Tuesday, 26 January 2016

Aleks Sever: Freak - super funky new single - super funky guitar

Aleks Sever: Freak - super funky new single - super funky guitar

Aleks Sever - FREAK

Rick Graham: Shred Training with Ep2. Finger Twisting Sweep Tapping!

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Shred Training with Rick Graham | Ep2. Finger Twisting Sweep Tapping!

Vanny Tonon: Devil take the Hindmost Holdsworth performance

Devil take the Hindmost (Holdsworth solo) by Vanny Tonon

Devil take the Hindmost Holdsworth sol by Vanny Tonon

Blues Saraceno: killing it at NAMM 2016 - still one of the sweetest guitarists on the planet

Blues Saraceno teaching us how it's done

Blues Saraceno killing it at NAMM 2016

Ryuuta Sasaki: #Solocontest2016 competition entry - ripping metal fusion

Hope you enjoy!
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#mayones #mesaboogie #line6 #bareknuckle #toontrack #gruvgear

#Solocontest2016-Ryuuta Sasaki

Wes Hauch: PT-7 FR Signature 7 String GEAR GODS NAMM 2016

Wes Hauch shows us his brand new signature PT-7 FR 7 string from Schecter and reveals details about his project with Keith Merrow!
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NAMM 2016 - SCHECTER Wes Hauch PT-7 FR Signature 7 String | GEAR GODS

Lee Albrecht: Hunted Guitar Playthrough - punchy Progressive Metalcore

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Location: Grand Rapids, Michigan
Genre: Progressive Metalcore

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Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - Gear Gods - NAMM 2016

Sarah Longfield: The Fine Constant - Gear Gods - NAMM 2016

Sarah Longfield of THE FINE CONSTANT Performs (Track1)| GEAR GODS

Sarah Longfield of THE FINE CONSTANT (Track 2)| GEAR GODS

Sarah Longfield of THE FINE CONSTANT (Track 3)| GEAR GODS

Jared Dines: The Odd, Strange, and WEIRD gear at NAMM 2016!!

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The Odd, Strange, and WEIRD stuff at NAMM 2016!!

Adam Moore: We One Are Two - tasty progressive rock fusion on ebay Stratocaster

Written and engineered by Adam Moore

Adam Moore: Guitar
Dan Veal: Bass
Matt Dove: Drums

I recorded this version, whilst I’m experimenting with new videos. Just did this on an iPhone.

Buy the original on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/we-...

This version has been pitch corrected to A440 by my brother Matt at www.3a-audio.com

The red Strat I build from parts I acquired on eBay and was put together by Ben Homan at Cookes Band Instruments, Norwich. www.cookes.co.uk
Adam Moore: We One Are Two (2016 Mess Around)

Alex Hutchings: Roland Blues Cube Hot and Waza Craft Vibrato - NAMM 2016

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Roland Blues Cube Hot and Waza Craft Vibrato - NAMM 2016

Devin Townsend: demos Fishman + Framus at Winter NAMM 2016

I got to meet Devin shortly after this happened and I was very starstruck and excited to shake the guys hand. It was a fantastic treat at NAMM to meet one of my musical heroes.

If Fishman or anyone involved wants this video down I will do it, I do not claim any kind of ownership over this video and have left it un-monetized.

Winter NAMM 2016: Devin Townsend at Fishman + Framus

Greg Koch, Lee Anderton, Rob Chapman: Chappers, Captain and Greg in the Gibson Booth • NAMM 2016

I don't think you're prepared for this video, guitar freaks! We met up with some of the funniest and craziest bloaks on the internet -- Chappers and the Captain for Andertons over in the UK! Can you imagine the skullduggery that will take place between these three crazy cats? We were fortunate enough to make our way backstage in the Gibson booth where we interviewed the duo and played a few prototype Gibson Memphis guitars!

