Wednesday, 18 November 2015

News: PRS Guitars Unveils Two New Baritones for 2016 Model Year

PRS Guitars Unveils Two New Baritones for 2016 Model Year: The SE277 and SE 277 Semi Hollow Soapbar

(STEVENSVILLE, MD) November 17, 2015 – PRS Guitars recently added two new baritone guitars, the new SE 277 Semi Hollow Soapbar and the SE 277, to its bevy of more affordable guitar model options. Tuned B to B, two and a half steps below standard, the two new baritones offer a taut muscular low end, with powerful aggressive tones and flexibility of going from chimey clean, to warm depth, to articulate tonal hostility.

Named for its baritone 27.7” scale length neck, the SE 277 Semi Hollow Soapbar takes the traditional mahogany back, maple top platform to new territories with its chambered back, f-hole, and dual soapbar pickup configuration. The semi-hollow body provides increased acoustic resonance and clarity while the soapbars deliver a balance of transparent, uncompressed clean tones and thick growl.

For guitarists who are comfortable with more traditional appointments, PRS has introduced the SE 277, which features the same 27.7” baritone scale length as its semi-hollow brother but with a solid body and PRS SE dual humbucking pickups. The SE 277 covers the spectrum of sound from sparkling highs, to surf-rock jangle, to heavy down-tuned aggression.

Baritone guitars are known to hold a unique position in the mix. When asked to describe the sweet spot where these baritones reside, PRS demonstrator Bryan Ewald responded, “These two baritone guitars land somewhere in between the bass and guitar registers. Guitarists can play them to add a different sound to the mix and to fatten up rhythm tracks. Bass players can use them to create texture and tonal tenacity.”

“These guitars are a perfect fit for everything from country to surf rock to metal,” Rich Hannon, PRS Artist Relations. “They are comfortable to play with a shred-worthy feel and handle alternate tunings like a beast.”

Additional specifications for both the SE 277 Semi Hollow Soapbar and SE277 include a beveled maple top with flame maple veneer, mahogany back, 22-fret maple neck with rosewood fingerboard with bird inlays, PRS-designed plate-style bridge, PRS-designed tuners, volume and tone with a 3-way toggle pickup switch.

Available Finishes:
SE277 Semi Hollow Soapbar: Gray Black and Vintage Sunburst
SE277: Black Cherry and Tobacco Sunburst

To see and hear the new SE 277 Semi Hollow Soapbar and the SE 277, please visit

Other notable additions to the PRS 2016 model lineup include: a new Private Stock Archtop model, pickup and color updates across Core models, and S2 satin finishes and two new acoustic models in the SE line. Stay tuned for more details.

Robert Baker: Diamond Guitars Hailfire - time for a metal jam

I have to say I dig this guitar. Has a very aggressive vibe to it thats why I had to write a metal song for it. hope you guys all like the video :)

Diamond Guitars Hailfire Demo

Prashant Aswani: with the second performance of the Bogner Helios

SUBSCRIBE for more videos! Listen as guitarist Prashant Aswani LOUDLY! :) rocks and rips his Helios amp live onstage with his band, dig it!

Visit Bogner Amplification for product info, specs and pics.

Bogner Amplification website



Executive Producer - Bogner Amplification
Producer, Director of Photography, Camera, Editing & Sound - Greg V.
Music Performance - Prashant Aswani

Bogner Helios and Prashant Aswani Live 2

Sam Coulson: Electric Classical - Very Proud to announce my first solo album is available!

Very Proud to announce my first solo album is available!

10 tracks of solo and duet classical guitar, on a few of my favourite strats.
Amazon CD:

Amazon Digital:


Electric Classical Album available now

Javier Reyes: MESTIS - Gentle Giant a Guitar Playthrough

(CD/LP) -

MESTIS is Javier Reyes of Animals As Leaders
MESTIS - Gentle Giant (Guitar Play-Through)

Chris Impellitteri: Face the Enemy - Impellitteri from the studio album Venom

"Face The Enemy" is taken from IMPELLITTERI's new album "Venom" - Available NOW! Get it here:
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Impellitteri - Face the Enemy (Official / Studio Album / 2015)

Francesco Artusato: Consume the Damned - Devil You Know - high powered playthrough

Francesco Artusato from Devil You Know shreds his way through their new song "Consume the Damned." Check it out!

