Sunday, 17 May 2015

Stéphan Forté: Short Virtuosity Etude

Short Virtuosity Etude lesson part 1/2 (Based on L.V Beethoven Moonlight Sonata mvt#3)
From the album "ENIGMA OPERA BLACK"
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Stéphan Forté - LESSON - 'Short Virtuosity Etude' 1/2 (Based on Beethoven Moonlight Sonata mvt#3

Yngwie Malmsteen: Clips from Sala Palatului - Bucharest, Romania 2015

A compilation of clips from the Romanian show. A very cool theatre. Unusual to go to a rock concert where your seat looks like you're at the movies. But if anyone can pull that off, and STILL entertain the audience, it's the Maestro, Yngwie Malmsteen. :)

YNGWIE MALMSTEEN (mixed clips) - Sala Palatului (Bucharest, Romania) 13.5.2015

Paul Gilbert: "Blue Rondo à la Turk" A Cappella

Dave Brubeck's instrumental jazz standard, with all instruments sung by Paul Gilbert and his band, late at night, on a tour bus traveling through Europe. This performance may drive you insane. View with caution. For entertainment purposes only.

"Blue Rondo à la Turk" A Cappella

Jeff Kollman: F bomb 3

Jeff Kollman: The dopest fuzz face on planet Satin!!
Made by Tim Jauernig
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F bomb 3 -Jeff Kollman

Annie Grunwald: Ibanez Kaoss Guitar

Ibanez RGKP6 equipped with Korg® mini kaoss pad 2s.

This guitar/control pad combo is a sick way to fuse extreme guitar with electronic music and realtime performance FX. I wrote this piece a while ago and it ended up working perfectly for this demo video, playing around with this thing is ridiculously fun!!! For more information head to the Ibanez website.

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Ibanez Kaoss Guitar

Cheza Taylor: Cheza Taylor of Protos Heis performs "Karma"

Second grader, Cheza Taylor of Protos Heis performs "Karma" from the classic Namco RPG Tales of the Abyss at her elementary school talent show May 15, 2015. For more music, please subscribe and find us on Facebook:
Cheza Talent Show 2k15