Sunday, 14 June 2015

Mario Camarena, Erick Hansel: CHON - Full Set - Audiotree Live in Austin 2015

CHON performs at The Audiotree Showcase Live in Austin 2015.

Set list:
0:13 – Splash
2:45 – Dew
6:04 – Fluffy
9:05 – Book
12:00 – Knot
15:04 – wut the.. (poop)
15:14 – O.G.
18:41 – Bubble Dream
22:02 – Perfect Pillow

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CHON on Audiotree Live:
CHON - Full Set - Audiotree Live in Austin 2015

Gus G: The Art of Brand New Revolution with Gustavo Sazes

Preorder "Brand New Revolution" on Amazon:

Step inside the world of artwork mastermind Gustavo Sazes - the man responsible for the cover art of 'Brand New Revolution" (and all Firewind releases since 2008!)
Want to know how the album cover idea was born & created? Check out the video!

Gus G. - The Art of Brand New Revolution (feat. Gustavo Sazes)

Russ Parrish: Kramer Guitars and Steel Panther's Satchel create Pacer Vintage

Ltd. Satchel Pacer Vintage
Kramer Guitars and Steel Panther's Satchel have teamed up to present to you the Ltd. Satchel Pacer Vintage.

Satchel is the guitarist for the highly entertaining Hair Metal band Steel Panther. Born on the Sunset Strip they debuted their first album in 2009. Now, with 3 albums and a tour schedule that never seems to end their over the top stage antics and brilliant musicianship has made them one of “the bands to see” worldwide.

We worked closely with Satchel to bring you a production guitar that could compete with his arsenal of custom and vintage Kramer Pacers. We took the Pacer Vintage neck and changed the fingerboard radius to a comfy 9.5" radius and a smooth oil finished neck that will just feel better and better the more it’s played. The controls have been stripped down to a simple volume control with a 3-way mini-toggle switch to select the Seymour Duncan SH-4 and SH-2n pickups which are mounted in a Maple body. It is a true and simple shred machine. It is available in either yellow or purple Leopard print.

  • Maple body
  • Oiled Maple neck 
  • 9.5 inch radius 
  • Maple fingerboard
  • Floyd Rose
  • Seymour Duncan JB (bridge)
  • Seymour Duncan JN (neck)
  • Dot inlays25.5" scale

Plini: first live show

a collection of right & wrong notes from my first time ever playing live.

w/ troy wright, simon grove, jake howsam lowe + stephen taranto.

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troy wright :
the helix nebula :

filmed on may 29, 2015 by jamie mcvicker / monomyth film.

Shawn Lane: Rice With Angels - on fire!

If you think you can play guitar... you may want to think again...

Shawn Lane: Rice With Angels - is a live performance with Shawn on Fire! I miss the big guy so much... to know there will never be any new material coming from these fingers... The video was on my hard drive... original looks like a bootleg DVD produced by Silver Station from and original video by Charlie K.

Shawn Lane: Rice With Angels - on fire!

Gonçalo Pereira: snippets - saved from an ancient hard drive.

Gonçalo Pereira is just a stunning player.  This is a collection of snippets I found on an old hard disk.  I didn't want to lose them so I created a single stream. Home page and join his fan club on Facebook

Gonçalo Pereira: snippets

Tony MacAlpine: details on the stolen gear... if you see them ebay or craigslist or wherever... let Tony know

Here are two of Tony's Ibanez LA Custom Shop guitars that were stolen in Austin, TX on June 11.

- Black Ibanez Guitars custom 7-string with black metal EMG Pickups installed (serial LA071509). This guitar has been Tony's main 7-string guitar since around 2009, and he has been photographed with it numerous times.. It has a ZR trem installed. The finish is flat black, however the guitar is shiny around the pickups and knobs where Tony's hands rest when he plays.

- White Ibanez 7-string with black EMG 707 pickups (serial LA0168) has been around since 2013. Tony can be seen on the cover of his new album Concrete Gardens with this guitar. It has a distinctive light rosewood neck.

Also stolen was a sunburst Peavy Wolfgang, and a white Carvin 7-string, as well as Tony's entire pedalboard, which is also pictured below. The pedalboard base is plexiglass, and it comes in a very beat up guitar case.

If you see these guitars, or equipment, please contact us through this page, as well as notifying law enforcement. Thank you for your support!

George Lynch: Lynch Mob - Believers Of The Day by Randy Gill Fisher Promotions Hummels Wharf 2015

LYNCH MOB Believers Of The Day by RANDY GILL Fisher Promotions Hummels Wharf Fire Company 6/12/15 in 1080 HD. Turn up the quality to 1080 HD!

LYNCH MOB Believers Of The Day by Randy Gill Fisher Promotions Hummels Wharf, PA 6/12/15 1080 HD

Greg Howe: Workshop Live Russia 2004

Sorting through video files found this one... not sure if this is posted already, but let me know. I didn't want to lose it. I might try uploading some more like this... interesting lots are in codecs no longer supported. Greg talks about the hair band... an idea from Jason Becker 17:49

Greg Howe: Workshop Live Russia 2004

Nott Sanpeth: Virgil Donati - Trinity Cover

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Virgil Donati - Trinity Cover by Nott Sanpeth

Luis Galang: Waves by Guthrie Govan revisited

I won this guitar last May and I thought I should put up a video of me playing the piece I performed during the competition.

Thank you Lyric Piano & Organ Corp.
Thank you ESP!

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Max Rufo takes care of Luis' guitars

Guitar: LTD MH327

Waves by Guthrie Govan revisited

Geddy Lee: Explains His Right-Hand Picking Technique

In this exclusive video, Rush bassist Geddy Lee explains the origins behind his right-hand picking technique.

Any guesses on who inspired this style of playing?


Geddy Lee Explains His Right-Hand Picking Technique