Saturday, 12 December 2015

Steve Vai: LA low life's steal "Bo" guitar just hours before the Tony MacAlpine fundraiser show!!!

Jeremy Krull

Just letting everyone know that Steve Vai's guitar "Bo" was stolen earlier today. It's impossible to miss as it is a mirror topped JEM with blue LED's, a Sustainer system, and a red laser built into the headstock/neck. The forearm contour is also cracked/distressed because the mirror process was experimental still in 2001 or so when they made the guitar. Attached is a picture.

James Shotwell
ATTENTION! Steve Vai's guitar was just stolen from beside the Wiltern here in LA. This is a one off irreplaceable guitar. Anyone sees this guitar contact me immediately! This isn't hard to spot and is very unique. I will provide compensation for info regarding its theft.

Tina S: For The Love Of God - Steve Vai - now 16!

For The Love Of God ( Steve Vai ) played by Tina S ( 16 y.o )
Facebook :
Twitter :
Filmed and taught by Renaud Louis-Servais (

For The Love Of God - Steve Vai - Cover by Tina S

Nico Schliemann: Orange Jam - takes on the famous Guthrie Govan backing track

my take on the famous backing track guthrie used to solo over once;)

Orange Jam - Nico Schliemann

Mark Holcomb: Mark talks about his signature PRS in Frankfurt

On 09.12.2015 was a Clinic with Mark Holcomb, the guitarist of Periphery, held at Session Frankfurt. Previously, Olli Lohmann has composed with Mark and talk about his signature guitar from PRS, the Tour and about the writing process of the band.
A report and photos to the Clinic finds her on our blog: / blog / post ...

Interview with Mark Holcomb of Periphery at session Frankfurt

Marty Friedman, Li-sa-X: Professor Arpeggio! This girl learns super fast...

Sneak peek of the upcoming Marty Friedman and Li-sa-X interview! Coming soon in Masters in Mechanics:
Marty Friedman & Li-sa-X: Professor Arpeggio!

Andre Casagrande: Titan - Which is part of EP 'Saturna' to be released soon. Enjoy, Watch in HD.

Video by Julio Cesar Filmes

Custom Guitar by Dante D. Lucca

Mix and Master by Diego Castro - Hard Base studio


Andre Casagrande | Titan | Guitar Playthrough

Ji Ho Lee, Dahyun Kim: south of everywhere - Jonathan Kreisberg - billie's bounce Andreas Oberg - super impressive in anyones book!

Jonathan Kreisberg Hi! One of my fans sent me this video, and I was very impressed by your transcription....Great job!! Thanks for listening and good luck with your music. J

(2015 서울예대 수시합격) south of everywhere(jonathan kreisberg)-이지호(Ji-Ho Lee)

(2015 서울예대 수시합격) billie's bounce (andreas oberg cover) - Ji-Ho Lee (이지호-창원뉴욕실용음악학원)

Ji Ho Lee, Dahyun Kim: Sunny, passing storm grew, stella by starlight - she's a big fan of Andreas Oberg

Just blown away at the level of skills.

sunny, such a delightful tune for finals. Ji-Ho Lee - andreas oberg wanna be - gives beautiful solo on this tune.

(2015 Seoul Institute of acceptance at any time) sunny - Jiho Lee (Jiho Lee) tend Practical Music Competition finals (New York practical music institute)

Seoul Institute of the occasional passing storm grew Jiho Lee - New York practical music school, Changwon (songyujin)

(2015 Seoul Institute of acceptance at any time) stella by starlight - JiHo Lee (Jiho Lee) Changwon, New York practical music school

Laura6100: Antonio Vivaldi - Summer Presto - great guitar cover of the classical masterpiece

Laura6100: Antonio Vivaldi - Summer Presto guitar cover

A. Vivaldi - Summer Presto guitar cover

George Marios: Emotional Rock Ballad - Gorgeous George!

An improvisation over an open source backing track I found on youtube.
A good way to end a Thursday night.
Hit me up at for infos on sessions/workshops/lessons.
Thanks for staying tuned,
George Marios

Emotional Rock Ballad-George Marios

Matt Powell: Judgement - An Original Metal Song - more screaming metal histrionics!, here is a guitar play through video of a new metal track I have written. Audio production by the brilliant Andy Gillion. Hope you like it, any feedback welcome and please feel free to share or subscribe :)
Guitar : Schecter C-7 with EMG 707 bridge pup
Amp : Fractal audio Axe FxII
Steven Slate drum software
Scarbee bass software
Cubase 7.5

Judgement - An Original Metal Song by Matt Powell

Todd Grubbs: set to release New Vocal Album “As The Worm Turns”

