solos from Steve Di Giorgio (Death), Sean Martinez (Rings of Saturn), and Alex Webster (Cannibal Corpse) as well as a guitar solo by Nick Avalonitas, drums by Alex Bent (Arkaik), and keyboard by Marc Gilson. The rest of the album also features bassist Brian Wood (Cyanic), guitarists Tyler Lane, Matt Sotelo (Decript Birth), Ola Englund (Six Feet Under), and drummer Kevin Talley (Feared). Hughell even shows off his own skills on the piano on “Dreams of Chaos”. The combination of all these musicians led by Hughell resulted in a truly special recording.

Hughell is a renowned 7 string bass player who is well established in the technical metal scene. Bands he has played with include; Six Feet Under, Reciprocal, Feared, Brain Drill, Vile, Osmium, Severed Savior, Asylum, Rings of Saturn, and Cryptoreum. He is endorsed by Warwick, Gallien Krueger, Seymour Duncan, and Dean Markley.

For more information, visit www.jeffhughell.com

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Tom Hess: 10 Things Every Fast Guitarist Knows

10 Things Every Fast Guitarist Knows
By Tom Hess

Speed Element #1: Always Stay Focused And Engaged When Practicing Guitar
Have you ever heard anyone tell you that to play guitar faster you must move your hands faster? This advice is WRONG! Guitar speed can only be developed when the MIND correctly trains the hands when practicing. This means that in order to see big increases in your guitar speed, your mind must always be actively engaged and focused on what you are practicing. Losing focus or letting your hands run on mental autopilot is useless for building speed.

Speed Element #2: Use The Most Effective And Personalized Guitar Practice Schedules When Practicing Guitar

When improving guitar speed, an effective guitar practice schedule is absolutely essential. An ideal schedule will arrange all of your practice items in a highly effective, long-term strategy that guarantees you reach your musical goals. Avoid making the mistake that most guitar players make: Arranging your guitar practice time evenly (or randomly) among each item you have to practice. Learn how effective your guitar practice is by taking this guitar practice test.

Speed Element #3: Learn Guitar From Proven/Expert Sources

Learning from guitar teaching resources that cannot prove their effectiveness to you is absolutely crippling to your ability to become a fast guitar player. You need to ensure that you learn how to develop your guitar speed ONLY from resources that can prove beyond any doubt that they have helped others build a similar level of guitar speed. Learn how to choose a guitar teacher.

Speed Element #4: Don?t Use Excessive Tension When Playing Guitar

Tension is the enemy of guitar speed. You need to train your hands (and the rest of your body) to completely relax when playing or practicing guitar. Once you are able to release the speed-crippling tension in your hands, you will start to develop your speed at an incredibly fast rate.

Speed Element #5: Consistently Track, Measure And Manage Your Guitar Playing Progress

You will never be able to tell how much your guitar playing is actually improving without tracking your progress. This is a crucial element to developing insane guitar speed that most guitar players overlook. You must learn how to track ALL the elements of your guitar speed (not just your maximum speed). Learn how to track your guitar playing progress and see an increase in your guitar speed.

Speed Element #6: Maximize Picking Hand Articulation

Your guitar speed is useless if each note is a sloppy mess. You should always aim to play each note with the utmost clarity and loudness when playing shred guitar. To do this, start picking each note with more force and volume than you normally do. This ensures the notes will be perfectly clear at faster tempos. You can practice this skill by spending some of your guitar practice time playing completely unplugged so you can focus on getting the notes both loud and clear.

Speed Element #7: Practice Integrating All Of Your Shred Guitar Techniques

Practicing all of your guitar techniques in isolation is only part of developing great guitar speed. The end goal of increasing your guitar speed is being able to USE that guitar speed in many musical situations seamlessly. You must be able to flow freely between techniques such as sweep picking, legato, scale sequences and others perfectly in time, without hesitating.

Speed Element #8: Constantly Train To Improve Synchronization Between Picking And Fretting Hands

Achieving perfect two-hand synchronization is crucial to developing amazing shred guitar speed. Even when you are playing at slower speeds, you need to move both hands quickly so you ensure effortless coordination as the speed increases. Learn how to improve your 2-hand synchronization.

Speed Element #9: Develop Consistency With Your Guitar Speed

To be a truly fast guitarist, your guitar speed must be dependable in many different musical situations. This means you must spend some of your practice time developing consistency in your guitar playing. Do this by practicing shred guitar licks in different contexts (rhythm guitar riffs, position shifts, melodic solos, etc.). Once you are comfortable with playing the desired lick in any musical situation, your guitar playing (and speed) will sound much better.

Speed Element #10: Know The Best Strategies For Practicing To A Metronome

Instead of hoping the metronome will actually increase your guitar speed, you need to use it as a test to determine your level of proficiency in any given guitar technique. For example, if you can?t play a sweep picking arpeggio lick at a certain tempo, it is a sign that you need to deepen your foundational sweep picking knowledge before increasing the tempo even further. Learn how to effectively use a metronome in your guitar practice, in this article about how to increase your guitar speed.

All of these elements of building great guitar speed have been followed and mastered by many of the world?s fastest guitar players. If you want to build insane guitar speed, follow these 10 rules consistently and you too will be an incredibly fast guitarist.

About The Author:
Tom Hess is a successful professional guitar player and composer. He trains musicians to reach their guitar playing goals in his rock guitar lessons online. Visit his website, tomhess.net to read more articles about guitar playing, get free guitar tips and guitar playing resources.

Tony MacAlpine: The King's Rhapsody - plus extended tour dates

"The King's Rhapsody" live on EMGtv!

Tony is excited to reveal "The King's Rhapsody" - the newest performance from EMGtv, where he filmed his entire new album Concrete Gardens live.

Joining Tony in the band is Aquiles Priester on drums, Pete Griffin on bass, and Nili Brosh on guitar. Audio mixed by Adair Daufembach.

In case you missed the previous EMGtv videos, here's "Tears of Sahara", “Concrete Gardens" and "Sierra Morena" and "Poison Cookies".

Concrete Gardens Pre-order

Concrete Gardens will be released April 21, and is now available for pre-order in Digital Download, Standard Edition CD, and Special Edition CD/DVD versions at http://tonymacalpine.spinshop.com

Pre-order now and get a high quality MP3 of "The King's Rhapsody" instantly!

Album Tracklisting:
1. Exhibitionist Blvd. 4:28
2. The King's Rhapsody 4:45
3. Man In A Metal Cage 4:20
4. Poison Cookies 5:06
5. Epic 5:00
6. Napoleon's Puppet 5:13
7. Sierra Morena 4:52
8. Square Circles 5:12
9. Red Giant 5:10
10. Confessions of a Medieval Monument 5:43
11. Concrete Gardens 5:03
12. Maiden's Wish 4:19
Album Total Running time: 59:16

Album Personnel:
Tony MacAlpine - Guitar, Keyboards, Bass
Aquiles Priester - Drums
Pete Griffin - Bass on 1, 4, 6, 7, 8
Jeff Loomis - Guitar Solo on 8
Lucky Islam - Bass on 9
Sean Delson - Bass on 11

Mixed by Adair Daufembach
Mastered by Seva

Concrete Gardens (Special Edition) is limited to 2000 copies and includes a bonus DVD of Tony and band performing the album live at EMGtv. Featured musicians are: Tony MacAlpine - Guitar & Keyboards; Aquiles Priester - drums; Pete Griffin - bass; Nili Brosh - guitar. Special guest appearance by Jeff Loomis on “Square Circles”. DVD running time approx: 50:00

Pre-order now! http://tonymacalpine.spinshop.com

Concrete Gardens Tour 2015 [UPDATED!]

Tony will be touring the US in support of his forthcoming album "Concrete Gardens" in late May-June! Dates below on sale now, with more dates coming soon!

05/27 Hermosa Beach, CA - Saint Rocke
05/28 Studio City, CA - The Baked Potato
05/29 Studio City, CA - The Baked Potato
05/30 Mexicali, B.C., MX - CEART – Centro Estatal de las Artes
05/31 Ramona, CA - Ramona Mainstage
06/04 Seattle, WA - Studio Seven
06/08 Scottsdale, AZ - Pub Rock Live **NEW
06/11 Austin, TX - The Saxon Pub **NEW
06/13 McKinney, TX - Sanctuary Music & Events Center **NEW
06/14 Tulsa, OK - Vanguard
06/17 Columbus, OH - Rumba Cafe **NEW
06/18 Indianapolis, IN - Birdy's Live **NEW
06/19 Chicago, IL - Reggie's **NEW
06/20 Westland, MI - The Token Lounge
06/21 Cincinnati, OH - The Mad Frog **NEW
06/24 Vienna, VA - Jammin’ Java
06/25 Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar
06/26 New York, NY - Iridium
06/27 Cambridge, MA - Middle East - Upstairs

Tony's band is: Aquiles Priester - drums & Bjorn Englen - bass.

Support on most dates is LoNero, with additional support on select dates from Hephystus. Tickets and latest updates: http://www.tonymacalpine.com/tours/

See you on the road!

Nick Johnston: Performance - Seymour Duncan Pickups

Nick Johnston Performance
Seymour Duncan Pickups
Nick Johnston performs at the 2015 Winter NAMM Show playing a Schecter loaded with the Antiquity Texas Hot Pickups, more info on those here: http://www.seymourduncan.co­m/products/electric/stratocaster/vintage-output/1102401_custom/

More info on Nick here: http://www.nickjohnstonmusi­c.com/

Georgi Stanchev: JTC Guitar Solo Contest 2015

JTC Guitar Solo Contest 2015 - Georgi Stanchev
Georgi Stanchev

Chris Letchford: Guitar Messenger - Scale the Summit - Atlas Novus Lesson

Chris Letchford - Scale the Summit: Atlas Novus Lesson
Guitar Messenger
http://bit.ly/1IcjmpL - CLICK LINK FOR TABS. Chris Letchford breaks down the intro to 'Atlas Novus' off Scale The Summit's third album, The Migration.

Sergey Golovin: tour 2015 "Russki Zima"

Sergey Golovin tour 2015 "Russki Zima"
Sergey Golovin
Tour 2015 "Russki Zima" (Russian Winter)

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Nikki Stringfield, Brad Jurjens: Nyctophiliac - Mixed and Mastered by Monte Pittman NAMM 2015

Song recorded at Peavey Hollywood. Mixed and Mastered by Monte Pittman. Video shot at Schecter NAMM 2015 booth in Anaheim, CA and Mike Spreitzer's FIRE HIVE studio in Torrance, CA. Edited by Smokinbat. Clothing by Rocknroll Gangstar

Brad Jurjens & Nikki Stringfield "NYCTOPHILIAC"

Steph Goyer: Remember My Name - guest solo for John Kiernan

My guest solo on the song "Remember My Name" by John Kiernan off his upcoming album! Tone is through Axe-FX Ultra

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Guest Solo by Steph Goyer on "Remember My Name" by John Kiernan

Arzy Bulo: fusion solo for JTC Solo Contest 2015

Aryz Bulo  Hello all my friends and family smile emoticon
This is my entry for JTC Solo Contest 2015
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JTC Solo Contest 2015 - ARYZ BULO