Friday, 5 February 2016

Naia Izumi: Live ambient improvisation

live ambient Improvisation for yoga classes , meditation or music to just chill to. All made up in the moment . Book me now for your yoga and meditation gathering or in home shows in LA. My email is

Naia Izumi: Live ambient improvisation

Soft Spoken Woman
by Naia izumi

1. Softspoken woman 04:02
2. Done 04:16
3. Dreamers 03:54
4. Morphine 03:53

released January 17, 2016

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Susan Gardener: String tension, Jimi Hendrix and Guitarist magazine - rant mode enabled

I felt the need to rant about scale length, string tension and some misinformation contained in a magazine review of the new Jimi Hendrix tribute stratocaster.

String tension, Jimi Hendrix and Guitarist magazine

Ulisses Miyazawa: Bull - All instruments composed, arranged, and produced by Ulisses D. Miyazawa

BULL - Ulisses D. Miyazawa
SONG BY Ulisses D. Miyazawa
All instruments composed, arranged, and produced by Ulisses D. Miyazawa

Frank Gambale: DV Mark performance demo NAMM 2016

Frank Gambale: DV Mark performance demo NAMM 2016

Winter NAMM 2016 Frank Gambale 1

Winter NAMM 2016 Frank Gambale 2

Winter NAMM 2016 Frank Gambale 3

Andre Nieri, Tony Martinez: jamming at Friedman Booth - NAMM 2016

Sooooo fun ... sorry for the sound quality !!!

Andre Nieri and Tony Martinez jamin at Friedman Booth - NAMM 2016

Rick Graham: A Demonic Picking Pattern

More extreme guitar skills lesson from the maestro Rick Graham

Come With Me If You Want To SHRED | A Demonic Picking Pattern

Rob Marcello: Alternate Picking, Sweeping, Tapping, String skipping Lesson

I'll try and post various licks and lessons on a somewhat weekly basis.

Guitar used: GJ2 "Glendora" with stock pickups.
Amp used: Hughes And Kettner "Grandmeister 36".

"Amazing" video editing by yours truly...
Enjoy and thanks for watching!

Rob Marcello - Lick Of The Day #7! (Alternate Picking, Sweeping, Tapping, Stringskipping) Lesson

Bill Hudson: performing at the ESP booth NAMM 2016 - metal shredding

Bill Hudson performing at the NAMM show 2016 at the ESP booth.

Bill Hudson is performs with Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Jon Oliva's Pain and Circle II Circle.

Bill Hudson at ESP Booth (The NAMM show) Anaheim Convention Center. 1-21-16

Bill Hudson at ESP Booth (The NAMM show) Anaheim Convention Center. 1-21-16

Nili Brosh: fretboard fireworks The Dunlop Booth NAMM 2016

Nili Brosh, the blazing guitarist, songwriter, and veteran of projects with Tony MacAlpine, took time out of her NAMM schedule to stop by the booth and treat some folks to some great fretboard fireworks.

In case you're wondering about that not often seen pick in her hands that's a Dunlop Big Stubby which has a small but loyal following of users.


Nili Brosh
Mesa Boogie Amplification and their Mark V 35,
Universal Audio (Apollo & 4-710D),
Wishbone Workshop Amp Hooks,
Shure microphones and their KSM 313

NAMM 2016: Nili Brosh Live At The Dunlop Booth

Claudio Pietronik: Fretboard Freedom Masterclass!

Claudio Pietronik Fretboard Freedom Masterclass!

This is your opportunity to learn exactly how virtuoso Claudio Pietronik approaches learning new ideas on the guitar. This masterclass will help you to push the boundaries of your expressive abilities and integrate a new learning method that will vastly accelerate your progression as a guitarist.

The core of this masterclass series is a fantastic PDF written by Claudio that provides insightful and highly useful tips on how you can take on board Claudio's method of learning on the guitar. And we all know how amazing Claudio is, so it's very clear that his method works - well! We've provided plenty of images and diagrams inside the PDF to follow along with as you go.

Claudio has included a practise etude that covers the entire neck with the Dorian scale for the purpose of learning the ideas in this series. He has then extracted sections of the etude out to create 10 separate exercises for you to practise, applying the methods and concepts that Claudio has prescribed in his learning method.

After all is said and done, Claudio has provided a 'real world' example solo for you to master note for note. This ending solo integrates all of the ideas presented in the masterclass in one go, showing you how they can all fit together in context to create an EPIC show stopping solo that will not be easily forgotten!

So if you're looking for a new way of learning that encompasses every aspect of practising the guitar, in a creative and expressive context then grab this masterclass series and learn directly from one of the hottest guitarists on the scene right now!

As ever, we have included everything you need to practise and perfect the material in this package. There are video and audio tracks for you to watch/listen and study, accurately transcribed TAB/notation for you to analyse and master as well as backing tracks for you to practise every lick to, and jam out your own solos! We've even included some text notes to help you really get these parts down!

Download right now, or Premium Members hit the +MyTracks button and get instant streaming access!

This fantastic masterclass is sponsored by GNG!

We're certain your attention has been drawn to that beautiful top on Claudio's guitar and it's the friendly folks over at Giulio Negrini Guitars that created it! Click this link to find out more: