Sunday, 20 September 2015

Juninho Afram: T.Miranda amp demo Expomusic 2015

Juninho Afram: T.Miranda amp demo Expomusic 2015

Juninho Afram- expomusic 2015- Amplificador valvulado overdrive 18w T.Miranda

Juninho Afram na expomusic 2015

Yao Ting Lee, Plini, Matt Harnett: HAAMOJA - Natural Evolution

Natural Evolution by HAAMOJA
1. Return to Zero 03:11
2. Light Up 03:10
3. Sweet Bubbles 03:10
4. Take me to the Future 03:12
5. Deep Blue (feat. Plini) 03:24
6. The Guiding Stars 03:43
7. Woah! (feat. Matt Harnett) 04:01
8. Adrift 02:41
9. Feel It All Around (feat. Anund Vikingstad) 03:03
10. Thanks a ton 03:17
11. The Dust of Time 04:18
12. Creativity 03:15

As you guys probably know, it is very difficult to write an album. It took a little over seven months to write it, record it, and produce it entirely. I'd like to thank everyone who supported me. There will be some more very soon. Finally! If you enjoyed the album please consider sharing it with the people and your circles. Leave your comments and subscribe to my channel. Physical copy available soon! MUCH LOVE <3
released 31 August 2015

1 Return to Zero
2 Light Up
3 Sweet Bubbles
4 Take me to the Future
5 Deep Blue (feat. Plini)
6 The Guiding Stars
7 Woah! (feat. Matt Harnett)
8 Adrift
9 Feel It All Around (feat. Anund Vikingstad)
10 Thanks a ton
11 The Dust of Time
12 Creativity

Guest Solos:

Plini - Guitar (Plini)
Matt Harnett - Guitar (Kardia)
Anund Vikingstad - Guitar (Umpfel)

Written, Recorded, Mixed and Mastered by HAAMOJA.

Michael Tronson: No Transitory - Vessel

No Transitory - Vessel (Official)

Music Written & Performed By: No Transitory

Recorded & Mixed By: Zorran Mendonsa

Mastered By: Acle Kahney (4D Sounds)

Video Directed & Animated By: Michael Di Lonardo

NO TRANSITORY - Vessel (Official)

Ji Yeon Lee: Electric Gypsy 8 year old guitar tutor Su mi Lee

-In The Guitar Face Book

- Su Mi Lee Face Book

-In The Guitar Face Book

electric gypsy covered by 'ji yeon Lee' 8 years (real play)