Francesco Artusato (DEVIL YOU KNOW) Playthrough - "Consume the Damned"

Bagas Ramadhan: 12 year old plays Jack Thammarat - On The Way an - great jobd Marty Friedman - Devil take tomorrow great job!

Gitaris cilik dari Malang
Jack Thammarat - On The Way
(cover by Bagas Rockwell 12 years old)
perform @Godbless cafe Malang
with Rockwell guitar + Effect NUX MG100
Facebook = Bagas Rockwell

Jack Thammarat - On The Way (Bagas 12 years old)

Marty Friedman - Devil take tomorrow (Bagas - 12 Tahun)

Rohan Stevenson: I Built The Sky - #IBuiltTheSky #24hoursongchallenge Competition

Drop your Video's in the comments of this link:

My 24h Song -

Looking forward to hearing your songs

#IBuiltTheSky #24hoursongchallenge Competition

This is how it's done


Ulisses Miyazawa: Yngwie Malmsteen Crying super tribute acoustic and electric performance

Yngwie Malmsteen CRYING - Ulisses Miyazawa

Backing track (all instruments) produced by Ulisses Miyazawa

Yngwie Malmsteen CRYING - Ulisses Miyazawa

Yngwie Malmsteen CRYING - Ulisses Miyazawa

Martin Miller: demos the Wampler Velvet Fuzz #1

Here's another raw one-taker I filmed.

Again featuring the Wampler Pedals / IndyGuitarist Velvet fuzz, but this time going into the front end of my clean Laney Amplification Ironheart 30w combo and way less overall gain. Delay/Reverb via AxeFX.

I settled for camera sound this time, as I didn't have a mic ready and this way you can hear what the setup really sounds like in the room. Thanks to Josh Smith and for the backing (disclaimer: I can't play the blues) .

With this pedal it's kinda impossible not to try to all Eric Johnson :P

Martin Miller & the Wampler Velvet Fuzz #1

Julien Damotte: November jam an Improvisation over a backing track in in Bm

Julien Damotte with his November jam an Improvisation over a backing track in in Bm

Julien Damotte: November jam

Yohei Kimura: Performance of original composition Snowblind using Carvin DC800

Original Song 'Snowblind'. Performance starts at 0:20

Guitar: Carvin DC800
Effects :BOSS GT-001
Toontrack EZmix2 Metal Guitar Gods
cable: Xotic XGC-1


Original Song 'Snowblind'

Tom Quayle: A Minor Arpeggios Lick - Free Guitar Lesson 5

Tom Quayle brings you an excellent Free Guitar Lesson series courtesy of our friends at In this lesson Tom teaches an A Minor Arpeggios Lick. This lesson will employs arpeggios technique to help add colour to your playing.

For more outstanding lessons, tuition and theory join as a Licklibrary member today

A Minor Arpeggios Lick | Free Guitar Lesson 5

Andy Timmons: Guitar Masterclass Helipad - Live Performance

Clip taken from the Andy Timmons Guitar Masterclass that was recorded live on the 26th October 2015. Special thanks to the guys at Ibanez and Headstock for making the event happen.

Andy Timmons has brushed shoulders on stage with Steve Vai and Joe Satriani so he knows a thing or two about playing the guitar.
From touring as a support act for Kiss and Alice Cooper (with Danger Danger) through to MD-ing for Olivia Newton-John, Andy Timmons has an illustrious and diverse career. He has sold over a million records worldwide, had two number one videos on MTV and released 7 solo albums including guitar instrumentals, blues, and even a Beatles/Elvis Costello-inspired collection of pop tunes.

Andy Timmons Masterclass Helipad [Live Performance]