Tampa, FL - Best known for his virtuosic guitar instrumental albums, Tampa guitarist Todd Grubbs will be releasing for the first time a predominantly “vocal” album titled “As The Worm Turns”. Not to fear, you still hear Todd shred on guitar throughout the album, but this time around the tracks are more “song” oriented. Says Todd, “I have been writing and working on these songs for the last couple of years. I have 2 vocal albums with the band 3 Green Windows but I wanted to do a true solo album with a bunch of different singers. I have really enjoyed creating all of my instrumental CDs but I kinda feel like I have made my statement in that genre, my new goal is to equal my instrumental output with vocal projects.” The beginning of “As The Worm Turns” features a conceptual piece about a former soldier's personal crises. Todd explains, “The first 4 songs are actually a concept piece about a soldier that begins with him dealing with his demons in mid life (The Man in the Hat). The story then goes back into his time during the D Day invasion (Stay Alive). The Other side of forever is a companion piece to Stay Alive, telling the soldier's wife's experience at home.The 4th song of this mini concept piece is We are one and it is the soldier at the end of his life coming to peace and trying to understand everything he has been through.” “With a clear soaring tone, Grubbs has the chops to keep the shred heads satisfied but it's certainly not his raison d' etre. More interested in melody and feel than speed, Grubbs knows when to hold back as much as when to fire away.” - Guitar World Todd Grubbs' core band as always is Jeff Henry on Drums Alan Tatum on Bass. Also included, Daniel Swartwood and Eddie Ray Myers on keyboards. Todd also has some great singers involved, Zack Stevens (Savatage, Circle to Circle) John Wesley (Solo,Porcupine Tree) Todd Plant (Eyewitness,Cryptic Vision) as well as a couple of fantastic young singers, Emily Velasco and Melanie Sims. Todd Grubbs studied at Berklee College of Music and has been voted 'Most Outstanding Guitarist' at the Tampa Bay Music Awards, as well as winning the 'Most Outstanding Video' two consecutive years in a row. Along with Frank Zappa, Grubbs influences, which can be heard throughout Time, Space and the Electric, range from Steve Vai, John Coltrane, The Beatles, Kate Bush, Jeff Beck, Michael Schenker, Ulli Jon Roth and Adrian Belew. “Todd knows that chops without good compositions, original arrangements and a good sense of humor lead nowhere, as he has all the goods; he can go anywhere he wants. Todd boasts a big fat juicy tone, chops to kill for and a predilection for a certain hyperactive musical schizophrenia with compositions shifting stylistically on a moments notice.” - Tampa Tribune Along with the release of “As The Worm Turns”, Todd has 4 videos for this project all available on youtube. “The Man in the Hat” and “Stay Alive” feature Zak Stevens, “Venus is Falling” features Emily Velasco and “We Are One” features John Wesley. In closing Todd has this to say, “My only real message I wish to impart is my love for creating music, I think I enjoy it more than ever.”  Watch Todd Grubbs videos: Todd Grubbs youtube channel To purchase Todd Grubbs “As The Worm Turns”: For more information:

News: National Learn to Play Day 2016: Over 12,000 Free Music Lessons Across The UK

"National Learn To Play Day is back for its fifth successive year on Saturday 12th and Sunday 13th March 2016. It will be bigger and better, with more FREE taster lesson and more music venues, schools, shops, celebrities, musicians and local dignitaries than ever before across the UK.

Organised by Music for All, the charity of the UK musical instrument industry, in partnership with the Musician’s Union, the Arts Council England ‘Take it away’ scheme and Making Music, the aim of Learn To Play Day (LtPD) is to encourage people of all ages and experience to join in this musical learning experience and be inspired to start or get back to playing an instrument.

LtPD 2015 saw one hundred and twenty nine venues give more than twelve thousand FREE lessons, (including one person flying in from Russia to take part in an Ian Paice Masterclass at Drumwright!), two hundred families took part in the Bromley Youth Music Trust day and more that one hundred children took part in music lessons at the Old Vinyl Factory. Other hugely popular events were Korg at the MK Dons stadium, Fender at the Southbank Centre, Spider Music at the Motorpoint Arena in Cardiff and special events at Absolute Music stores, which saw more than eight hundred visitors on Sunday 22nd March 2015

Supporters of LtPD and the charity include Gareth Malone, Dame Evelyn Glennie, Al Murray, Rodrigo y Gabriela, Nick Mason (Pink Floyd), Rick Wakeman (Yes), Rick Astley, Ian Paice, Glenn Hughes & Steve Morse (Deep Purple). Patron of Music for All is Jools Holland who is ‘delighted to help Music for All in their quest to inspire more people to participate in music making’.

If you have ever wanted to find out more about playing a musical instrument LtPD is the perfect opportunity. Go to the nearest participating music shop, school, venue and book one of thousands of FREE taster lessons that will be on offer and take a step nearer to your goal. All lessons are delivered by fully qualified music teachers on a vast array of instruments that includes guitar, bass, ukulele, banjo, drums, keyboards, violin, piano, trumpet, oboe, percussion and many, many more. Many events will also have special ‘on the day’ promotions and offers, live music, special guests as well as expert advice.

