Friday, 26 February 2016

Nita Strauss: Europe Clinic dates and t-shirt merch

Nita Strauss
Now that all the clinic dates are confirmed, I'm excited to announce the very first tour shirt I've ever had! I figured since this is an epic run of solo dates and my first long clinic tour it would be cool to commemorate it!

This limited edition shirt has all the dates of this European tour on the back and will be available starting right now until I get home on March 24.

Direct link here
Or you can always go to and click on SHOP!


27/2/2016 Köln DE
1/3/2016 Morges CH
2/3/2016 Wetzikon CH
3/3/2016 Sursee CH
4/3/2016 Buchs CH
5/3/2016 Bern CH
8/3/2016 Chiaravalle IT
9/3/2016 Milan IT
10/3/2016 Madrid ES
11/3/2016 Sevilla ES
15/3/2016 Paris FR
16/3/2016 Nancy FR
17/3/2016 Lille FR
19/3/2016 Cheshire UK
20/3/2016 Bournemouth UK
22/3/2016 Reading UK

Charlie Robbins: Syncatto - Beyond Imagination

Syncatto - "Beyond Imagination"

Get the album "A Place to Hide" here! -

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- Music written by Charlie Robbins.
Featuring Jonathon Simpson & Joshua Riojas.
- Piano solo written by Jonathon Simpson
- Video shot and edited by Joshua Riojas

Guitar Equipment
- Ernie Ball Musicman jp6 BFR
- Ernie Ball Musicman Bongo
- Axe-Fx II
- Gruv Gear Fret wraps
- Ernie Ball strings (Skinny top heavy bottom)

Syncatto - Beyond Imagination


A Place to Hide by Syncatto

1. Observatory 01:44
2. Memory Lapse 03:15
3. The Magician 04:26
4. Life 03:11
5. Aquatic Resonance 01:30
6. Constant Flow 02:32
7. A Serene Goodbye 04:41
fully self produced album by Charlie Robbins under the name Syncatto
released August 5, 2015

JJ Simpson (Guest piano solo on "Life")
Ryan Yamaoka (Guest Sax solo on "Memory Lapse")
Joshua Riojas (Video/photographer)
Paul C (Album artwork)
Eugene Nobles (Engineering tips)