Site: http://www.wildwoodguitars.com
Chappers, Captain and Greg in the Gibson Booth • NAMM 2016

Mika Tyyskä: Mr. Fastfinger - Effortless - melodic instrumental rock - Ruokangas Guitars

Mika Tyyskä & Mr. Fastfinger will be at NAMM SHOW 2016 with Ruokangas Guitars. That's in the upcoming week! Read details athttp://mrfastfinger.net/index.php/cat... very soon!

If you're coming to NAMM I look forward seeing you. Be sure to check any updates on Facebook.

Mr. Fastfinger "Spirit Rising" now on Spotify and Apple Music. Go for it!

About this song edition
Playthrough video is based on the version I've been playing live during the Asian tour I did with Hughes & Kettner amplifiers. The tunes tend to change over time and so is the case with this tune as well. If you're aware of the album version of this tune, you'll find altered parts and structure and totally new ideas. Evolution!
Let me know how you like this new version!

About the video
The guitar playthrough material is shown is combined here with animated video backing. Also footage from the actual recording sessions of the song with Lasse Rantanen (bass) and Thomas Tönrroos (drums). Then some shots from H&K Triamp mark III demo from Kawasaki, Japan from november 2015 (Thank you Yamada-san for shooting this!!!)

Special big thank you to Martin Reichhart and Hughes & Kettner. All the friends at Pearl-Music, Japan. Juha Ruokangas for the fantastic guitar!!!!

Mr. Fastfinger - Effortless (guitar playthrough / video) - melodic instrumental rock - Mika Tyyskä

Rachid Hassani: Guitar Playthrough of "Conquerors" from the upcoming album - arabian exoic progressive metal

Guitar Playthrough of "Conquerors" from the upcoming album "UNLEASHED".
Check my soundcloud for more songs : https://soundcloud.com/rachidhassani

Thanks for All the support, peace

Guitar Playthrough of "Conquerors" by RachidHassani

Matt Zuleger: Shades of Black: Pylai - Custom Agile Septor Pro 725 - arabic progressive metal from Fort Wayne

DOWNLOADS OF MY ALBUMS: http://shadesofblack.bandcamp.com

Artist: Shades of Black
Song: Pylai
Album: The Gates (Early 2016)
Website: http://facebook.com/sobfortwayne

Custom Agile Septor Pro 725
DAW: Samplitude
Superior Drummer 2.0 w/Custom Samples

Nikon d3100
Powerdirector 11

Shades of Black: Pylai [Guitar Playthrough] (NEW SONG 2016!)

News: #Solocontest2016 the return of the solo competition with great prizes

Remember to entitle your video #Solocontest2016 – (your name and/or nick name) and add the hashtags to the video: #mayones #mesaboogie #line6 #bareknuckle #toontrack #gruvgear

Prizes http://guitar.solocontest.com/prizes/

Deadlines of the contest:

21st January 2016 – Start of the Solo Contest
21st February 2016 – End of submitting entries
28th February 2016 – Semi-Finals 20 chosen videos
6th March 2016 – Finals 10 chosen videos
13th March 2016 – Winners announcement chosen by the Artists Final Jury

John Browne -Monuments
Devin Townsend
Ruud Jolie – Within Temptation
Luke Hoskin – Protest the hero
Tom Searle – Architects
Acle Kahney – Tesseract
Bart Hennephof – Textures
Timo Somers – Delain

You don’t have to be a super-speedy shredder to enter just bring your inspiration, talent and creativity.

Eva Vergilova: Damn Your Eyes - Etta James - Cheapcaster rules

Eva Vergilova: Damn Your Eyes - Etta James - Cheapcaster rules

Eva Vergilova - Damn Your Eyes (Etta James)

Laura V Bustillos: Stolen guitars let Laura know if you see them for sale anywhere!

Laura Victoria Bustillos

I miss them so much! Any help is appreciated please share and let me know if you see them on craigslist, ebay or a pawn shop. Will file the police report tomorrow please pray I will find them 🙏 God bless you all! — in Long Beach, California.