Full details of the event, including participating venues and local appearances, will be found at over the coming weeks. To find out more about the charity, Music for All, go to or visit Music for All’s Facebook page at


Ritchie Blackmore: Amazing Solo - Live 2015 - tasty playing from the 70 year old master!

Ritchie Blackmore showing why he's still the master at age 70 in this great improvisation, performed during the song ''The Moon is Shining''.
Performed Live in Duisburg, Germany.

Ritchie Blackmore Amazing Solo - Live 2015

Mattias IA Eklundh: Freak Guitar Camp 2016

A glimpse of last year’s Freak Guitar Camp! Information about the upcoming, groovy summer:

Week 1: 1st - 6th of August
Week 2: 9th - 14th of August

Young, old, boy/man, girl/woman, race or where you’re from doesn’t matter. It’s only about Dedication. The only of its kind, Freak Guitar Camp has during the past years rapidly grown from a small course for Swedes to what now only can be described as a major international success! Though plenty of details have been improved during the years the basic concept is still the same: what you get are six intensive days of hard work (an understatement) in the Scandinavian wilderness, hang out with like-minded guitar fanatics and get yourself a life-altering experience.

"The Guru", a.k.a Mattias IA Eklundh, will lead the God-fearing classes during daytime, teaching his various unique techniques; picking, tapping, harmonics, phrasing, riffs, exotic tonality, finger-picking, reduction, poly-rhythms and odd time stuff that will turn your whole concept of music up side down!
IA's six-stringed-spanking starts right after breakfast and continue until dinner in the afternoon (plus lunch and a couple of breaks for occasional caffeine and refreshments).

There will also be talk about on how to make it on your own in the 21st century, how to make a living from your music, how to survive in show business, e t c. We will sink our teeth into the song-writing process and dissect several tunes to see what make them work (and what to avoid when composing).
Every now and then we will throw in a Freak Hour and check out those favourite licks and beefy riffs of yours.

Most of the teaching is based around demanding Freak Guitar Camp tunes accompanied by a ridiculous amount of pages in both standard notation and tablature, exclusively put together by IA (music) and Linus (notation) for the camp, a zillion backgrounds, both with guitar and without, for you to practice your brains out to. There will also be attention paid to other interesting artists' music. IA is always working hard to put together more and more challening stuff over the years. The Guru has already begun making new sinister music for the 2016 camp.

As if this wasn't enough, other prominent guest musicians will also visit the Freak Guitar Camp when you least expect it… Many fabulous players have come the camp to play, teach and simply chill out. (Kiko Lourerio, Ron "Bumblefoot" Thal, Guthrie Govan, Christophe Godin, Vic Zino from Hardcore Superstar, Stian Carstensen, Niclas Engelin from In Flames and Engel, Panzerballet's Jan Zehrfeldt, Rob Marcello, Andreas Öberg, Mr. Fastfinger, Kee Marcello, Mats/Morgan, Andy James, Dick Lövgren from Meshuggah, Fredrik Åkesson from Opeth, Jonas Hellborg, Angry Loner, Uli Jon Roth, Danny Gill, Per Nilsson from Scar Symmetry, Selvaganesh Vinayakram and many more). 2016 will certainly be no exception!

The camp is held just outside Gothenburg, Sweden, at a place called Härsjösand, located exactly in the middle of nowhere. (Closest airport is Landvetter International Airport, airport code GOT. You can also get to Gothenburg by ferry, train or bus. We will pick you up. The dare devil might want to drive on his/her own. A detailed map will be provided to prevent you from getting lost in the wilderness).

Among many things, the beautiful surroundings include a nice lake great for various H2O-activities (read: swimming, if you're into that) between the frantic classes, something you might need since at least 10 hours in the class room each day is to expected! After an intense day's work there is time for practice and if you're lucky you just might catch a couple of hours of well-deserved sleep!

Does this sound challenging to your physical and mental state of mind/body? You bet it is! But do not fear; everyone (as far as we know) leave the camp strengthened (if somewhat exhausted). In fact, many of our former students come back year after year and vividly tell that the Freak Guitar Camp has been one of the best experiences of their lives! Once a Freak Guitar Camper, always a Freak Guitar Camper.

Besides all the classes, the registration fee includes all the course material, a bed at night (nothing fancy but you won't do much sleeping anyway!) and splendid, nutritious food cooked by our own professional Freak Guitar Camp Cook, the one and only Fiffi Tjusling! All this and plenty more is included at the price of 7000 Swedish crowns (approx. 900 US $/750 €/650 £)!

Is this something for you? Are you brave enough? In need of a vitamin injection in your playing (and life)? Do you like progress and detest stagnation?


Freak Guitar Camp 2016

Matthew Wicklund,Van Williams: Ghost Ship Octavius, Live in New York 2015

At Webster Hall

Ghost Ship Octavius, Live in New York 2015